Wednesday 31 August 2016

[CLOSED] Legend Seafood – Hearty Food at Pocket Friendly Price [MEDIA INVITE]

Legend Seafood

Legend Seafood is a new Zi Char in the Bishan dining scene. With abundance of zi char shop in the heartland, Legend seafood must have have some signature dishes on top of other staple zi char dishes to stand out above the rest of the competition.

Some of the dishes that received our seal of approval are:
Fried Clams with Soup ($12). Clams seems to gain back its popularity, as we have tasted more and more clams inspired dishes in the heartland. Fried in a soupy style, the fresh clams are infused with Chinese wine delivering aromatic and robust broth. Wolfberries are added to the dish for sweetness plus the cilantro give the dishes a touch of freshness.

Fried Clams with Soup 

Deep Fried Egg With Oyster In Sambal Sauce ($10). The deep fried egg is crisp and fluffy, provided a solid pillow to soak up the sauce. The oyster is plump, while the sambal sauce provide the kick and remove any unpleasant smell in the oyster. It might not the Healthier Choice, but it sure is delicious.

Deep Fried Egg With Oyster In Sambal Sauce

Barbecued Prawns ($16). Big size tiger prawns are used for this dish, perfectly barbecued, and coated in sweet bbq sauce, similar to “Kecap Manis” (Indonesian Sweet Soya Sauce). The texture of the prawns are springy yet succulent, while the sweet sauce is just an invitation to dig into more rice.

Barbecued Prawns

Saturday 27 August 2016

[CLOSED] BWB Burger Vs Wings + Bar – Good Burger, Good Wings and Good Fries

BWB – Burger Wings Bar is an American style restaurant serving American bar comfort food. When it was first open in 2014, BWB offered extensive selections on the menu. Currently, the food menu has been trim down to 1 page, while beverages occupied 2 pages. No dessert offered.

Tyson Peanut Butter Burger

LD and I ordered Tyson Peanut Butter Burger ($21.90) and BWB Classic Heavyweight Burger ($19.90). Both are the signature burgers of BWB. The Angus beef patty, bacon, fried egg, cheese and brioche bun form the delicious components of any good burger. Juicy, meaty and succulent patty, with crispy bacon and oozing egg porn is just delicious as it is. Together with the rich and creamy PB, it seems to elevate the burger a notch. Whoever created this mix, the person is definitely a genius. Warning, flavour of this burger can be overwhelming to some people.

Tyson Peanut Butter Burger (half cut)

Friday 26 August 2016

[CLOSED] Lau Hock Guan Kee Bak Kut Teh – A Taste of Home A Taste of Tradition

Lau Hock Guan Bak Kut Teh

A Taste of Home, A Taste of Tradition; a phrase that I use to describe this historical restaurant. It was one of LD's Akong favourite place and her family as well. It was also one of the first traditional restaurant that I dine in during my first visit in Singapore, before I married LD.

I return countless time to dine here since 2002, as the food here is just sublime. During lunch and dinner, this place will be packed. Don't be surprise if you see lots of a lot of luxury cars parked in front of the shop, and lots of Tow Kays eating here and sipping their gongfu tea. Lau Hock Guan Kee Bak Kut Teh ('LHG') run on two shift, where each of the brothers will helm the kitchen during each shift. Note that each brother has their own signature dish to cater to their own crowd.

The Bak Kut Teh ($12 - $25) is actually nicer in the morning than the evening. It is served in the big claypot for sharing, and you can order the kidney or liver if you want. The soup is the clear and peppery type, infused with the sweetness of the pork bone. The black seaweed and lettuce are added to absorb the robust broth. The ribs are about the length of you fingers, always with the perfect balance between the meat and fats. Yum Yum. Unfortunately, they don't serve youtiao here like other bak kut teh places.

Bak Kut Teh

Wednesday 17 August 2016

Beast & Butterflies - Retro Ambiance With Asian Inspired Menu [MEDIA INVITE]

Beast & Butterflies (BnB) is the main dining destination for latest Boutique Hotel in the Millenium Group Singapore stable. Designed by one of the world's most prolific designer, Philippe Starck, you can expect BnB to be imaginative, colourful, retro and playful at the same time. Moulding together the retro theme with modern technology, BnB is definitely edgy with its own unique style.

