Monday 31 August 2020

Yu Cun – Claypot Curry Fish Head

Claypot Curry Fish Head
Yu Cun is a local zi char restaurant specialising in Claypot Curry Fish head, using only premium and fresh fish. It was recommended by our friend C, for a quick lunch. 

Yu Cun
A must-order here is, of course, their Claypot Curry Fish Head ($30). The fish head is fresh and covered with lemak rich curry and loaded with ladyfingers, bean curd skin, eggplant, long bean and tomato. The curry absorbs into part of fish nicely, yet it was not overpowering and you can taste the actual fish taste. The low fire keeps the curry warm and nice to eat. Definitely a “rice thief” dish. 

Claypot Curry Fish Head
In terms of spiciness, I find it very manageable (CBK spiciness ratings at 5/10). LD thinks the dish can add extra heat, as the chilli and spice is simply not powerful enough. 

I suggest you order the Fried Beancurd Skin ($3.80). We added it into the curry fish head, let it soak for a minute before taking it out. The beancurd absorbs and carry the rich curry nicely, plus the crunchy texture making it very addictive. 

Fried Beancurd Skin
Braised Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetable in Soy Sauce ($9.90). Yu Cun version of pork belly braised with mei cai. The pork belly is fatty and tender, while the gravy is salty infused with mei cai flavour. However, as a Hakka, I find this dish a bit watery and lacking the OMPH factor. 

Braised Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetable in Soy Sauce
Marmite Chicken Wing ($11.90) is just delicious. The chicken was deep fried till crispy and evenly coated with sweet savoury marmite sauce. I can have the whole plate on my own. 

Marmite Chicken Wing
As we only order limited dishes, I end up ordering Ice Jelly ($3.50) for dessert. A nice and refreshing dessert. 

Ice Jelly
Service is friendly and efficient. Order is placed through tablet instead of the service staff. The restaurant is very open and remains cool even when the temperature was searing hot outside. If you are coming for lunch, I suggest you come around 11.30 to get your parking spot. 

The verdict: A must try place for claypot curry fish head and zi char. From the small batch of the dishes that we tried (4 out of 90 plus dishes in the menu), the taste and quality have been good. We look forward to our next visit. LD will definitely be asking them to increase the spiciness of their curry fish head next time around. Cheers!! 

Menu 1

Menu 2

Food & Drinks: 7/10 
Value: 7.5/10 
Service: 6.25/10 
Ambiance: 6/10 
Budget per Person: $11 - $25 

Yu Cun 
Claypot Curry Fish Head 
147 Upper Paya Lebar Road 
Singapore 534849 

T: +65 6286 0491 
IG: @Yucuncurryfishhead 
OH: Daily 11.00 – 23.00 (LO 22.00)

Sunday 30 August 2020

Golden Moments – Premium Durian Snowskin Mooncakes [MEDIA DROP]

Mao Shan Wang Durian Snowskin Mooncake
Celebrating 4 years anniversary of Golden Moments is having a 1-for-1 promotion for Durian Snowskin Mooncakes from 1 August to 6 September 2020. For every two boxes purchased, you will receive a free spa-pass to a 5-star luxury spa – Spa Nes, with an ala carte buffet and other dining vouchers. 

From Top Left Clockwise: Mao Shan Wang Durian Snowskin Mooncake,
Premium D24, 
Docello Hazelnut Chocolate Mao Shan Wang,
Lychee Martini.
The new and improved Golden Moment’s 2020 Durian Snowskin Mooncakes are healthier with no added sugar. This year line up will include 3 new flavours: 
- Docello Hazelnut Chocolate Mao Shan Wang ($108 for a box of 4); 
- Premium D24 ($88 for a box of 4); and 
- Lychee Martini ($88 for a box of 4). 

Lychee Martini & Premium D24

Lychee Martini

Not forgetting, the perennial favourite and Golden Moment’s best-selling Mao Shan Wang Durian Snowskin Mooncake ($108 for a box of 4), known for its bamboo charcoal snowskin sprinkled with lavish gold dust, encasing 100% pure Mao Shan Wang Durian. 

Mao Shan Wang Durian Snowskin Mooncake
My pick is the MSW Durian Snowskin Mooncake, where I can feel the bold MSW durian flavour in each bit. However, the Docello Hazelnut Chocolate MSW provides a unique twist of hazelnut flavour and crunchy texture in the mooncake. 

