Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Lobby Lounge – Holiday Afternoon Tea [MEDIA INVITE]

Snow Man @ Lobby Lounge at Conrad Centennial Singapore

Celebrate this Festive Period with Christmas Theme Afternoon Tea curated by the team at Conrad Centennial Singapore. This delightful Christmas theme is available from now till 3rd January 2020.

Prosecco with Conrad Bear

We are welcomed by “The Grinch”. This welcome mocktail is made from mango, lime and soda water. Sugar crust is added on the lips of the cup to sweeten the concoction more. The Grinch has a nice colour combination, yellow mango at the bottom, blue lime in the middle and clear soda water at the top. Once you stir it, the green colour will slowly engulf the whole drinks. Luckily the drink tasted sweet and refreshing, unlike The Grinch that is full of bitterness towards Christmas.

The Grinch 

The Grinch - After Stirring

Weekend Afternoon Tea consists of 4 courses, starting with Seafood Platter. Your palate will be treated with fresh Poached Boston Lobster, Irish Oysters and Fresh Prawns. The lobster prawns are firm and springy, and I have both of them plain and really enjoy the natural sweetness of the seafood. This season, the Irish Oysters are more subtle. I added a few drops of vinaigrette dressing to bring out the flavour of the oysters.

Seafood Platter

Slow Cook Beef Brisket, Mushroom and Caramelized Onion, Toast, Cheese Sauce and Guacamole Parsley is the second course. The beef brisket is tender and easily pulled apart when you cut thought solid toast. The bread used here is solid and hard, suitable to handle the heavy meat and jus from ingredients. I just wish there is some gherkin to balance the richness in this toast.

Slow Cook Beef Brisket, Mushroom and Caramelized Onion,
Toast, Cheese Sauce and Guacamole Parsley

Slow Cook Beef Brisket, Mushroom and Caramelized Onion,
Toast, Cheese Sauce and Guacamole Parsley

This time around I ordered Orange Pekoe tea to pair with my afternoon tea. The tea is aromatic and well balanced.

Orange Pekoe Ronnefeldt tea

The third course is the combination of sweet and savoury bites base with festive theme. I started with the savoury selections first. Roasted Turkey, Orange Marmalade and Brie Sandwich in Rye Bread & Multigrain Tartlet Roasted Chicken, Cranberries and Raisin Jam, Baby Cress are my pick. The combination of savoury poultry together with sweetness from the fruits sure brought out the flavour of Christmas.

3rd Course

3rd Course

Meanwhile, the Pomegranate, Roasted Beetroot, Cherry Tomato, Frissee and Feta Cheese Salad & Smoked Salmon, Dill Cream Cheese with Lemon Zest in Tortilla Wrap are the more common savoury dishes found in afternoon tea.

From Left Clockwise: Smoked Salmon, Dill Cream Cheese with Lemon Zest in Tortilla Wrap
Pomegranate, Roasted Beetroot, Cherry Tomato, Frissee and Feta Cheese Salad
Multigrain Tartlet Roasted Chicken, Cranberries and Raisin Jam, Baby Cress

Roasted Turkey, Orange Marmalade and Brie Sandwich in Rye Bread 

The sweet selections showcase to us the design that synonymous with Christmas. These include Chestnut Mont Blanc, Snow Man, Christmas Gift Box, Santa Sleigh and Christmas Ball.

The Sweet Selections
Chestnut Mont Blanc
Gift Box

My personal pick is the Snow Man and Santa Sleigh. Snow Man contains mango fillings, light and mildly sweet. Meanwhile, Santa Sleigh has a complex design and it delivers solid chocolate flavour. Since this is Christmas desserts, you can expect the desserts to be bold and sweeter. Do try and let me know which one you like as well.

Snow Man

Santa Sleigh

The final course is Scones served with Clotted Cream, Mixed Spiced Apricot Jam & Homemade Strawberry Jam. There are two types of scones, plain and cranberry. My favourite mix is always the combo of strawberry jam and clotted cream. I find the apricot is bit too sweet for my liking.

