Monday, 13 March 2017

Kyoaji Dining – Taste of Kyoto [MEDIA INVITE]

Kyoaji Dining

Kyoaji means “Taste of Kyoto”. Kyoto itself is a Japan's former capital city and seat of the Imperial Court over a thousand years. Kyoaji Dining drew inspirations from the rich culinary tradition in Kyoto and combine it with different cooking styles and ingredients from around the world.

Heading the restaurant is Executive Chef John Phua and his team. The same group of people that we have seen with during the Fukuichi days.

We started with Kani Tofu ($6). A smooth looking round tofu that reminds you of burrata cheese. The tofu is smooth, topped with pungent century egg sauce. Hidden inside the mild-looking tofu is none other than spicy crab stick. A good starter with a mini surprise inside.

Kani Tofu

Sashimi Moriawase (Jyo - $88). It is a premium assorted sashimi, which include Hotate Gai (Scallop), Maguro Otoro (Tuna Belly), Shake Harasu (Salmon Belly), Mekajiki (Swordfish), Aji (Horse Makararel), and Ama-ebi (Sweet Prawn).

Sashimi Moriawase Jyo

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

KDF Millennium Ride 2017 – Enduring 1,000km over 4 Days for the Kidney Dialysis Foundation [CHARITY PROJECT]

Image Credit - KDF & Epic Cyclist

Come 3 – 6 March 2017, Kidney Dialysis Foundation (KDF) will held its annual KDF Millennium Ride 2017 for the 4th year organised by Epic Cyclists. Over 70 cyclists will be participating in the KDF Millennium Ride and riding 1000km in four days to raise funds for the Kidney Dialysis Foundation (KDF).

KDF is a non-profit charitable organisation that provides subsidised dialysis treatment to needy members of our community. KDF is focused on a niche group of patients, who are from the lowest 10 per cent of the income group and referred by medical social workers from the restructured hospitals. Most of these patients – if employed - hold jobs such as cleaners, hawker assistants, store assistants and taxi drivers.

Held since 2014, the annual KDF Millennium Ride is organised by Epic Cyclists, a local cycling group, and known as one of the most physically and mentally demanding rides in the region. Cyclists will endure at least 8 hours of cycling to complete a distance of 250km each day through various types of terrain and weather conditions from Malaysia to Singapore.

The big challenge for this year is climbing equivalent of one Mount Everest in first 2 days of our ride over 470km. Challenges even for a pro-cyclist, but these are ordinary people making a commitment to do such a daunting task. The hours and the mileage each cyclist got to put in prior to the 4 Days is extensive. However, the obstacles our cyclists will encounter cannot be compared to the adversity dialysis patients go through daily. It is heartening to witness our cyclists putting in the effort to help raise funds for a good cause,” said Mr Clifford Lee, founder of Epic Cyclist.

In 2016, A total of S$590,634.53 was raised through KDF Millennium Ride this year after the 40% matching by the Community Silver Trust Funds at 40%.This year, Epic Cyclist hopes to raise at least $300,000 in 2017 for the less fortunate who requires dialysis treatment.

This year, will be the 2nd year Chubby Botak Koala and Little Devil will volunteer as Safety Drivers to somewhat contribute to the welfare of the Epic Cyclists. With this, we hope that to raise more awareness and share the passion and mission of helping KDF patients.

All proceeds from the donations will be channelled to needy kidney patients under the care of Kidney Dialysis Foundation. Members of the public can donate via this link at

Thank you very much for your generous contributions and support. Please pray for us for the success of this event.

Kidney Dialysis Foundation
Blk 333 Kreta Ayer Road
Singapore 080333

T: +65 6559 2630 (For Enquiries)

Epic Cyclist

Monday, 20 February 2017

Tai Cheong Bakery – Original Hong Kong Cha Chaan Teng

Tai Cheong Bakery

Tai Cheong Bakery is one of the most popular Egg Tart shops in Hong Kong. It is one of a must-try cafe where you are on a Food Pilgrimage trip in Hong Kong. Luckily with more than a dozen branches in HK, it is not difficult to get the yummy egg tart.

The best news is that now we do not have to travel so far to try these yummy egg tarts, as Tai Cheong Bakery has opened its first cha chaan teng in Holland Village, Singapore due to the overwhelming response to its Takashimaya counter and other pop-up stores. The arrival of Tai Cheong Bakery in Singapore is a collaboration between Food People (a subsidiary of Palm Beach Group) and Tao Heung Group (Owner of Tai Cheong Bakery).

Three Egg Macaroni Soup with Luncheon Meat

Egg Tart ($1.90). The crust is crisp, buttery and did not crumble easily. The egg custard has a solid jelly-like texture, mild egg flavour with a touch of sweetness. It is well balanced, and it is likely people can eat more than one without any problem.

Egg Tart

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

SBCD Korean Tofu House – Healthy Delicious Soontofu & Galbi [MEDIA INVITE]

SBCD Korean Tofu House

SBCD Korean Tofu House ('SBCD') is the latest healthy and hearty Korean restaurant that enter the Singapore dining scene. It specialises in a variety of Korean soontofu soup, where the word “soon” in soontofu mean soft.

The Menu

In the 1970s, Korean soft tofu soup has been regarded as daily comfort staple in Korea. The letter BCD is the abbreviation of Bukchang Dong, a city in Korea where this dish gains its popularity. With migration, the dish even became very popular in K-Town Los Angeles.

Part of the Dining Area

Every soontofu at SBCD is handmade fresh daily in the restaurant, using the soy beans imported from Korean. It has a texture close to Japanese silken tofu, but it retains the custard feel to it. This freshly made tofu will be the base for most dishes in SBCD.

Hot Stone Rice

The Soontofus Cooking

Monday, 13 February 2017

First Time Buyer Dilemma — New Executive Condo or HDB BTO [ADVERTORIAL]

Singapore property buyers or investors do not have the luxury of shopping for landed properties especially when those properties are way beyond reach. With that, first-time buyers are leaning towards buying build-to-own (BTO)
HDB flats or executive condominium (EC) in Singapore. A BTO HDB flat might be a more prudent choice but many Singaporeans are aspiring toward an executive condominium. Before jumping on the bandwagon of those buying an Executive condo or believing at face value that the HDB flats are poorly made and are of low quality, you should see the deep features of both.

Executive Condominiums

EC is a hybrid of public and private housing first introduced in 1994. Built by private developers and with high-quality material, subsidized by the government and can only become private after ten years. An EC is a full suite condo that comes with amenities such as pool, gym, barbeque pits and other facilities you would expect of a private development.

Main difference between BTO HDB flats and EC is that ECs become fully privatized after 10 years. Like other forms of private property, they are opened to be sold even to foreigners or organizations.

Built-to-order (BTO) HDB Flats

BTO HDB flats are first introduced in Singapore in 2001. It is a flat allocation system developed by the Housing and Development Board. Compared to other HDB flats, these are flexible in location and timing. You can apply for an apartment depending on your desired location and when you want to start using the house. Construction of BTO only begins once the applicants reach a minimum of 70% in number.

Both BTO flat and EC are considered as affordable public housing but there are some clear differences when it comes to housing plans, loans, resale profit and finishes or facilities.