Docello Hazelnut Chocolate Mao Shan Wang

Golden Moments Snowskin Mooncakes 
Available at:
Promotion Period: Now to 6 September 2020 
- for our Signature Premium Mao Shan Wang Snowskin Mooncakes and Docello Hazelnut Chocolate Mao Shan Wang Snowskin Mooncakes. 
- FREE 5 STAR SPA @ SPA.NES - 1x Spa pass (Worth $58) for every 2 boxes purchased! 
- Other Dining Vouchers. 

Thank you very much Golden Moments Team for the Media Drop.

Golden Moments
110 Lor 23 Geylang
#07-13, Victory Centre
Singapore 388410

T/WA: +65 8766 8960
IG: @Goldenmomentssg
OH: Mon – Fri, 10.00 – 18.00

Friday 28 August 2020

Conrad Centennial Singapore – Tradition Redefined Mid-Autumn Festival [MEDIA DROP]

Mini Snowskin Treasure
Make an impression this mid-autumn festival with Conrad Centennial Singapore Mooncakes. For more delicate and adventurous flavours, Conrad Centennial Snowskin Mooncake Collection will be a perfect choice.

Mini Snowskin Treasure
This year, Sea Salt Gula Melaka Snowskin and Purple Sweet Potato with Pumpkin Snowskin will join the line-up of the perennial favourite of Green Tea Snowskin and Royal Hazelnut Crunch Snowskin. 

From Left: Purple Sweet Potato with Pumpkin Snowskin;
Sea Salt Gula Melaka Snowskin; Royal Hazelnut Crunch Snowskin
Green Tea Snowskin 
I like the Royal Hazelnut due to its crunchy texture and solid hazelnut flavour. The New Sea Salt Gula Melaka Snowskin deliver the delicate and enjoyable sweet and savoury combination. 

The Mini Snowskin Treasure is priced at $86 for a box of 8. Available in a deep crimson red with a rich myriad of auspicious influences including dancing phoenixes and butterflies set amongst a floral Chinoiserie pattern, our mooncake boxes are interlocked with a golden floral motif latch. 

Here are the full details of Conrad Centennial Singapore Mooncakes for this year.





Traditional White Lotus with Melon Seeds



Traditional Baked with Single Yolk in White Lotus Paste



Traditional Baked with Mixed Nuts



Traditional Baked Double Yolk in White Lotus Paste



Golden Peony Traditional Baked Treasures
(1 piece per flavour)



Golden Peony Traditional Baked Delights
(2 pieces of Single Yolk and Double Yolks each)




Green Tea Snowskin



Sea Salt Gula Melaka Snowskin



Royal Hazelnut Crunch Snowskin



Purple Sweet Potato with Pumpkin Snowskin



Golden Peony Snowskin Treasures
(2 pieces per flavour)




Sweet Potato in Crispy Filo Pastry



Please note that the mooncake flavours are subject to availability. 

Discount Offers 
22nd July to 28 August – 35% Early Bird Discount** 
29 August to 1 October – 30% Discount* 

** For collection between 28 August to 27 September 2020. 

* 30% Discount is only applicable for Citibank, UOB, Maybank, HSBC and AMEX card members. 

For more information visit 

Available at
The Terrace - Lobby Level, Conrad Centennial Singapore
1 August to 1 October, 10.00am to 8.00pm

Conrad Centennial Singapore
Tel: 64327486 / 89

Saturday 22 August 2020

Pizza Delivery – Handcrafted Wildfire Pizza [MEDIA DROP]

Margherita Pizza
Pizza Delivery Singapore is an upscale fast-casual pizza delivery service serving authentic Italian pizza and pasta. The secrets behind their Authentic Italian tastes are Signature secret sauce simmered for 8 hours; Stone oven-fired pizzas; Air-flown ingredients from Italy and 72-hours fermented dough. 

Pizza Delivery Singapore Website
Image Credit: Owari Photography
With 6 kitchens Island-wide: Ang Mo Kio, Bukit Merah, Jurong, Serangoon, Ubi and Woodlands, Pizza Delivery Singapore promise to deliver straight from the oven and reach your table within 1 hour. 

For this Media Drop, I choose from their Hearty Fiesta Bundle Promotion Page. I strongly recommend you have a look at their promotion page before placing your order, so you can get the best deal. Hearty Fiesta Bundle is recommended for 4 to 5 pax ($63.20), consist of: 
- 2 x 12” Large Pizza of Choice (U.P. $35 for 12” Large Pizza) 
- 1 x Mozzarella Cheese Stick (6 pcs, U.P. $14.30) 
- 1 x Crispy Chicken Wings (6 pcs, U.P.$13.90) Replace with Crispy Chicken Nuggets (6 pcs, U.P.$5.90) 
With this bundle, you can get total savings up to $27 compared to individual order. 

