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[CLOSED] IZY Dining & Bar – A New Concept and Menu [ MEDIA INVITE]


IZY Dining & Bar is a modern Izakaya located in the buzzing dining destination Club Street. IZY served quality Japanese – American food and drinks such as sake, highball and umeshu.

When the word Japanese - American was mentioned, the first thing that come to my mind was Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto. In the Iron Chef show, he wowed the judges and audiences by blending Japanese and American ingredients and culture, with Japanese cooking technique. His plating is just so exquisite, you will not be able to resist his creation.

Part of the Dining Area - Counter Seats

The kitchen in IZY is helmed by Chefs Masaaki and Rinato. IZY Roll ($16) is one of the signature roll here. Shrimp and Asparagus Tempura are rolled with sushi rice, topped with spicy crab mayo and avocado spread on top then torched. You will feel the crisp, crunchy texture wrapped with moist sushi rice. The mayo has nice spicy kicked to it, filled with brainy flavour as well. Yum Yum.

IZY Roll

Next up is Gyu-katsu ($30) a rare beef cutlet served with three sauces. This version of katsu has been gathering popularity in Japan recently and the version here will leave you asking for more. The beef has a nice marbling and was thinly coated with batter and breadcrumbs then fried to rare. You can have it with three sauces: soy sauce, white radish sauce and garlic sauce. However, I personally like gyukatsu with a touch of rock salt that is served on the plate, without any sauce.


Bayan Cauda ($15) is more like an art masterpiece instead of salad. The plating of yam stem, lady's finger, long beans, radish, carrots and broccoli are just colourful, appetizing and refreshing. The warm dipping sauce is made from miso sauce mix which include onion, garlic and anchovy has a nice warm velvety texture, with bold flavour that only enhanced the texture of the vegetables. A must try dish here indeed. LD could not stop dipping into the sauce, so you should know how good it is.

Bayan Cauda

Bayan Cauda - Dipping Sauce

Buta Kakuni ($12) or Braised Pork. For me, this is something of a comfort food where a must have for an Izakaya. Well-braised with a slightly sweet yet well balance sauce, the pork belly still retain in shape. The fats and skin will just melts once it touch your tongue. How I wish there is a bowl of rice to go with this dish.

Buta Kakuni

Japanese Nokke Roll ($32). Another signature dish of IZY, sushi rolls topped with super generous portion of uni, ikura, crab meat and negitoro. This dish just sums up the best produce from the sea served on the bed of sushi rice. It has brainy, sweet, salty and creamy just like the taste of the sea. Definitely give you the FOODGASM experience!! An over indulgence, but we just love it.

Japanese Nokke Roll

Chicken Nanban ($9). Maybe this is the Japanese answer to Korean fried chicken. This chicken karaage is coated with sweet vinegar soy sauce topped with a dollop of tartar sauce. An unique taste as the sweet and tangy flavour help to balance the fattiness of the chicken. On a personal note, we still like our fried chicken dry and crispy.

Chicken Nanban

Maguro Kama Yaki ($25). A perfectly grilled tuna collar. The used of the josper oven gave the tuna collar nice touch of smoky aroma in the dish and sealed the moisture in the meat as well. The Asian sauce helps to keep meat of the fish moist together with the spring onions flavour of the fish Yum Yum. Double thumbs up!

Maguro Kama Yaki

Desserts was a memorable one, especially the Grilled Sweet Potato and Vanilla Ice Cream ($15). This simple looking dish, actually made me goes Yum on the first bite. It turns out to be addictive as well, where you just subconsciously keep scooping a combination of the baked sweet potato with vanilla ice cream to your mouth.

Sweet Potato and Vanilla Ice Cream

If sweet potato is not your cup of tea, go for their other ice cream. Goma ($7) or Strawberry Chilli Sorbet ($7). The Goma / black sesame is based on traditional recipe, thick with bold flavour of sesame. Meanwhile the strawberry chilli sorbet is an interesting blend. You have a good strawberry flavour at the beginning, followed by a spicy kick at the end. Definitely a diversion from traditional Japanese flavour. I wonder if this ice cream was inspired by those wacky flavour of Japanese Kit Kat.

Strawberry Chilli Sorbet

Of course, dining in an Izakaya will not be complete without the drinks. Check out some of the alcohol collection available at IZY or get Bar Manager / Chief Mixologist Shinya Koba to create awesome concoction that suits your taste buds.

Alcohol Selections in IZY

The décor of IZY definitely unique. In line with its Japanese – American theme, you can see the eye catching mural filled with popular American and Japanese actors. It just reminds me of the Kill Bill movies, with all the characters painted on the wall. Especially with Uma Thruman in the signature Bruce Lee's yellow and black jump suit.

Part of the Mural

Part of the Mural

Please note that attached hidden within IZY establishment is CACHÉ. CACHÉ is a concealed pop culture Japanese bar serving modern and classic cocktails, spirits, sake and wine. CACHÉ is gave a totally different vibe to IZY and it is worth checking out as well.

Overall, IZY is definitely one of the place that must consider for Izakaya in Singapore. We totally awe by the Japanese – American dishes served here, especially the price is just reasonable. Looking forward for our next visit here. Happy 3rd Birthday IZY and CACHÉ!! Cheers!!

Thanks to IZY Dining & Bar plus CACHÉ Team for the tasting invitation.

Food & Drink: 8/10
Value: 7/10
Service: N/A (Tasting Invitation)
Ambiance: 7.75/10
Budget per Person: $26 - $50

IZY Dining & Bar
27 Club Street
Singapore 069413

T: +65 9678 0027
IG: @IZYSingapore
Mon – Fri: 12.00 – 14.00
Mon – Sat: 18.00 – 22.30
Closed on Sunday


IG: @CACHEsingapore
Mon – Thu: 18.00 – 01.30
Fri – Sat: 18.00 – 02.00
Closed on Sunday

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