Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Ellenborough Market Cafe – Christmas Feast 2017 [MEDIA INVITE]

Ellenborough Market Cafe

Celebrate this year festive seasons with Ellenborough Market Cafe ('EMC'). From 15 to 31 December 2017, EMC will showcase its Christmas offerings with an Asian twist.

Ellenborough Market Cafe - Christmas Feast

Our Christmas Feast begins with Pumpkin Soup with Crabmeat. It is smooth, creamy with a very solid pumpkin flavour. The fresh twist comes from the crab meat with the spring onion, the fresh crab meat give the soup a unique taste, and surprising it goes well together. But I don't think you can find spring onion with pumpkin soup in Europe.

Pumpkin Soup with Crabmeat

Oxtail stew. One of those comforting dish that is perfect for winter Christmas. The oxtail is definitely cooked over a long period, as the meat falls off the bones. It is well braised and the meat absorbs the spices and red wine nicely. Perfect to go with some rice, bread or potatoes.

Oxtail Stew

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Element – Christmassey Feasting 2017 [MEDIA INVITE]

Turkey Buah Keluak

Amara Singapore brings in the Christmas cheers and New Year’s festivities with a whole host of dining and party options. For a great feasting, reserve your seats as early as 17 November 2017 and by 1 December 2017, to enjoy 1-for-1 Christmas Eve and Day, New Year’s Eve and Day buffet spreads at Element restaurant, limited to the first 20 diners, per buffet session, per day.

Cold Cuts

Highlights for the Festive Starters are: Tuna Tataki with Cucumber Ribbons and Puffed Quinoa; cold cuts of: Parma Ham, Salami and Smoked Duck Breast; Cocktail Prawn and Crab Meat in Duo Melon; Marinated Duck Rillette with Red Wine Dried Fruits Chutney and Gherkin Salsa; and Honey Baked Butter Squash with Honey Mustard and Pumpkin Seed.

Honey Baked Butter Squash with Honey Mustard and Pumpkin Seed.

The tuna tataki is light and delightful. Nicely seared to medium rare, you can enjoy duo texture of the slightly cooked part. There is a touch of tanginess in the dressing to remove any fishy flavour in the fish. The best part of the cold cuts is the Parma Ham. One of my favourite cold cuts and nicely paired with the melon from the cocktail prawn and crab.

Tuna Tataki with Cucumber Ribbons and Puffed Quinoa

Cocktail Prawn and Crab are simply tossed in mayonnaise. A simple dish, however, it showcases the freshness of the ingredients.

Cocktail Prawn and Crab Meat in Duo Melon

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Cook & Brew – New Dishes For The Festive Season 2017 [MEDIA INVITE]

Nova Scotia Lobster and Avocado Toast

We are back at Cook & Brew, the Westin Singapore's speciality gastro-bar for the unveiling of new dishes for this festive season by Chef Aaron Foster and his team. Little Devil and I have been to Cook and Brew on a few occasions and we are always impressed by the food served here.

Whipped Buffalo Milk Ricotta Cheese ($15), the perennial favourite in Cook and Brew. The ricotta cheese is creamy and mild. The infusion of truffle honey added sweet and aromatic touch to the cheese. Spread it over the crisp yet chewy grilled bread, making it a good finger food. Knowing it is going to be plenty of food for the night, I stop myself from having a second helping.

Whipped Buffalo Milk Ricotta Cheese

Barbecue Turkey Meatballs ($16). Turkey Meatballs has been a Cook and Brew menu as far as I can remember. This time around, Chef upsize the meatballs. The barbecue sauce added the sweet and tanginess to the succulent meatballs. For contrasting crispy texture, you can nibble on the chips.

Barbecue Turkey Meatballs

Barbecue Turkey Meatballs

Sunday, 3 December 2017

JIN Fine Dining – A Refine Japanese Food [MEDIA INVITE]

JIN Fine Dining

JIN Fine Dining is a Japanese Restaurant located at the Amoy Hotel along Telok Ayer Street. It served a wide selection of quality Japanese cuisine, under the care of Executive Chef Ray Phun, who has more than 16 years experience in Japanese cuisine.

Amoy Hotel Lobby

Interesting Wall in Amoy Hotel Lobby

We commence this dining experience with Sashimi Moriawase ($128). A special sashimi platter curated for this tasting. It has fresh and thick slices of salmon, tuna and amberjack. Special on the platter is the whole sea bream. It is actually one of the most popular sashimi in Jeju island. The flesh of the sea bream has a more crunchy and chewy texture. It is slightly different from the common fish sashimi I have tasted.

Sashimi Moriawase

Monday, 27 November 2017

Garang Grill – Singaporean Grill Concept

Garang Grill

Garang Grill is a pop-up concept by the folks from New Ubin Seafood. Offering Singaporean style grill experience. The pop-up store was only supposed to open for 3 months, but the response was so good that they extend for three more months; and finally, they just decided to make it permanent. Last I heard, they are going to open the second branch as well. Well, they must have done something right isn't it?

Garang is a Malay word that means fierce or powerful. So Garang Grill means fierce or powerful grill. Are we expecting some blackened steak like Florentine steak?

From Pop Up to Permanent

Location wise, it is hidden somewhere in Siglap and Bedok. As a car owner, I already find this place difficult to locate, I really have no idea how the people taking the bus or MRT can get there.

We started the dinner with Chilled Angelhair Uni ($16). It used to be on the permanent menu, however, this time around it has been shifted to the special board. Rolled chilled pasta, coated with olive oil, served with Uni and Tobiko. You have to eat the three ingredients at one go so you can get the creamy texture from the Uni, salty popping flavour from the tobiko and al-dente pasta. I personally find it needs a touch of salt or umami, to make this dish Omph!!

Chilled Angelhair Uni

Grilled Portobello ($8) A side dish that you must order. Big in size, juicy, succulent with the lovely mushroom chewiness. It is grilled with smoked sea salt and it is just perfect. Yum Yum.

Grilled Portobello 

USDA Prime Ribeye 500 gram ($90) served with Garang Rice. We asked for medium rare and it is served as per order. The outer part is charred, crisp and dark while the internal part is meaty and succulent. For USDA Prime Ribeye, we found the marbling of the steak is uneven, you don't even get the melt in your mouth feel and some part of the meat is chewier than the other.

USDA Prime Ribeye 500 gram