Scones served with Clotted Cream, Mixed Spiced Apricot Jam & Homemade Strawberry Jam

Overall, Holiday Afternoon Tea at Lobby Lounge will bring you the Christmas Atmosphere during this special period. An option to consider for your Christmas gathering, plus you also get the adorable Conrad Christmas Bear when you have Holiday Afternoon Tea at Lobby Lounge. Cheers!!

Weekend Afternoon Tea Menu

Indulgent Holiday Afternoon Tea at Lobby Lounge

Festive Weekday Afternoon Tea
3:00pm to 6:00pm
Per Adult:
S$32++ (Coffee and tea)
Festive Weekend Afternoon Tea
1:00pm to 5:00pm
S$68++ (Ronnefeldt Tea and Brazilian coffee)
S$98++ (Unlimited Prosecco, Ronnefeldt Tea and Brazilian coffee)
S$49++ (6-12 years old) ( No Seafood)

11 November 2019 to 3 January 2020 
The Lobby Lounge
Lobby Level @ Conrad Centennial Singapore 
Tel: +65 6432 7483

Weekend Afternoon Tea Beverages

Thank you very much to Conrad Centennial Singapore and Lobby Lounge Team for the tasting invitation and the experience.

Food: 8.5/10
Value: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Ambiance: 8.5/10
Budget per Person: $26 - $50, $51 - $80

Lobby Lounge @Conrad
2 Temasek Boulevard
Lobby Level, Conrad Centennial Singapore
Singapore 038982

T: +65 6432 7483
Sun - Thu: 07:00 - 00:00
Fri - Sat: 07:00 - 01:00
Daily Afternoon Tea: 13.00 – 17.00

Monday, 9 December 2019

The Gong – Great Food with Perfect Refreshment [MEDIA INVITE]

Assorted Mushrooms Pizza @ The Gong

The Gong by Drinks & Co (‘The Gong’) is a new establishment in the swanky Duo Galleria at Beach Road. The Gong philosophy is to turn good produce into great food at an affordable price. Plus, a meal at any Drinks & Co restaurant is not complete without a perfect refreshment, selected from the huge range of bottled drinks, a classic cocktail or one perfectly selected by the service specialist.

The Gong by Drinks & Co

We started our tasting with Gong Salt and Pepper Squid ($17).  Salt and pepper squid is one of the most common entrées in a modern Australian restaurant. The version here is spiced up with garlic, red chilli, black peppercorn, sugar & spring onion. Giving it the WOW factor when you bit into the crispy and springy squid.

Gong Salt and Pepper Squid

Crispy Chicken Karage ($18). Who can say NO to Japanese style crispy fried chicken? Well marinated with soy sauce and deep-fried till crispy. Instead of the usual mayonnaise, The Gong version is served with a super spicy dip.

Crispy Chicken Karage 

Florets of Cauliflower ($14). A delicious entrée. You can expect a crispy texture on the exterior of cauliflower followed with a moist and juicy interior. The pesto sauce coated this dish add a refreshing and complex flavour to the dish together with the red radish. Meanwhile, the bursting sweetness of the grape added a touch of sweetness to the overall dish.

Florets of Cauliflower 
Florets of Cauliflower 

For the pizza, we tried Zul’s Satay Pizza ($24) & Assorted Mushrooms ($26). The satay pizza has a light and crisp base topped with chicken & beef, peanut sauce, cucumber & onion. Although we can taste the flavour of the satay in the pizza, we find the toppings a bit dry. The mix between the cheese and satay sauce just dampen the flavour of each ingredient. I feel they should be bolder and add a few dollops of satay sauce on top of the pizza after they took it out from the oven or before serving.

Zul’s Satay Pizza 

Zul’s Satay Pizza 

On the other hand, we enjoy the assorted mushroom pizza tremendously. Each slice of the pizza is moist and packs with mushroom flavour. A dollop of truffle cream on top of each slice of pizza just lubricates it perfectly.

Assorted Mushrooms Pizza

Assorted Mushrooms Pizza

Crab Meat Fried Rice, Tobiko ($14). This reminds me of the crab fried rice in Thailand. The fried rice exudes “Wok Hei”, while each grain of rice is al-dente and evenly interwind with the fried eggs. The fresh crab meat added the natural sweetness in this fried rice, while the tobiko gave this dish the popping and crunchy texture to it.

