Thursday 6 December 2012

Teochew Traditional Steamboat Restaurant - Freshest and High Quality Homemade Steamboat

When it come to a Teochew restaurant, you can be assure of the freshness and the quality of the food. Thanks to HGW for the invitation for the food tasting. As I have been here before, I combine this review with the experience of my other visit previously.

Teochew Traditional Steamboat Restaurant (TTSR) is located in the red light district / food paradise near Marine Parade, yup the famous Joo Chiat road. There are so many food establishment popping up here, the town council has stop issuing permit for a restaurant/cafe except for replacement only. To be exact TTSR located opposite the car park of Kuan Inn Tng Temple in Joo Chiat Road.

From the outside, you can see inside the restaurant through their glass doors and windows. The decoration is simple, clean and the restaurant is well lit. On the side of the wall, you can see the picture of ingredients of their steamboat. Before we proceed to the food, lets get this clear. This is a ala carte steamboat restaurant, not buffet.

For starter, you only have one type of soup base which is TTSR special soup base. For the freshest ingredients, you can try their fish maw, glass prawn and silver promfret. The fish maw is imported from Indonesia according to the owner. It is the square type that came from a bigger type of fish. The glass prawns and promfret taste so fresh without any trace of fishiness at all.

Fish Maw
Silver Promfret
Glass Prawn

For the homemade ingredients we tried: meat balls, fish balls, prawn wantons, squid balls, fish kuey tiao, Japanese crab sticks & spinach fish noodle. The fish balls has smooth and springy texture. To sum up the taste of the rest is they are fresh and full of flavour. There are two choice of chilli, their homemade chilli sauce or their chopped chilli with soya sauce and fried garlic. As I do not like chilli, according to the other food reviewer their chilli sauce really got kick.

Meat Balls, Squid Balls, Fish Kuey Tiao, and Spinach Fish Noodle
Prawn Dumpling

For the carnivore inside us, you can choose from USDA prime beef, pork belly and chicken. The beef and pork belly are top notch. Check out the marbling in the beef and the pork belly just melt in your mouth after a quick dip in hot pot.

USDA prime beef & pork belly

Aside from the steamboat, don't miss out on their TTSR famous dishes. The one that I always have for every visit is their deep fried pork knuckle. The skin is crispy and the meat is lean, juicy and tender. Yummyyyy. This time around I manage to try their Teochew style sea cucumber and deep fried prawn with garlic. The sea cucumber has the springgy texture and succulent. The gravy is light and allow the taste of the sea cucumber to speak for itself. The prawn is fresh and goes well with the garlic flavour.

deep fried pork knuckle

Deep Fried Garlic Prawn
Teochew style sea cucumber

To close the meal in the Teochew restaurant, you must definitely have their Yam Paste with Ginko Nut (Oni). The yam paste is smooth and the sweetness level is just nice.

Yam Paste with Ginko Nut (Oni)

The service here is fast and efficient. The price of the food also cover customer from different budget.

Overall, if you are near the area and looking for a nice, light, fresh and high quality steamboat and cooked food, this is definitely a place to try. If you don't feel like the steamboat, just order their cooked food. Being back to this place for a few times, it says about the quality of the food here. Yum Yum !!!

Food & Drink: 8/10
Value: 7/10
Service: 6/10
Ambiance: 6/10

Teochew Traditional Steamboat Restaurant
176 Joo Chiat Road. #01-01
Ph: 6348 8924

Op Hours: Daily 12.00 – 14.30; 17.00 – 23.00

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