Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Ginett Singapore – Dry Aged Beef [MEDIA INVITE]

Charcoal Grill Steaks @ Ginett Singapore

Ginett Singapore is a contemporary European restaurant and wine bar located Hotel G. Ginett is a concept by R&B Lab, a recognised restaurants and bar management company headed by Michelin-Starred Chef Sylvain Royer.

Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar

In April 2019, Ginett Singapore introduced A Dry Ager Fridge usually found in a modern steakhouse and specialised butcher. With dry-ageing, the meat goes through a natural stage of tenderising itself with its own enzymes to reach the perfect texture and flavour. The optimum period of dry ageing is between four to six weeks.

Dry Ager Fridge

We tried 3 different types of steak to taste the difference between dry aged and non-dry aged steaks. Australian 30 to 36 months Pasture Fed Angus Beef Rib Eye MB3+ (Natural free range, antibiotic and hormone free, $36 for 250 gram); Australian Black Angus MB3+ Rib Eye dry aged for 3 weeks and 6 weeks ($48 for 250 gram)

Top: Béarnaise, Pepper Sauce and Blue Cheese
Bottom: Left to Right Australian Black Angus MB3+ Rib Eye dry aged for 6 weeks and 3 weeks;
and Australian 30 to 36 months Pasture Fed Angus Beef Rib Eye MB3+

All of the steaks are grilled on Mibrasa Charcoal Oven, where the steaks will have a nice seared and smoky flavour to it. We started with the non-dry aged beef. In each bite, you can taste the meaty texture of the beef and it has a slight chewiness as the steak is not that fatty.  A very flavourful beef.

Australian 30 to 36 months Pasture Fed Angus Beef Rib Eye MB3+

For the 3 weeks dry aged Australian Black Angus MB3+, you can taste the juiciness of the steak. Although it is more tender compared to the non-aged steak, there is still a solid bite of meatiness on the steak. Meanwhile, 6 weeks dry aged Australian Black Angus MB3+ will make you go WOW. The meat is juicy and succulent, and as it slowly melts in your mouth the intense flavour of the beef will make you go MOO MOO. Awesome!!

Australian Black Angus MB3+ Rib Eye dry aged for 6 weeks and 3 weeks

The steaks come with 3 different sauces Blue Cheese Sauce, Pepper Sauce and Béarnaise. My personal preference is the béarnaise as I like the creaminess in the sauce.

Mushroom Fricassée

Price includes choice of any 2 sides: Creamy Spinach, Mesclun Salad, Mashed Potatoes, Ratatouille, Mushroom Fricassée, Potato Wedges. We tried the Creamy Spinach, Ratatouille and Mushroom Fricassée. All three are equally good; however, the creamy just stands out for me. It was creamy, delicious and addictive.


Creamy Spinach

Thursday night at Ginett is also known as Oyster Night. Each Fine de Claire oysters (regular price $26 for 6 pcs, $48 for 12 pcs) is selling for $1 on that night. It is juicy and brainy like you can taste the ocean in your mouth.

12 pcs of Fine De Claire Oysters

Fine De Claire Oysters

For another main, we ordered Scottish Salmon ($32). Nicely cooked thick cut of salmon fillet, the skin is seared until it is crispy, while the flesh remains moist and flaky. The creamy spinach paired nicely with the salmon.

Scottish Salmon

While we are waiting for the main dishes, we were served the sourdough bread. It is crisp and chewy. I suggest trying to eat the bread with creamy spinach. I made it like canapes, the bread absorbs the cream nicely and softens the sourdough as well. Yummy. 

Sourdough Bread with Butter

Sourdough Bread with Creamy Spinach Canapes
by Chubby Botak Koala

It is best to save some space for desserts, they are sublime. We tried Baba au Rhum ($14), Paris Brest ($18) and Chocolate Tart ($12).

Baba au Rhum is light and refreshing. The yeast-risen cake swimming in the middle of vanilla infused rum syrup. The combination of bread like cake with chilled syrup is just light and refreshing.

