Sunday 12 September 2021

Li Ji Chuan Chuan Xiang – Jalan Besar [MEDIA INVITE]

Chong Qing Style Skewer Hotpot @ Li Ji Chuan Chuan Xiang

Li Ji Chuan Chuan Xiang (“LJCCX”), a renowned Chinese hotpot restaurant serving Chong Qing style skewer hotpot. The LJCCX brand in China already has over 500 outlets in China and its 1st Singapore outlet opened its doors in 2017.

Li Ji Chuan Chuan Xiang @ Jalan Besar
LJCCX Singapore has just launched its second outlet in Jalan Besar. In this outlet, LJCCX will also serve signature private dining dishes by the distinguished Chef Ng Sen Tio. Chef Ng has more than 30 years of Chinese culinary experience, including his last stint at Yàn, National Gallery.

1st Floor, dining area
We started the tasting session with Chef Ng signature Lobster Noodle (龙虾伊面, $120 for 1kg). The lobster is fresh and perfectly cooked. The flesh is bouncy and packed with flavour. The best part is the ee-fu noodles, smooth, silky and infused with the essence of the lobster and seafood broth. Yumz! A great start to the meal.

Lobster Noodle

Lobster Noodle
While we were enjoying the lobster noodles, our hotpot broth slowly simmers and reach the boiling point. We have 4 flavour soup base ($18); Mala 麻辣锅底 (清油), Green Pepper Chilli Mala (李记独特青一色锅底, plus $2), Chicken Broth (三鲜鸡汤锅底) and Tomato Broth(番茄锅底).

The Hotpot Broth (Clockwise from top left):
Tomato, Green Pepper Chilli Mala,  Mala, Chicken
The soup bases have been fine-tuned to suit the Singaporeans’ lighter palate; if needed, they can also be adjusted to suit your taste. For example, the version of the mala here is less salty and less “mala” compared to those in China. However, they can bring up the “Power” like those in China upon request. On top of the normal mala, the popular Green Pepper Chilli add a unique touch of sourness that will open up your appetite. Like Mala X Tom Yum. Frankly, LD and I are not a fan of mala, so we are glad the flavour is less spicy.

Cooking the Skewers
In most of the hotpot restaurants that we have been to, we notice that the broth is usually very flavourful at the start, then it will become diluted after a few top-ups. The surprising part about the chicken and tomato soup base at LJCCX is that the flavour becomes more intense and robust after a few top-ups. We really enjoy the flavours at the end. Plus, we notice we did not get any MSG attack after the meal. This is a plus point here.

Pork With Corriander Skewer
Into the pot are the skewers (50 cents each). This kind of reminds me of lok lok, the stick hot pot that is famous in Melaka. We have Beef with Coriander Skewer (香菜牛肉), Pork with Coriander Skewer (香菜猪肉), Special Recipe Beef (秘制鸡肉) and Special Recipe Chicken. The beef and pork on the skewers are tender, spicy with a strong hint of cumin. To my surprise, the Special Recipe Chicken are juicy and succulent, although it uses breast meat.

Special Recipe Chicken Skewers

Special Recipe Chicken Skewer
Not limited to meat, vegetables also come in skewers, such as winter melon, broccoli, lotus root, potato, pumpkin and mushrooms.

Vegetable Skewers
For the plate ingredients, we tried Signature Beef Slices ($8), Chinese Yam ($6), Pork Belly ($8), Fresh Prawn Paste / ball ($10), Sweet Potato Noodle ($5), Fatty Beef Slices ($8), Ring Roll ($4), Pork Collar ($8) and Tang Oh ($5). Don’t expect the super high-end ingredients, considering the price, but the quality of the ingredients that they used are very good.

Part of their Wine / Spirit Menu
We ended the meal with 3 Treasure Dessert Plate (三宝金典甜品, $8) from Chef Ng. It is a red bean and banana paste wrapped in pastry, accompanied with watermelon and refreshing ice jelly topped with diced hawthorn flakes. It is a nicely plated Chinese dessert that showcases the skill of Chef Ng and also hoses down the heat from the hot pot. LD is not a fan of red bean but she is pleasantly surprised that the banana in the pastry actually covered the taste of red bean so well.

3 Treasure Dessert Plate 

The Banana Red Bean Pastry
The décor is spacious, bright and Oriental setting. There are two-level seating areas and private rooms located on the 2nd floor.

2nd floor dining area
Overall, Li Ji Chuan Chuan Xiang at Jalan Besar showcased the perfect reunion between private dining and hot pot. The culinary experience of Chef Ng plays a big part in serving up exquisites private dining menu and we also find the LJCCX hot pot has a diverse range of offerings for mala and non-mala lovers as well. Looks like LD and I will return to try out their other dishes. Cheers!!

Note: Li Ji Chuan Chuan Xiang also offer a delivery service for the steamboat. We find the price is very reasonable and the offerings are extensive. Check out their menu and order online from

Thank you very much Jennifer Yeo Consultancy and Li Ji Chuan Chuan Xiang Team for hosting us.

Food & Drink: 8/10
Value: 8/10
Service: N/A (Media Invite)
Ambiance: 7.75/10
Budget per Person: $26 - $50; $51 - $80

Li Ji Chuan Chuan Xiang 李记串串香
206 Jalan Besar
Singapore 208892

T: +65 6291 2289
IG: @lijichuanchuanxiang
OH: Daily 12.00 – Midnight
Full Menu for Dine-In and Delivery are available online

Flagship Restaurant
295 South Bridge Road
Singapore 058838
T: +65 6221 9629
OH: Daily 12.00 – Midnight

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