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Chubbybotakkoala.com is a food, travel and lifestyle blog. The primary focus of this blog is to give our humble opinion on the good food establishments and places to stay in Singapore and abroad. We are not Critiques, We are just Reviewers. For food establishments, our reviews will cover from the food cart, hawker centre and up to high-end restaurants. We just try to spread the news to our readers on the establishments worth their calories.

Chubby Botak Koala, A food lover that got tie-down in this Red Dot island called Singapore by the "Little Devil". So why Chubby Botak Koala? Koala is a pet name given by my uni friends. Botak (baldy or balding) is the state of my current hair at the moment and is more likely to remain until I kick the bucket. Chubby is my figure now. Round shape, for as long as I remember. Proud to be one and not ashamed of it. 

The Little Devil, The Chief Editor of this blog. Without her, I don't know how the English / Singlish / grammar / Chinese for this blog will turn out to be. Most importantly, She is my life partner, confidant and her opinions on everything is invaluable. I have found “The Someone” that I share my gastronomy adventure with, and hopefully, the ones that read my blog can have someone to share theirs with.

The review of an establishment in this blog is based on our humble opinion. We always try to be as objective and fair as possible. If we wrote a not very positive review on an establishment, please take this as constructive feedback.

Note to Marketing, PR Professionals or Owners:

We accept product reviews, food tastings and event invites subject to our availabilities. Accepting the invitation does not mean we will write a review. If we decided to write the review, we will indicate the posting as [MEDIA INVITE] We can not guarantee it will be a wonderful review, but we can assure you it will be fair and positive. We will only do reviews on food or items that we have tasted and tested. It is only fair to our readers to do so.

If an establishment pays us for the review, we will tag the post as [ADVERTORIAL]. If the overall experience is bad during the invited tasting, we will reject the advertorial. Our credibility to our readers are of the utmost importance, we appreciate your understanding.

As a couple, we tried to do things together. Therefore if you invite us to a tasting event, it will be great if you allow for +1.

Where you can find our review and pictures:
Instagram: @Chubbybotakkoala
We also share our reviews / pictures on Google Review, ExpatChoice.asia, Trip Advisor and Facebook Groups. 

If you need to use our reviews, quotes and high-resolution photos for your marketing materials, we will be glad to share them with you. We are just an email away! We only ask that you give us the appropriate acknowledgement.

For Advertorial, Media Invites and Other Collaborations, we can be reached at chubbybotakkoala[at]gmail(dot)com

To Our Readers:
Thank you very much for visiting our blog and for your continuous support. We hope you enjoy what we wrote and come back for more. Please follow us on our Facebook page and Instagram as well. Happy Reading!!!

Chubby Botak Koala & the Little Devil

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