Sunday 12 July 2015

[CLOSED] Woorinara II – Solid All Round Korean Food [MEDIA INVITE]

Woorinara II Korean Restaurant

Woorinara Korean Restaurant has opened another branch in West Coast Community Centre. This Korean restaurant has been gathering loyal followers since they opened the first outlet in Lorong Kilat. Their recipe for success are none other than good food and reasonable pricing. Well it does help if you have a head chef that won many accolades in cooking competition in South Korea and China.

While waiting for our meal, we were served with their side dish / bachan. There are about 11 type of them, with their aged Kim Chi getting the seal of approval from Little Devil ('LD')

11 Type of Side Dishes / Bachan

To kick start the meal, we get to tried their Beef Cocktail set ($66 for small and $99 for large). The set consist of Beef Shortplate, Beef Short ribs boneless and Beef Ribeye; Fried Rice, steam egg and hot pot; and Kimchi soup or soybean paste soup or spicy soft tofu soup.

Beef Cocktail

The grill beef ribeye is the first to arrived. Cooked to medium, it is tender, juicy with a good amount of marbling in it. I tried it naked and dipped it with salt, sesame oil and wrapped with vegetables. Both ways are just amazing. I have to stop myself from eating too much in anticipation for the next dish.

Beef Ribeye

Army Stew (Budaejjigae). Not a dish that I will order personally, but I have manage to acclimatise due to many tasting in Korean restaurants. Main ingredients are red chilli paste, spam or sausages and Korean Ramen. Woorinara added fish cakes, shiitake mushrooms and load more chilli paste on it. I tackle the ramen, which was springy (qq) and have absorb the soup base. CBK spiciness meter about 6/10. The spiciness really opens up your appetite.

Army Stew (Budaejjigae)

To put a stop in my burning lips, I dig into Cheese Soy Chicken Boneless ($21 – Small). The cheese and sweet soya sauce really cools me down. However, I find the batter coating was too thick and the sweet sauce is was just to empowering. It will make you pause to think if you want to go for second piece of the chicken.

Cheese Soy Chicken Boneless

Meanwhile, LD marching on to tackle the Kim Chi Pancake ($15). Loaded with Kim Chi, the pancake turns red in colour, without a hint of the colour of the flour and egg. The only contrasting colour was the dollop of cheese they put in the middle. Two thumbs up says LD and she proceed to send the photos to her makan kakis who replied with angry emoticons.

Kim Chi Pancake

Talking about presentation, this was the first time we ever see pork belly served in vase. The size of the vase will also vary depending on your order. The pork belly are cooked with special pork sauce and to be eaten together with seasoned spring onions, mushrooms and bean sprout. The meat is tender with well balance of fats, while the sauce contain ginseng and other herbs to enhance the flavour. More of a meat person, I prefer to just eat the pork without the vegetables. However, this cooking combination allow you to eat more pork belly without feeling guilty.

Sliced Pork Belly in Vase

Cooking the Pork Belly

As one of our friends are having an upset stomach, we decide to order something light for him and this Assorted Clam Soup ($28 – Small) was introduced to us. Surprisingly, we tasted a bowl of soup that is so full of flavour and the sweetness from the clams simply yum!

Assorted Clam Soup

Back to the beef, we sampled the seasoned boneless short ribs and short plate. Next is the bulgogi seasoning on the short ribs provide a familiar Korean bbq taste. The short plate tasted tender and packs more beef flavour, however it is a bit chewy as it has less marbling compare to the ribeye.

The finale of the meal is Kim Chi Fried Rice. Cooked on the same grill as the pork, it absorbs the leftover flavours on it. The combo of kimchi and seaweed made an attractive proposition for kim chi lovers as from the bachan we already know how good was the kimchi. We were already full when we are served the rice, but the flavour of rice was just too inviting. A good end to the meal. CBK spicy rating of 5/10.

The start of cooking Kim Chi Fried Rice

The Almost Final Product

Although it just recently open, the décor of the restaurant seems outdated and compile from different supplier. Definitely in need of major rejuvenation.

Part of the Dining Area

Overall, Woorinara II Korean Restaurant definitely a place to go for Korean food in the west. The price is reasonable and the sliced pork vase was just a sight to behold. A solid all round Korean Dining.

Thank you very much HungryGoWhere and Woorinara II Team for the food tasting invitation (& the Korean Ginseng Drink and Korean Ginseng Tea).

Korean Ginseng Drink and Korean Ginseng Tea

Food & Drink: 7.8/10
Value: 7.5/10
Service: n/a
Ambiance: 6/10
Budget per Person: $26 - $50; $51 - $80

Woorinara II Korean Restaurant
2 Clementi West 2
#01-01 West Coast Community Centre
Singapore 129605

T: +65 6464 0408
OH: Daily 11.00 – 15.00; 17.00 – 23.00

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