Hearty Fiesta Bundle Order
During the ordering process, you can order well in advance and the designated delivery time. I choose my order for the next day and between 18.15 to 19.15. My order arrived at 19.00, the next day, within my designated delivery time. 

Margherita Pizza
Margherita Pizza. One of the simplest versions of pizza, yet it is one of the pizzas that showcases the quality of the ingredients. The pizza here has a thin crust, crispy and almost without any chewy texture from the dough. The tomato sauce is sweet and tangy at the same time, while the half-cut cherry tomatoes deliver the burst in the tomato juice. The mozzarella cheese tastes good, but it won’t give you those pulled cheese effect in your photograph. The only thing lacking here is the taste to the basil. I think they should revert to using a whole basil leaves in each slice of margherita instead of the chopped version. 

Margherita Pizza Slice
La Amatriciana Pizza is made for bacon lovers and like their pizza spicy. A combination of savoury, sweet and spicy at the same time. For those who like their pizza very spicy, you might need to add more chilli flakes to it. 

La Amatriciana Pizza
Mozzarella cheese stick is very appetising. Crispy externally and filled with chewy mozzarella cheese, combine with tangy marinara sauce that will open up your appetite. Meanwhile, the crispy chicken nuggets are tender, succulent though the exterior is not as crispy as we would like. 

Mozzarella Stick and Chicken Nuggets

Mozzarella Stick with Marinara Sauce
We also try out their pasta Carbonara Spaghetti ($15.90) & Spaghetti Bolognese (Beef, $13.90). There are two types of pasta you can choose from spaghetti and linguine. For the carbonara, we choose the linguine as it can hold the cream sauce better. The linguine is al-dente, while the combination of bacon-infused cream sauce with parmesan cheese is just irresistible. 

Linguine Carbonara

Linguine Carbonara
For the Bolognese sauce, I went for the classic spaghetti. The sauce is thick and filled minced beef, however, it was over seasoned this time around as the saltiness level is just off the chart. 

Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti Bolognese
Overall, Pizza Delivery Singapore provided another good pizza and pasta delivery option, for those who like their thin crust pizza. Do give them a try and keep a lookout for their promotions before you order. Ciao!! Cheers!! 

Thank you Best in Singapore and Pizza Delivery Singapore for the Media Drop. 

Food & Drinks: 6.75/10 
Value: 6.75/10 
Service: N/A (Media Drop) 
Ambiance: N/A (Media Drop) 
Budget per Person: $11 - $25; $26 - $50 

Pizza Delivery Singapore 
Handcrafted Wildfire Pizza 

Monday 17 August 2020

Dashi Master Marusaya – New Lunch Set [MEDIA INVITE]

Hot Toban Set Lunch – Wagyu Toban Set
Dashi Master Marusaya is the flagship restaurant of the Marusaya Group specialising in traditional Dashi. Dashi Master Marusaya is managed by Japanese katsuobushi wholesaler Marusaya, who is dedicated to all-natural dashi, Japanese soup stock, to bring out the natural flavours of the ingredients. 

Dashi Master Marusaya has introduced a new lunch set menu. Highlights include Marusaya Udon Set Lunch, Dashi Shabu Set Lunch, Hot Toban Set Lunch and Shokado Bento. Each set lunch (except for Shokado Bento Box), will be served with Dashi Miso Soup and choice of 3 side dishes from the following options: Dashimaki (Egg), Fried Chicken, Edamame, Hijiki Seaweed, Nanbanzuke (Japanese fish dish), Ohitashi (Japanese spinach salad with dashi), California Roll and Matcha Cake plus dashi miso soup. 

Dashi Shabu Set Lunch – Wagyu Shabu Set
Dashi Shabu Set Lunch – Wagyu Shabu Set ($48). This lunch set is a mini version of Dashi Shabu Set that they served in the evening. With just a short dip into the premium dashi stock, the wagyu slices are ready to eat. When you put the wagyu beef in your mouth, you can feel it is slowly melting. #Beefgasm. To enhance the flavours of the shabu, you can choose from 6 different types of salt and pepper to dip. Personally, I find the melt in your mouth sensation with the dashi broth is more than enough. 

Sliced Wagyu
The dashi shabu also comes with lettuce, spring onion, mushroom and spinach to be cook in the dashi broth. For the sides, I had chosen Fried Chicken, Othitashi and Nanbanzuke. The fried chicken has a crispy exterior, with succulent flesh. The othitashi is refreshing and nanbanzuke (salmon fish) provided variety in the set. 

