Monday 26 January 2015

Oscar's Cafe & Terrace: Ode to The Black Truffle [MEDIA INVITE]

Hello Truffle Lovers, The Black Truffle promotion has arrived at Oscar's Cafe & Terrace ('Oscar'). One of the must try ingredient for foodies is making its appearance in Oscar.

Black Truffle is also known as Winter Truffle. Compare to white truffle, which normally harvested during summer in Europe, black truffle has a more subtle aromatic flesh. Black Truffle can be used as it own or can be incorporated with different ingredients to draw out the flavour.

Slow-roasted Pork Belly in Truffle Gratin

Sunday 25 January 2015

Seasons Bistro: North American Food Adventure [MEDIA INVITE] - [CLOSED]

Seasons Bistro

Seasons Bistro ('SB'), a modern North American inspired bistro located at 111 Somerset Road. While most of us will probably remember this building as the SP Power building, it had a makeover and transformed into a place for dining and groceries near Orchard Shopping belt. Seasons Bistro present a diversified menu that changes to draw out the best taste from the seasonal freshest ingredients and maintain an affordable price for its customers.

Dining Area
Part of Dining Area

During the day, the bistro are well lit with natural lights that come through the huge pane of glasses. While in the evening, a slightly traditional theme lighting are used. With the American influences, the dining area are decorated with Americans influences, traditional style wooden chairs, wooden tables, and 1970s record. There is also a bar and drinking area for those who enjoys one or two after-work drinks.

Tuesday 20 January 2015

[CLOSED] Thr3e Bistro : Drink, Dine and Chill [MEDIA INVITE]

Thr3e Bistro
Thr3e Bistro ('TB'), a unique F&B mashup concept between a bistro, a wine bar and a restaurant. Not sure what you will call it, but I categorised it as Gastropub. One thing about TB, it does not conform to a normal standard norm to one classification of F&B industries. Instead the passionate owners set their sight on what they want to see their place and transform it to suit their target customers.

Chill Out Area
In TB, you can have the option of seating in a comfortable chic sofa with luxurious coffee tables to sip your wine, beer and finger foods; or a proper dining tables to tuck in to selections of delectable food. On Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evening, there will be live band to set the atmosphere at TB. It also provide a nice environment to hold a private function and parties.

Sunday 18 January 2015

[CLOSED] Social Square – Indoor Garden Dining

Social Square ('SS') is a concept restaurant from Ministry of Food located in 3rd floor of Parkway Parade Shopping Centre. SS offer a combination of European – Japanese gourmet delights and all day breakfasts.

Social Square Indoor Garden

The décor is of this establishment is like a indoor garden with tall 'trees' surrounding the dining area. The open concept kitchen also allow you to see the chefs & bartenders at work preparing your food and drinks.

Monday 12 January 2015

[CLOSED] Miki - Celebrating 29 years in Katong Shopping Centre [MEDIA INVITE}

Thank you very much to HungryGoWhere and Miki's team for hosting the food tasting.

Miki (美集) started its business in 1986, in the first air-conditioned mall in Singapore. Those who grew up in the area also grew up with the flavour churn out from Miki's kitchen. Through the years Miki has evolved and the second generation has joined the business for the next evolution for the continuity of the business.

Where they key in your order and where the food come out

Sunday 11 January 2015

OSIA – Modern Fine Dining in RWS

OSIA Bar & Restaurant

OSIA Bar and Restaurant is a fine dining establishment owned and marketed by Ottscott Pte Ltd. A partnership between distinguish and award winnings Chef Scott Webster, who made his name in Australia and his long time friend Chef Otto Weibel, the Swiss Chef previous Executive Chef from Swissotel the Stamford and Fairmont Singapore.

The Setting

OSIA offer a fine dining experience, that combines innovative and freshest ingredients, which can be enjoy individually or shared between the diners. Located in RWS, this award winning restaurant not only catered to for the resorts guests, it is also open to public. Helmed by Chef Douglas Tay, winner of several gold medals at Culinary Olympics 2008 and Western Australia Oceanafest 2009; you can look forward to some culinary excellence.

Saturday 10 January 2015

Highlights of 2014

Hello 2015! Yes, what a better way to start the new year with a quick recap of the highlight of foodgasm session in 2014.

Sarnies - The Fry Up

For Breakfast to Brunch, we really need to mention Sarnies, Symmetry and Sunday Market. Sarnies Aussie Big Breakfast are so memorable, it really fills you for the whole day and give me the nostalgic feeling of my days in Melbourne. Symmetry provide us with a more classy version of cafe Brunch. More cutting edge plating while maintaining awesome flavours.

Symmetry - Hickory Corned Beef & Hash

Sunday Market is unique with their modern food with Thai flairs in their dishes. Their Bangkok Toast desserts and Thai Ice Milk Tea are just YUMMM!!.

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