Baba au Rhum

Paris Brest has a nice crispy pastry, filled with delectable hazelnut cream. The nut on top is a bit strong, as the peanut butter taste slightly overpowered the hazelnut.

Paris Brest

Meanwhile, the chocolate tart is made from solid dark chocolate. It has a rich chocolate bitterness and nicely balanced with the crunchiness from pecan ice cream. A must try for chocolate lovers.

Chocolate Tart

The décor of Ginett is modern with the bar as the centre of the attention in the room. However, the new dry ager fridge steals some thunder from the bar. The combination of artistic photograph, plants and wine & cheese board made the dining feels like a European restaurant. The service is attentive and friendly.

Part of the Dining Area
The Bar

Overall, it was nice to return to Ginett. The new dry aged steak menu is definitely something to look forward to. I am impressed with the overall dining experience in Ginett. The $1 oyster on Thursday night is indeed a lucrative offer. Cheers!!

Thank you very much to Ai Ling and Ginett Singapore team for the hosting us.

Food & Drinks: 8.5/10
Value: 8.25/10
Service: N/A (Tasting Invitation)
Ambiance: 7.75/10
Budget per Person: $26 - $50, $51 - $80.

Ginett Singapore
200 Middle Road
Ground Floor, Hotel G Singapore
Singapore 188980

T: +65 6809 7989
IG: @Ginettsingapore
Sun – Thu: 07.00 – 23.30
Fri & Sat: 07.00 – 00.30
Menu is available online

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Tasty Court – Delicious Nanyang Cuisine

Crispy “Dong Tok” Roasted Chicken 

It was an accidental visit instead of a planned visit to celebrate Little Devil’s Birthday with the family. At first, we wanted to visit another restaurant that serves Peking Duck. Alas, due to a booking system error, we were almost stranded without a dinner place. Luckily, we manage to find Tasty Court nearby.

Tasty Court by Chef Pung - Entrance

Executive Chef Pung Lu Tin is a respected chef in Singapore’s Chinese cuisine dining scene. He has more than 39 years of experience as a Chinese cuisine Chef and holds many respectable positions in local and international Chinese Cuisine associations.

Chef Pung

While waiting for the rest of the family members to arrive, we decided to order Double Boiled Soup for the Day, Cordyceps Boiled with Pork Soup ($10). The soup consists of pork soft bones, cordyceps flower and yu zhu (Solomon’s seal) and cooked for 6 hours. The result is consommé like robust pork soup, naturally sweet and delicious.

Cordyceps Boiled with Pork Soup

Cordyceps Boiled with Pork Soup - The Ingredients

“Hua Diao” Drunken Chicken Thigh Roll ($12). A modern plating of drunken chicken. The chicken is firm and succulent; however, it can do with more generous dose of Hua Diao wine. The ginger and spring onion paste added aroma and refreshing taste to the chicken roulade.

“Hua Diao” Drunken Chicken Thigh Roll

Crispy Baby Squids with Orange Lime Sauce ($12). The baby squids are deep fried till crispy, then tossed with orange lime sauce. It is sweet, crispy and crunchy. Other than appetizer, it is also good to snack to accompany beer and wine.

Crispy Baby Squids with Orange Lime Sauce 

Crispy Fried Prawn Dumplings ($12). More like prawn balls instead of dumplings. The exterior is crispy, while the interior is juicy and succulent. The generous fillings are made from fresh prawns and pork. LD and I love the super tangy pickled vegetables on the side. It just cuts through any “jelakness” of fried dishes.

Crispy Fried Prawn Dumplings

Crispy Fried Prawn Dumplings

Crispy “Dong Tok” Roasted Chicken ($24). One of the signature dishes at Tasty Court. The skin is paper thin, the flesh of the chicken is tender and succulent. The overall chicken itself is very tasty and you can eat it without the salt and pepper dip. Yummy!!