Fried Chicken, Othitashi and Nanbanzuke
Dashi Shabu Set Lunch also come in US Angus Beef Shabu Set ($38) and Hokkaido Pork Shabu Set ($28). 

Hot Toban Set Lunch – Wagyu Toban Set ($48). Toban generally means to roast on a ceramic plate. The wagyu steak is served on a ceramic plate, with vegetable and dashi sauce base. The ceramic plate ensures the dish remains warm for a long period while slowly infusing the dashi sauce into the wagyu and vegetables. 

Hot Toban Set Lunch – Wagyu Toban Set
The wagyu is juicy, succulent and melts in your mouth, coated with superb umami gravy from the onion and dashi. The sauce was so good, we scoop it on our rice, dashimaki and even the fried chicken. 

Hot Toban Set Lunch – Wagyu Toban Set
Hot Toban Set Lunch also available in Seafood Toban Set ($48), Wagyu Sukiyaki Toban Set ($38), Wagyu Hamburg Toban ($28), Pork Cutlet with Dashi Toban Set ($28), Thick Cut Salmon Toban Set ($24) and Deep-fried Chicken with White Radish Toban Set ($24). 

For the most memorable experience and valuable set lunch, Shokado Bento Box ($58) will be the best choice. This bento box includes Appetizers, Chawanmushi, Tempura, Grilled Fish, Meat dish, 2 kinds of Sashimi, Small rice bowl (Salmon and Ikura), Small Udon (Hot) and desserts. 

Shokado Bento Box 
This bento box showcases some of the best dishes that are offered in Dashi Master Marusaya. In simple terms, you can consider this Express Omakase. The portion is generous, sufficient for 2 persons or maybe 1 person with a huge appetite. We tried the udon before and we held it in high regards and the sashimi are super fresh. Oishi!! 

Salmon & Ikura Don
For Tuna Belly lovers, I recommend you try their Tuna Belly Don Set ($38) from their Rice Bowl Set Lunch. The slices of tuna belly are generous in size, fresh and just slowly melts in your mouth. In the tuna belly don set, you will also get the minced tuna belly, dashimaki and pickled ginger to balance the meal. 

Tuna Belly Don Set
Tuna Belly Don 
Overall, the NEW lunch set at Dashi Master Marusaya is superb and value for money. Definitely worth a visit. Cheers!! 

Full review of Dashi Master Marusaya Dinner Menu, click here. Thank you very much Jennifer Yeo Consultancy and Dashi Master Marusaya for hosting us. 

In addition to Dashi Master Marusaya, the group also TEN Sushi at Robertson Quay and Monte Risaia at Duxton. (Click on the link for the review of the other restaurants). 

Food & Drinks: 9/10 
Value: 9/10 
Service: N/A (Media Tasting) 
Ambiance: 7.25/10 
Budget per Person: $26 - $50; $51 - $80; $81 and Above 

Dashi Master Marusaya 
86 Robertson Quay 
#01-01 Robertson Blue Singapore 
Singapore 238245 

T: +65 6732 0383 
IG: @Marusaya_Singapore 
Mon – Fri: 12.00 – 14.30; 17.00 – 22.30 (LO 22.00) 
Sat, Sun & PH: 12.00 – 22.30 (LO 22.00) 

Dashi Master Marusaya - New Set Lunch Menu

Thursday 13 August 2020

Oscar’s – 55 Dishes for $55 [MEDIA INVITE]

Beef Bulgogi
In celebrations of Singapore 55th Birthday, Oscar’s at Conrad Centennial Singapore has prepared an epic line up of 55 dishes for $55++. You will be spoilt with choices from the combination of local and international flavours, unlimited and served to your table. 

Check out the full menu with the pictures here

The Menu
Highlights of the spread include (shown in the picture is portion for 1 person): 
Frutti Di Mare Platter. A crowd-pleaser for diners at Oscars. On the plate are oysters, prawns, mussels and snow carbs. The oysters were plump and juicy, while the prawns were sweet, solid and bouncy. The flesh snow crab is slightly salty from the brine. 

Frutti Di Mare Platter

Frutti Di Mare Platter
Crab Kueh Pie Tee. The “Atas” Kueh Pai Tee. It has a crispy exterior, filled with braised turnip and topped crab meat and garlic aioli. The garlic flavour in the aioli is very subtle, making the sauce taste more like mayonnaise. 

Crab Kueh Pie Tee
Shiso Leaf Taco is a must-try. The combination of shiso leaf, smoked duck, plum sauce, yellow aioli and togarashi feels like having party in your mouth. You got salty, savoury, creamy and slightly bitter flavour combine with a juicy and velvety texture. Absolutely Delightful! 

