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Golden Peony – Blossoming Fortune for Year 2019 [MEDIA INVITE]

Eight Treasure Congee

Conrad Centennial Singapore ushers in the Year of the Pig with creative and delicious culinary delights that will spice up your Reunion Dinner and Chinese New Year Celebration.

Lo Hei of Fortune Piggy ‘Yu Sheng’

Fortune Piggy ‘Yu Sheng’  Salmon, Crispy White Bait and Fish Skin
Image Credit: Conrad Centennial Singapore

We started the Media reunion dinner with a super long Lo Hei of Fortune Piggy ‘Yu Sheng’. The Yu Sheng is big enough for 30 people with plenty of leftovers. The combination of fresh and pickled vegetables, together with abalone, salmon, crispy whitebait and fish skin are good to starter for the Chinese New Year reunion dinner. On top of that, we have this mini pig made from chocolate to commemorate the Year of the Pig.

Yu Sheng - Individual Portion

Instead of a soup dish, Golden Peony present vegetarian Eight Treasure Congee. The whole dish presentation is just beautiful, like Golden Peony version of Bibimbap. You can taste the robust broth used to cook the smooth and silky congee. Served with pickled vegetables and charcoal fried dough.  The final touch is the shaved truffle and truffle oil. Not an auspicious dish served during CNY, but it was just so yummy.

Eight Treasure Congee

Steamed Star Grouper and 8-Head Abalone. This fish really represent abundance through the bounty of the sea. The flesh of the grouper is firm and springy, while the abalone is well braised. Unfortunately, due to the firmness of the fish, the abalone braising sauce is not well absorbed in the fish. Feels like two separate dishes, instead of one.

Steamed Star Grouper and 8-Head Abalone

Golden Maine Lobster, Butter Pumpkin Sauce, Crispy Potato Crumbs. Deep fried lobster flesh, coated with pumpkin sauce with a sprinkle of curry powder. Fragrant, crunchy, with a bit of curry kick.

Golden Maine Lobster, Butter Pumpkin Sauce, Crispy Potato Crumbs

Roast Whole Suckling Pig, Fragrant Coconut Rice. One of the most anticipated dish for CNY gathering at Golden Peony. This is Suckling Pig x Nasi Lemak. The suckling pig is thin and crispy. It excites everyone just by listening to the crackling sound when the pig was being cut. It is stuffed with rich lemak flavour of the coconut rice and to make it more interesting, fried otah is perfectly inserted in the middle of the rice stuffing, looks like egg yolk.

Roast Whole Suckling Pig, Fragrant Coconut Rice

Roast Whole Suckling Pig, Fragrant Coconut Rice

It is then served with sambal that is sweet and fragrant. I am not a chilli eater, however, eating this dish without the sambal is just incomplete. I gave the sambal two thumbs up. Yum Yum.

Roast Whole Suckling Pig, Fragrant Coconut Rice

The first dessert is ‘Koi’ Soya Pudding, Hasma, Peach Resin and Red Date Broth. Representing a good fortune for Chinese New Year, the soy pudding Koi brings abundance of luck to the diners. The Koi soya pudding is smooth and creamy while the lightly sweeten soup bodes well with the hasma and the sweet red date broth.  

‘Koi’ Soya Pudding, Hasma, Peach Resin and Red Date Broth

The second dessert is Osmanthus Broth, Rainbow Crystal ‘Tang Yuan’. The three different types of Tang Yuan are black sesame, pumpkin and sweet potato. The flavours are lighter, not as bold as traditional tang yuan. I like the QQ texture of the Tang Yuan.

Osmanthus Broth, Rainbow Crystal ‘Tang Yuan’

Osmanthus Broth, Rainbow Crystal ‘Tang Yuan’

Overall, another excellent Chinese New Year dishes curated by Executive Chef Ku Keung and his team. They really showcase their creativity in assembling the giant Yu Sheng. The boldness in showcasing the delicious Eight Treasure Congee for Chinese New Year definitely need to be applauded, and their “Nasi Lemak” Sucking Pig is just amazing. Golden Peony at Conrad Centennial Singapore is definitely a place to consider for Chinese New Year Celebration.

Thank you very much to the Conrad Centennial Singapore for the tasting invitation.

CNY Nibbles

Blossoming Fortune at Golden Peony
When: 21 January to 19 February 2019.
Where: Golden Peony and Festive Takeaway Conrad Centennial Singapore
Price: Lunar New Year Menu from $118++ per person or $1,398++ for table of 10 pax.
Reservation: or call Golden Peony at +65 6432 7482 / 88
For Festive Takeaway: Email: / call +65 6432 7489
The CNY Menu and Brochure are available at

Food & Drink: 8.75/10
Value: 7/10
Service: N/A (Tasting Invitation)
Ambiance: 9/10
Budget per Person: $51 - $80; $81 and Above

Golden Peony
2 Temasek Boulevard
3F, Conrad Centennial Singapore
Singapore 038982

T: +65 6432 7482/88
Mon – Sat: 11.30 – 14.30; 18.30 – 22.30
Sun: 10.30 – 14.30; 18.30 – 22.30

Thursday, 3 January 2019

Chai Chee Fishball Noodle – A Good Supper Place

Fishball Noodles

As our friends have their own families and responsibilities, it is difficult to meet up and chat without the additional baggage (kids) tagging along. Therefore, it is good to have a place to meet up over comfort food and chat.

Teochew Keow Teow Fishball Noodle Soup

I spotted this IG post from EatwithRoy, where he “makan” after finished closing up at Black & Ink. Needless to say, we decided to try it.

LD and I normally ordered the medium size, $5. The Mee Pok is al-dente, tossed with a well-measured dollop of tomato sauce (for the non-spicy) and a dash of vinegar. The toppings include tao pok (bean curd with fish fillings), 2 fishballs, a fish dumpling and a few slices of fish cakes.

Mee Pok Dry - $5 version

Mee Pok without Chilli

Meanwhile, for the spicy version, you get aplomb amount of the chilli tossed with the noodle. The chilli definitely looks fierce and will definitely spiced up your taste buds.

Mee Kia with Chilli

On top of the noodles, we normally ordered the fishball soup ($5). The balls are bouncy and crunchy, and you can taste the flavour of the fish when you bite into it. The same can be said about the fish dumplings.

Fishball Soup $5

Fishball Soup - Up close

Fish Dumpling

For those that love the traditional Teochew Fishball Noodles, the Lar Pok (fried pork fats) here also come free. Please help yourself. Oink Oink!!

Pork Lard

Located at 55 Chai Chee Drive, there is a lot of parking spot at the back. The extensive opening hours making this a good place to have your comfort food at any time. For us, it is best to go after 8 PM and for supper.

Overall, we definitely glad to have found this place. The fishball noodle is good, no ridiculous queueing time and plenty of parking spots. Not the best fishball noodle shop, but between 10 PM to 2 AM, it is one of the better ones. There is also a prata option a few stalls away, if you need some variety. Cheers!!

Food & Drink: 7/10
Value: 7.5/10
Service: 6.5/10
Ambiance: 6/10
Budget per Person: $0 - $10

Teochew Keow Teow Fishball Noodle Soup
55 Chai Chee Drive
Singapore 460055

T: +65 6406 3539
OH: Daily 07.00 – 02.00
*Closing dates will be announced in Facebook Page

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