Crab Meat Fried Rice, Tobiko 

Hokkien Mee ($14). Excellent rendition of our local favourites. The Gong uses premium ingredients and we can taste the sweetness of pork and prawn broth infused in the noodle. The fresh and huge tiger prawns together with fresh squid highlighted the “atas” version of this local dish. Not forgetting the spicy homemade sambal will add some kick in this dish. It will be perfect if they drizzle some crispy pork lard on top

Hokkien Mee

Meat Platter ($40/$56) – New Zealand Lamb Rack, Grilled Australian Beef, Pork Sausage, Chicken & Beef Satay, Served with Mixed Olives, Mixed Mesclun Salad, Grain Mustard & Mint Yoghurt Sauce.

Meat Platter

Meat Platter

The serving looks generous and the New Zealand Lamb Rack will make you go gaga with its tenderness and without any of the gamy flavour. If this is the first time you are trying lamb, the taste will linger in your memories for a long time. The chicken and beef satay are sweet and well-seasoned.

New Zealand Lamb Rack and Satays

The beef is fatty and tender; however, it is missing the signature charred of the grilled meat. The pork sausages are much better compare to the beef. The fillings are solid, while the spicy chorizo provide some sparks when you bit into it.

The Steak and Pork Sausages

Iberico Pork ($24) is just awesome. Tender, juicy and with almost melts in your mouth texture is just a treat for meat lovers like me. It is placed on eggplant puree that is infused with chilli. I normally don’t like eggplant, but the puree version here works for me. On the side is roasted mini potatoes, sliced apples, pickled vegetables and pork jus, make this dish a complete one. A must-order dish here.

Iberico Pork

For desserts, we have Tiramisu ($13) and Chocolate Lava Cake ($13). The tiramisu is just superb. Served cold, it is soft, creamy, yet super light and bursting with coffee flavours. Better keep some space for this desert.


Meanwhile, the chocolate lava cake has a fudgy texture and you don’t get the oozing effect from the chocolate lava. The chocolate content is solid, while the vanilla ice cream, fresh berries and berry puree provide the fruity twang to balance the chocolate lava cake.

Chocolate Lava Cake 

Located in the swanky Duo Galleria, the catchy name of the restaurant is needed to stand above the rest. The décor is casual and comfortable. Love the black and white tiles on the indoor dining area. The outdoor seating area are furnished with high table and high chairs, pub like seating version. The Gong does not have a wine list, so you have to choose the wine shelves. Little Devil enjoys the fruity house pour Chardonnay with her meal.

The Bar and Indoor Seating Area
Outdoor Seating Area

If you spend $250 per receipt and get Gong Membership for a lifetime. With Gong membership, you entitle to Gong Member’s Price on Food Menu.

Wine Selections

Chardonnay with Entree

Overall, it was a pleasure dining at The Gong. The food here is delicious, a combination of Western Cuisine and Local flavours. Our recommendations are Florets of Cauliflower, Assorted Mushroom Pizza, Crab Meat Fried Rice, Iberico Pork and Tiramisu. Put The Gong by Drinks & Co on your must-visit list if you are near Beach Road / Bugis area.

Thank you very much Kristine, Amanda and The Gong by Drinks & Co team for hosting us.

Food & Drink: 8/10
Value: 7.5/10
Service: N/A (Tasting Invitation)
Ambiance: 7.5/10
Budget per Person: $26 - $50,

The Gong by Drinks & Co
7 Fraser Street
#01-59 & 60, Duo Galleria
Singapore 189356

T: +65 9619 4568
IG: @Thegongbydrinksandco
OH: Daily 11.00 - Midnight
Menu Available Online

Thursday, 28 November 2019

Pineapple Tarts Singapore – The Best MYIM Pineapple Tarts in SG [MEDIA TASTING]

Pineapple Tarts by

Pineapple tarts, one of the must-have snacks for Chinese New Year celebration in Singapore. Choosing the best pineapple tarts is a serious business here. Almost all traditional and online publications will create a list of the best pineapple tarts in Singapore.

So which one is the best? Well, I am not going to put this debate to bed, but I will recommend one for your consideration this year.