Shiso Leaf Taco 
Beef Bulgogi. Served with 63ºC Egg Don, pickles furikake and signature sauce. The beef is succulent beef and nicely marinated with bulgogi sauce. When you mix all the ingredients, the sous-vide egg gave the dish the extra creaminess and bind it all together. If they use the pearl rice instead of long-grain rice, this dish will be perfect. 

Beef Bulgogi
Whipped Burrata, heirloom tomatoes, kalamata olives, caper berries and sea salt. Not a fan of olives, however, we fully appreciate the creaminess of the burrata and the sweetness from the heirloom tomatoes, plus the twist of saltiness that comes from sea salt at the bottom of the bowl. 

Whipped Burrata
Roast Rib Eye, cracked pepper jus, mashed potatoes and grilled broccoli. A juicy succulent rib eye, with thick mash potatoes and cracked pepper jus. The bitterness from grilled broccoli provided a balancing factor in this rich classic dish. We had a repeat for this dish, thus you kind of know that how yummy it was. 

Roast Rib Eye
Spaghetti and Lobster Aglio Olio. Al-dente spaghetti cooked with hot chilli peppers sauce, topped with lobster meat and tobiko. The spiciness in the pasta just hits the right spot, while the lobster and tobiko bursting sweet and umami combo. If you like cheese lover, don’t miss out on their Calamarata Cream Wild Mushroom Truffle Alfredo pasta. 

Spaghetti and Lobster Aglio Olio
Calamarata Cream Wild Mushroom Truffle Alfredo
For the taste of the Peranakan, the Ayam Buah Keluak with steam rice here worth your stomach space. The buah keluak sauce is thick, robust and loaded with buah keluak, while the slow cooking process infused the flavour nicely to the chicken. Even LD, a big fan of ayam buah keluak give her two thumbs up. 

Ayam Buah Keluak
Sliders. While the Pulled Pork Slider is superb, don’t miss out on Oscar’s Mumbai Kheema Pav Slider. The slider version of iconic Mumbai street food. Kheema Pav is a spicy mutton mince, slow-cooked with spices. It is usually served with buttered Pav, however, in Oscar’s it is stuffed in between the slider brioche bun and topped with onion, coriander and lime foam. Yummy!! 

Pulled Pork Sliders

Mumbai Kheema Pav Slider
Desserts. Make sure you leave some space for desserts. This round we tried their Signature Classic Crème Brûlée, Strawberry Short Cake in A Jar, Chendol Gula Melaka Mousse, Mini Macaroon and Chocolate Praline, Sorbet and Potong Ice Cream. 

Signature Classic Crème Brûlée

Strawberry Short Cake in A Jar
The crème brûlée is thick and creamy. The crusted sugar on top is very thin, lightly torched. I prefer it to be torched longer. I find the slight bitterness from the burnt part offset the rich creaminess in the pudding. Meanwhile, the strawberry shortcake is delightful and the mini macaroons and chocolate praline are intense in flavour. 

Mini Macaroon and Chocolate Praline
I also tried the Potong Ice Creams as it was in theme to celebrate Singapore National Day. I would give the durian potong ice cream a miss as the durian flavour is very artificial. The red bean flavour is decent. If you like durian, stick with the D24 durian puff. 

Potong Ice Cream - Durian and Red Bean
Overall, 55 dishes for $55++ at Oscar’s is worth the visit. It is like having a fine dining experience with 55 dishes to choose from. Only available in August 2020 This offer is extended till 30 September 2020,  so you better hurry and make your reservation. Cheers!! 

Oscar’s 55 Dishes for $55++ 
When: now till 31st August 30 September 2020. 
Time: Monday – Sunday, Dinner 6PM to 10PM 
Saturday – Sunday, Lunch 12PM to 2.30PM 
Price: $55++ (Check out the full menu with the pictures here
Where: Conrad Centennial Singapore, Lobby Level at Oscar’s 
Reservation: Please call +65 6432 7481/63, email

Thank you very much Conrad Centennial Singapore for the tasting invitation. 

Food & Drinks: 8.25/10 
Value: 8.75/10 
Service: N/A 
Ambiance: 8.5/10 
Budget per Person: $26 - $50 

2 Temasek Boulevard 
Lobby Level, Conrad Centennial Singapore 
Singapore 038982 

T: +65 6432 7481 
IG: @Conradsingapore @Oscarsatconrad 
Open 24 Hours for A la carte menu 
Breakfast: 06.00 – 10.30 
Lunch: 12.00 – 14.30 
Dinner: 18.00 – 22.00

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