Part of the Dining Area - Philippe Starck Design

Part of the Dining Area

Part of the Dining Area

Once you enter BnB, you can see the centre tables are filled with lava lamp, creating the distinct red flow that filled the dining area. There are about 40 Android tablets on the wall showing contemporary art, where can actually use it to take photos and send it to yourself. Android users like LD and I were able to take advantage of charging cables to charge our phones. Sorry Apple users, this is Android territory. Pool table and interactive bar counter added to the chill factor of this establishment.

Part of the Dining Area

The Pool Table

Saturday 13 August 2016

[CLOSED] 101 Seafood Gourmet – A Gem in Chong Pang Market [MEDIA INVITE]

101 Seafood Gourmet is a new Zi Char restaurant in the crowded block 101 Yishun Ave 5. After we parked our car, we took a wrong turn exploring the block. LD and I count there was about 5 other seafood Zi Char restaurants in that block itself. Looks like the competition is going to be stiffed.

To be exact, 101 Seafood Gourmet ('101SG') is located beside POSB ATM, which is directly near the entrance of the block 101 carpark. Although you can not see the shop directly from the road, keep a look out for their brightly lit signboard on the pavement.

We started the tasting session with 101SG signature dish: Lala Bee Hoon with Superior Broth ($20 for Large). This white colour looking broth actually packs punch. It was robust and peppery, with a touch of sweetness from the clams. The thin, smooth and silky bee hoon soaked up the richness of the broth, to provide a good base for the fresh and juicy clams. A touch of heat from the pepper, helps to arouse your appetite for the meal.

Lala Bee Hoon with Superior Broth

Crab with Bee Hoon ($38 for 2 crabs during this promotion period). Yes, the price is correct and value for money. Of course don't expect Sri Lankan crabs, instead 101SG uses Indonesian Crabs, to be exact the female crabs which was fresh, sweet and filled with roe. The broth was a little bland to my liking and missing much of the crab flavour, especially for thick bee hoon. Although the crab was fresh and meaty, it was not something that I will order if I return.

Crab with Bee Hoon

Thursday 4 August 2016

[CLOSED] Captain K Seafood Tower – Delicious and Healthy Steam Seafood Steamboat

Captain K Seafood Tower

Seafood Tower is one of the latest fad that came out of Korea last year. Made popular by Youtube clip and food show about Korea as well, it pique our interest in search and look for it. Looking to satisfy the Korean culinary craze, enter Captain K with its visually exciting Korean Seafood Tower, or Nine Layers of steam seafood as it is known in other part of Asia. As a K-food lover, LD and friends definitely won't miss out on this.

How to Eat Seafood Tower

We ordered the 9 tiers ($288.90) with Premium Korean Ginseng Chicken (additional $15) as a soup base. According to the menu, it is suppose to feed 8 pax. Being offered the Alaskan crab leg, we decided to add it as well, so our K-Tower became 10 tiers with only 6 of us.

Order being assemble

It took about 20 minutes before the seafood tower to arrive. The base to heat the soup uses induction cooker, with each side of the hole to place the cooker are enforce with steel to ensure the tower does not topple.

After 20 mins - Wohoo!! - 10 Tiers

Tuesday 2 August 2016

Golden Peony's – Mid-Autumn Festival 2016 [MEDIA INVITE]

Conrad Mooncake 2016

Celebrate this year Mid-Autumn Festival with exquisite mooncakes from Conrad Centennial Singapore.

The Luxurious Boxes

The perennial favourite include the selection of Traditional Baked Mooncakes. My personal favourite still is Traditional Baked with Double Yolk in White Lotus Paste. It is perfectly baked on the outside, with solid white lotus paste filling and bold yolk flavour. The sweetness of the mooncakes are just right for my taste. A sign of a good mooncake is that you don't feel overwhelmed and always looking forward for more. I have experienced it through the Traditional Baked With Double Yolk in White Lotus Paste.

Red box for Traditional Mooncake

Traditional Baked with Double Yolk in White Lotus Paste
still Chubby Botak Koala's favourite

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