Crispy “Dong Tok” Roasted Chicken

Roasted Duck with Fresh Fruits and Mango Sauce ($25 for half / $50 for whole). We ordered half duck as we got a lot more dishes coming. Instead of simple roast duck, it is served with fresh fruits and mango sauce made this dish more “atas”. The combination of crispy skin, fatty duck and juicy meat is just delicious.

Roasted Duck with Fresh Fruits and Mango Sauce 

Baked Flower Clam with Three Mix Wine ($16). I find this dish plain compare to the rest of the dish. The clam meat is springy and juicy; however, it is lacking flavours to enhance the flavours of the clams.

Baked Flower Clam with Three Mix Wine 

Salted Egg Yolk Prawns ($24). Big, juicy and crispy prawns. Each of the prawns is evenly coated with salted egg sauce. Watch out for the finely chopped chilli padi, as the burst of spiciness just enhance the salted egg flavour in this dish.  One of the best salted egg prawns I ever tried.

Salted Egg Yolk Prawns

Seafood with Poached Rice ($86). Before you go gaga about the price, this dish is worth it. The seafood broth is robust and infused with the freshness of sliced fish, prawns, clams and female crab. According to Kim, the Service Manager (Maybe one of the Boss as well), the crab they use is the same grade for cold crab. No wonder the crab is plump and fresh. The portion of the broth is so generous, they even offer us more rice if needed. Wow, Yum Yum!!
Seafood with Poached Rice

Seafood with Poached Rice - The crab

Seafood with Poached Rice - The Rice

For vegetable, we ordered sambal kangkong ($12). However, they cooked it with garlic instead. We decided to just keep and eat the dish. It is well executed as the kangkong is fresh and crunchy.

Kangkong with Garlic

Desserts are Yam Paste ($5), Chilled Herbal Jelly ($5), and Hasma with Red Dates ($10). Don’t expect a dessert house standard as the yam paste and herbal jelly are likely to be factory made. The hasma surprisingly is good. The portion of the hasma is very generous, and the sweetness is just right making it a refreshing dessert.   

Hasma with Red Dates

Hasma with Red Dates

The setting of the restaurant is simple and functional. The white colour wall creates a sense of modern and clean feel to the restaurant. We visited them on Monday night, Tasty Court is crowded, filling around 5 to 6 tables. Although only Kim and another colleague handling the front of the house, they remain friendly, informative and not pushy. Kudos to them.

Part of the Dining Area

Overall, LD and I enjoyed our meal there. The ingredients are fresh, the dishes are innovative and excellent. We’ll definitely come back to try the rest of their dishes. Cheers!!

Food & Drinks: 8.5/10
Value: 8.25/10
Service: 7.5/10
Ambiance: 7.25/10
Budget per Person: $26 - $50

Tasty Court By Chef Pung
1 Figaro Street
Singapore 458322

T: +65 6538 3533
Mon – Fri: 11.30 – 14.30; 18.00 – 22.30
Sat & Sun: 11.30 – 14.30; 17.30 – 22.30

Sunday, 12 May 2019

The English House – Sunday Roast [MEDIA INVITE]

Roast Rib of Black Angus Molly Parkin

Sunday Roast is one of my favourite meal when it comes to Western traditions. Spending my formative years in Melbourne with Australian families, I just fell in love with Sunday Roast. It took hours of cooking to prepare Sunday Roast and the meal finished in 15 minutes. However, the feeling of togetherness when all family members gathering together and savour the meal is just an unforgettable experience.

The English House by Marco Pierre White

Entrance to The English House 

Sunday Roast is originated from England as a meal after church on Sunday. Therefore, having a Sunday Roast at one of the top English Restaurant in Singapore, prepared by chefs trained by Godfather of modern cooking is definitely a gastronomic experience to look forward too.

At The Reception

The English House by Macro Pierre White just launched their Sunday Roast menu last month. It is priced at $75 for 4-course meal. FYI, The English House is not a fine dining restaurant, instead, it is Brasserie Style Restaurant with superb service.