Thanks to the folks at Pineapple Tarts Singapore, I received three types of Pineapple Tarts at my doorstep during earlier this month. Those pineapple tarts are:
- Melt In Your Mouth – Pineapple Tarts (The Original Recipe - $22.90)

My Pineapple Tarts Goodies

My first impression of the Pineapple Tarts is their clean looking modern packaging. Instead of the traditional plastic container with a red top, the version is here is with a silver cover. Each piece of the pineapple tarts is displayed clearly.

LD and I started our tasting with Melt In Your Mouth – Pineapple Tarts. This original version has a nice buttery aroma, followed with moist and buttery pastry and deliciously well-balanced fillings. The size of the pineapple tart is about the size of regular fishballs.

Melt In Your Mouth – Pineapple Tarts

Next is the YOlkLO – Salted Egg Pineapple Tarts. The aroma of the salted eggs immediately came to our nose. The salted egg yolk is folded into the pastry then shaped in the round shape around the pineapple fillings. The pastry tasted dryer compared to the Melt In Your Mouth version, however, the texture remains crumbly. The saltiness in the pastry enhances the sweetness of the pineapple fillings.

YOlkLO – Salted Egg Pineapple Tarts
YOlkLO – Salted Egg Pineapple Tarts

The final pineapple tarts that we sample is the Cheezylicious – Cheese Pineapple Tarts. When we open the bottle, the ‘powerful’ smell of the parmesan cheese filled our nose. The pastry’s moist level is lower than the other two, however, the texture remains crumbly. It feels like eating a blue cheese pineapple tart. I suggest this only for those that can handle strong cheese aroma.

Cheezylicious – Cheese Pineapple Tarts

This year, has introduced Siao LA – Mala Pineapple Tarts ($27.90). Imagine enjoying Mala hotpot or Mala Xiang Guo in dessert form. We did not try the Mala version, as we are not a big fan of Mala. If you are a daredevil and can take the heat, you can also try their Pineapple Tarts Singapore Spicy Challenge (Details available on their website)

Do take note that Pineapple Tarts from has No Preservative Added; Fully Homemade and Handmade. Each bottle contains 20 pieces of tarts. Free Delivery for orders above $100. As no preservative is used, the pineapple tarts Best Consumed within 6 weeks.

Melt In Your Mouth – Pineapple Tarts

Other than Pineapple Tarts, Pineapple Tarts Singapore also sell other Chinese New Yeargoodies including CNY Cookies (Kueh Bangkit, Almond Cookies, Cashew Nut Cookies, etc), Prawn Rolls, Munchies, Crab Sticks, Love Letters and Kueh Lapis.


CHUBBYBOTAKKOALA.COM & PINEAPPLETARTS.SG will be giving away 2 bottles of Pineapple Tarts based on your choice. To be eligible for this give away:
- Like “ – Food Blog” Facebook Page and follow Chubbybotakkoala Instagram Page
- Like “Pineapple Tarts Singapore” Facebook Page and follow “” Instagram Page
- Tag 3 friends and tell us why you want these delicious pineapple tarts
- The contest will be close on Sunday, 08 December 2019 at 23.59.
- Winner will be contacted directly and the Pineapple Tarts can be collected at 352 Clementi Ave 2 #01-109 S(120352). 


Pineapple Tarts Singapore
Blk 352 Clementi Ave 2
#01-109 Singapore 120352

Sunday, 24 November 2019

Wine Mansion Bistro – New Yummy Menu [MEDIA INVITE]

Pan Seared Scallop

Wine Mansion Bistro is an extension of Wine Mansion, a boutique wine company that sourced, picked and distribute quality wines from worldwide and distribute them in South East Asia Market. At Wine Mansion Bistro, the customers can have the pleasure to try these quality selections together with the exquisite curated Western Fusion Menu.

Wine Mansion Bistro (“WMB”) is located in Keong Saik Road, a heritage location near Chinatown Singapore, yet boosting a vibrant and trendsetting F&B scene.

Wine Mansion Bistro

We started our tasting with the oysters Fresh Oysters and Baked Oysters ($24 for 6 pcs). This time around WMB uses Irish oysters. The oysters are fresh; however, it is on the mild side. It is neither sweet or briny. I normally like my oysters simple just with a bit of lemon juice, but in this case, it is best eaten with the vinaigrette.

