Thursday 21 November 2019

[CLOSED] Tenkaichi @Cineleisure – The Ultimate Buffet [MEDIA INVITE]

From Left to Right: Wagyu Rosu, Wagyu Nakaochi  & Wagyu Karubi

Tenkaichi Japanese Barbecue Restaurant is an award-winning Japanese Wagyu BBQ Buffet offering premium ingredients at affordable price. Tenkaichi was established in July 2013 with its first restaurant in Marina Square. In January 2019, Tenkaichi opens its second restaurant at Cineleisure Orchard.

Tenkaichi - Cineleisure Orchard

Celebrating this festive season Tenkaichi has introduced The Ultimate Buffet, featuring over 50 premium produce, inclusive of free-flow Asahi Beer, Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream and 15 different types of drinks.

Some of the Premium Buffet Items

Chubby Botak Koala and The Little Devil has a tasting at the Cineleisure outlet and here are some of our picks from the Premium Choices:
Sashimi. We are not sure what to expect, so we decided on Sashimi Moriawase. It consists of salmon, tuna, sea bream, yellowtail, octopus, vinegar-pickled mackerel, wagyu beef sashimi and seared wagyu beef. The seafood sashimi is fresh and the cuts are generous. The wagyu sashimi is not to be missed, solid marbling and packs MooMoo flavour.

Sashimi Moriawase

Wagyu Yukke Sashimi – Marinated Wagyu Beef with Egg Yolk. Not for the faint-hearted. This Japanese version of steak tartare is a combination of marbled wagyu beef, coated with silky egg yolk It is taste, good to be eaten with rice or on its own. The marination is a combination of sweet and savoury, delivering the umami flavour.

Wagyu Yukke Sashimi

Wagyu Yukke Sashimi

Wagyu Tan – Wagyu Beef Tongue. Thinly sliced and cooked very fast. The texture of the tongue is tender and springy. The wagyu version has the almost melt in your mouth texture to the tongue.

Wagyu Tan

Wagyu Tan

Wagyu Karubi & Wagyu Rosu (Wagyu Beef Short Rib & Wagyu Beef Rib Eye Cap). Two of the most popular cuts for Japanese yakiniku. The karubi has more marbling and fats, making it more delicate and can be overwhelming sometimes. enjoyable to bite on. Meanwhile, the Rosu has a meatier texture to it, compare to the karubi. Best cooked to medium-rare or medium, as you can bite into the juiciness of the meat.  

From Left to Right: Wagyu Rosu, Wagyu Nakaochi  & Wagyu Karubi

Wagyu Nakaochi – Wagyu Beef Intercostal. It is served in a cube form. It will take a longer time to cook, compare to karubi and rosu. The meat is juicy and springy, due to the muscle content in the meat. You will need to chew more for the cut, but you will be rewarded with a more complex flavour of the beef. Suitable for someone that like their meat springy.

Wagyu Nakaochi 

Hotate (Giant Scallop) & Hokkaido Jumbo Oyster. Luxury seafood to BBQ. We cooked this on a separate aluminium plate filled with butter. This allows the scallops and oysters to retain their juiciness and prevent from overcooking. The butter also adds a nice finishing to the scallops and jumbo oysters. We added a sprinkle of salt and pepper, it just perks up the flavours of the already plump and juicy oysters and scallops.

Hotate, White Tuna, Shishamo & Hokkaido Jumbo Oyster

Hokkaido Jumbo Oyster - Cooked

Karo Buta Karubi – Black Pork Belly provided a pork alternative to the wagyu beef. However, after tasting the waygu beef, the pork belly seems to lose out.

Karo Buta Karubi

Shishamo. Not a premium item, but it deserves a special mention. If you grilled it nicely, it has a nice crunchy texture, followed with the burst of flavours from the fish egg.


One unique point in Tenkaichi Cineleisure is that the BBQ plate also comes with a space for shabu-shabu in the middle. Kind of remind you of the Seoul Garden bbq version, however, the one here seems to works better. You basically can have the best of both worlds. BBQ and Shabu-shabu. You can choose from 6 different types of soup base: dashi, tonkotsu, kimuchi, yukkejyan, sukiyaki and tom yum. We choose tonkotsu.

Yakiniku and Shabu Shabu

The shabu-shabu come with a different type of cuts of the meat. For wagyu, they only serve one version which is the Wagyu Beef Short Plate. Full of marbling, easily cooked and melts in your mouth.

Wagyu Beef Short Plate for Shabu Shabu

To add sweetness to the broth, try cooking some white clams and bamboo clams.

Additional Ingredients for Shabu Shabu

Additional Ingredients for Shabu Shabu

While the ingredients above are our picks for the buffet, there are a lot of other items available on the buffet line up such as tempura, fried rice, chawanmushi, yakitori chicken, Takoyaki, assorted sushi roll, clams, bamboo clams, mushrooms, meatballs, sausages, vegetables and many more. You can also create your own dish with butter and mozzarella cheese.

When it comes to shabu shabu or steamboat, I normally end my meal by creating this simple egg porridge. The broth already infused with a medley of premium ingredients; it should not be wasted. Topped it with wagyu beef, eggs and spring onions.

Chubby Botak Koala Comfort Food

Chubby Botak Koala Comfort Food

Not forgetting the sweet ending of Ben & Jerry Ice Cream. Since it is a buffet, you can actually have it anytime.

Overall, it has been a while since we visited Tenkaichi. It is good to be back and we enjoy the additional shabu shabu buffet as well.

The Ultimate Buffet - Free Flow of Asahi Beer

The Ultimate Buffet
When: 15 November until 31 December 2019
Where: Tenkaichi Cineleisure Orchard* and Marina Square.
Price: All-inclusive offer, exclusive 1-for-1 from $139.80++ (Weekday, Mon – Thu) and $149++ (Fri, Sat, Sun, eve of/and PH).**
Consist of:
- Premium Buffet lineup of over 50 premium ingredients of Japanese MBS5+ Wagyu, freshly imported Sashimi, Scallops and Hokkaido Jumbo Oyster.
- Free flow Asahi Beer
- Free flow Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream
- Free flow 15 different types of drinks.
*Shabu shabu only exclusive at Cineleisure outlet.
** Dining duration is 90 minutes from the time of first order and order will be accepted up to 60 mins.

Free Flow of Drinks

For reader:
Mention CHUBBYBOTAKKOALA.COM to redeem free chopstick set (choice of copper/rose gold and a chopstick rest) when you dine at Tenkaichi. (Min. spending of $30, subjected to GST and service charge; 1 redemption per receipt).

Free Chopstick to Redeem

Thank you very much to Protegie Group and Tenkaichi Team for hosting us.

Food & Drink: 7.25/10
Value: 7.25/10
Service: N/A (Tasting Invitation)
Ambiance: 7.25/10
Budget per Person: $51 - $80, $81 and Above

Tenkaichi @Cineleisure Orchard
8 Grange Road
#02-11 Cineleisure Orchard
Singapore 239695

T: +65 6365 8389
Mon – Thu: 12.00 – 15.00; 15.00 – 22.00
Fri & Eve PH: 12.00 – 15.00; 15.00 – 23.00
Sat: 12.00 – 23.00
Sun: 12.00 – 22.00
Last Order 30 mins before closing time.
Menu available online

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