Sunday Roast Menu (During the Tasting)

New Sunday Roast Menu from 8 May 2019

We started with Quails Scotch Egg and Devil’s on Horseback as canapes. The quail egg is nicely cooked to a soft boil, wrapped in a well-seasoned sausage meat and fried till golden brown. It is served with salad cream base, but I think it is nice to eat on its own.

Quails Scotch Egg

Quails Scotch Egg - Halved 

Meanwhile, the Devil’s on Horseback is one of the most common hot appetizers served as part of Christmas feast in England. Sweet prune wrapped with salty bacon sure tickle my appetite.

Devil’s on Horseback

For starters, I choose Potted Duck with Green Peppercorns, while LD chose Parfait of Foie Gras Au Raisin Sec ($8 supplement). A version of duck pate served with toasted sourdough. The pate is rich, fatty, pack the superb flavour of the duck and duck fats. The green peppercorns seem to accentuate the flavour of the duck instead of overpowering. The pate can be easily spread on the crispy sourdough; I certainly can have this dish all the time. In case if you find it too rich, there are some gherkins and pickled mini onions on the side.

Potted Duck with Green Peppercorns

Potted Duck with Green Peppercorns

LD’s foie gras pate has a nice combination of creamy and velvety foie gras, topped with the sweetness of the raisin jelly. Once you slathered it on the sliced of toasted sourdough, the combination of crispy and velvety texture is just awesome. It is worth paying the additional $8.

Parfait of Foie Gras Au Raisin Sec

Parfait of Foie Gras Au Raisin Sec

As we were seated next to Running Man, the three of us shared our dishes so we get to try Mr Walsh’s English Pea and Ham Soup. Thick and robust mushy green pea, filled with thick cuts of delicious ham. First time I ever tried English Pea and Ham soup, on its own it is a very filling dish.

Mr Walsh’s English Pea and Ham Soup

Mr Walsh’s English Pea and Ham Soup

Moving to mains, Roast Rib of Black Angus Molly Parkin ($10 Supplement) is my pick for Sunday Roast. Nicely roasted Black Angus Rib. The crust is crispy, while the meat is roasted to medium rare, juicy and almost melts in your mouth. The same can be said of the roast potatoes, that has double crispiness externally, while it remains moist internally.

Roast Rib of Black Angus Molly Parkin

The Yorkshire Pudding is huge and eggy, while the generous serving of buttered garden peas drenched in awesome beef roasting juice. Truth to be said, the portion is humongous.

Sage & Onion Stuffings

For Honey Roast Pork Belly with Apple Sauce, it has the same plating style as the roast beef. This which includes Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, peas and sage & onion stuffings. The two slabs of pork belly are thick, fatty and juicy. The skin is roasted separately to create light and crispy crackling. The gravy for the pork belly is on the sweet and fruity side due to the combination of honey and apple sauce.

Honey Roast Pork Belly with Apple Sauce
There are two more side dishes serve separately Box Tree Braised Red Cabbage, Swede Puree. The braised red cabbage is crunchy and tangy, which helps to balance the richness from the meats. The swede puree or sweet potato puree is smooth and sweet. Personally, the plate of Sunday Roast together with the side dishes are enough to fill my tummy.

Box Tree Braised Red Cabbage

Swede Puree

Mr Lamb’s Shepherd’s Pie is one of The English House’s main dishes you can choose from if you are not keen on the roast meat. The lamb moist, juicy and not gamy, covered with nicely piped dense mashed potatoes. Most of the Shepherd’s Pie in Singapore uses beef, so I am glad to be able to try a traditional Lamb Shepherd’s Pie.

Mr Lamb’s Shepherd’s Pie

Mr Lamb’s Shepherd’s Pie

For desserts, I chose my favourite Bread and Butter Pudding. The version here is slightly non-traditional. It is more of a pudding version, light and wobbly, with a touch of caramelisation on top that replicates the crust of the bread. Served with fresh cream it is just a nice way to end the meal.