Fresh Oysters

I am not a baked oyster fan, but I enjoyed the version served here. The oysters are baked just right, the mild mozzarella added the much need savoury flavour to the oysters plus the spark come from the spring onion as well. A good starter.

Baked Oysters

Crab Cake ($12) served with chilli crab sauce. A round shape of crab cakes, filled with cheese. It is crispy externally, moist and cheesy internally.

Crab Cake

Crab Cake

Pork Belly ($10). The version here is deep-fried like Thailand crispy pork belly. The external part, including the crackling, is crispy and crunchy, while the meat is nicely seasoned and tender. It is served with mustard and a must-try homemade pickled cabbage. Yummy.

Pork Belly

Pork Belly

Pan Seared Scallop ($19). Perfectly seared scallops that are juicy internally. The asparagus added a contrasting crunchy texture while the garlic butter sauce binds all the ingredients nicely. The sauce was superb and we polished the plate clean. The best starter for the night.

Pan Seared Scallop

Tomato Lobster Pasta ($28). A very generous serving of lobster in this pasta. Instead of serving half portion of the lobster WMB served the whole lobster. The flesh of the lobster is tender and springy, while the pasta is al-dente and well coated with the tomato sauce. Although both ingredients are good individually, I don’t feel the connection between the lobster and pasta. It’s like eating two separate dishes.

Tomato Lobster Pasta

Baby Back Ribs ($25, monthly special). Glazed with maple tomato sauce and served with pasta and homemade pureslaw. The exterior is charred, crisp with a combination of slight bitterness with sweet maple tomato sauce glaze. The flesh is juicy, succulent and well marinated. The pasta is al-dente and the pureslaw is crunchy and helps to balance the fattiness in this dish.

Baby Back Ribs

Pulled Pork Cheese Melts Quesadilla ($14). A super tasty pulled pork, tender and juicy. Coated with cheese melts and wrapped with a soft and fluffy tortilla. It is served with crispy fries and sour cream dip. This dish is also good for a quick lunch or as a starter for dinner.

Pulled Pork Cheese Melts Quesadilla 

Duck Leg Confit ($18). Duck confit is not an easy dish to prepare and execute. The best one normally comes delicious super crispy skin, followed with juicy and fall of the bone meat. The version here has juicy meat; however, the skin is not crispy and the gamy flavour is very strong. On the upside, the mash potatoes are delicious, rich, buttery and paired well with the bitter rocket leaves and grilled tomato.

Duck Leg Confit 

Tomahawk ($98). A jumbo main dish for sharing. Grilled to medium rate and you can expect a superb meat enjoyment here. The texture of the tomahawk here is meatier, chewier with solid beef flavour. Don’t expect the wagyu or dry-aged standards that melt in your mouth version. The side dishes of grilled tomatoes, garden salads, onions, together with mustard and chimichurri sauce make a good companion to the tomahawk.



With all the dishes that come before us, I was surprised that we still have some space for dessert. A must-order here is the Ricotta Puff ($8). Made with filo pastry and ricotta cheese, this dessert sway towards savoury instead of sweet. It is topped with a mini scoop of ice cream (hint: a bigger scoop will be nice), but it was warm and delicious, we just polished it off. Yum Yum.

Ricotta Puff

There are a few dining and drinking areas for WMB. First floor indoor and outdoor, plus the 3rd floor. We were seated on the 3rd floor during the Media Tasting. This area is normally used for a private function or only open during the peak period.

Overall, we enjoy the food at Wine Mansion. The food is nicely executed and will go well with any wine. Our recommended dishes are Baked Oysters, Pork Belly, Pan Seared Scallops, Baby Back Ribs, Tomahawk and Ricotta Puff. Cheers!!

Thank you very much for Alvin and Wine Mansion Bistro team for the tasting invitation.

Food & Drink: 7.5/10
Value: 7.5/10
Service: N/A (Tasting Invitation)
Ambiance: 7 /10
Budget per Person: $26 - $50, $51 - $80

Wine Mansion
26 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089133

T: +65 6225 4468
IG: @Wine_mansion
Mon – Fri: 12.00 – 14.30; 17.00 – Midnight
Sat: 17.00 – Midnight
Menu Available Online

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