Bread and Butter Pudding
Bread and Butter Pudding

Sherry Trifle Wally Ladd and The Box Tree Eton are Marco Pierre White restaurants signature desserts.  Sherry Trifle Wally Ladd constructed from sherry liquor, cherry jam and custard mix. Topped with whipped cream and chopped roasted almond and pistachio.

Sherry Trifle Wally Ladd 

The Box Tree Eton or also known as Eton Mess is a combination of strawberries, double cream, meringue and fresh garnishes. Both of these desserts are yummy in their own rights.

The Box Tree Eton

Other than the Sunday Roast menu, we also tried Fried Fillet of English Wild Turbot ($98). Yes, the price is correct, not a typo error. For those unfamiliar with turbot fish like me, Wild Turbot is also known as Royalty fish in the UK and across Europe. The flesh is delicate and fatty, it just melts in your mouth. It is perfectly paired with the delicate homemade tartar sauce and salty mushy peas.

Fried Fillet of English Wild Turbot 

Omelette Arnold Bennett, Created at The Savoy, London ($38). A very complicated omelette in my opinion. You can expect a strong and pungent flavour from the smoked haddock, parmesan cheese and Mornay sauce. The texture is smooth and delicate, while the strong pungent flavour seems to entice you to scoop more and more of the dish. One of the dish that I will order again.

Omelette Arnold Bennett

The English House has three bar spaces and the largest Whiskey collections in Singapore. You can look forward to their extensive bar menu that includes wine, hard liquor, cocktails, mocktails and other drinks.

One of the Bar in The English House

Another Bar in The English House with Bar Manager Andre
The Cocktails and Mocktails at The English House

The décor of The English House is based on Colonial settings. The walls and shelf are like a museum or gallery showcasing Marco Pierre White collections. This includes photographs by legendary Terry O’Neill, illustrations by cartoonist Raymond Jackson (JAK) and other mementoes from movie sets or establishments dear to Marco. My personal favourite is the display of stacks of Michelin Guides, it seems irony as Marco disdain for the guide and its inspectors.

Part of Dining Area decorated with Photograph by Terry O’Neill

 illustrations by cartoonist Raymond Jackson (JAK) 

 illustrations by cartoonist Raymond Jackson (JAK) 

If you have trouble finding the restaurant as we did, just look for the Colonial House covered with lushes of trees along Mohamed Sultan road. Or for those who are at that age, it is the location of Old Mdm Wong’s.

Marco's Collection on Display

Marco's Collection on Display

Overall, The English House definitely served one of the best British traditional Sunday Roast in Singapore. For those who never been to the UK like me, this is a place to experience English cuisine without flying all the way there. Cheers Mate!!

Made for The English House

Thank you, Jennifer Yeo and The English House Team for hosting the Sunday Roast.

Food & Drinks: 8.75/10
Value: 7.5 /10
Service: N/A (Tasting Event)
Ambiance: 9/10
Budget per Person: $81 and Above

The English House by Marco Pierre White
28 Mohamed Sultan Road
Singapore 238972

T: +65 6545 4055 / 9021 3170 (Incl. WhatsApp)
IG: @Theenglishhousesingaporesg
Tuesday to Friday
Dinner: 17.00 – 23.00
Last Order (Food): 22.00
Last Order (Bar): 22.30
Last reservation: 21.00

Lunch: 11.30 – 14.30
Dinner: 17.00 – 23.00
Last Order (Food): 22.00
Last Order (Bar): 22.30
Last reservation: 21.00

Sunday Roast: 11.30 – 20.00
Last Order (Food): 19.00
Last Order (Bar): 19.30
Last reservation: 18.00
(No ALA CARTE from 11.30 – 17.30 for Sunday)

Closed on Monday
The English House menus are available online. Please refer to their website for the latest menu. 

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