Sunday 30 June 2013

The Lawn Grill & Salad Cafe – Come Meat Your Greens [MEDIA INVITE]

Thanks to Jonathan and The Lawn Team for inviting us for this food tasting.

The Lawn Grill & Salad Cafe is a unconventional salad bar, bringing the current salad eating trends from California, USA which serve tantalising premium grills with unique and wacky salad dressing to Singapore food scene. Forget about the cold and plain salads, get ready for mind blowing and healthy food to tingle your palates.

Located in Biopolis, The Lawn cater for the professionals working in the area during weekday and regulars on Sunday. Don't come on Saturday, as they are close. Although the indoor seating is limited, they are more than enough seating in the alfresco area.

Alfresco dining area

As The Lawn concept is based on a salad bar, the following is the SOP on placing your order:
  1. Choose Base: Salad Box or Olive Rice (for those that need their carbo)
  2. Choose your Grill (protein: such as chicken, prawn, dory fish, duck, beef or even vegs)
  3. For Salad Box, Choose your toppings & dressings, you have 26 type toppings (such as vegs,fruits, pasta, nuts, cheese, etc) and 9 types of dressing options. For Olive rice, you have a standard side salad with no dressing.

Ordering and Grill Station

The Menu
We were quite lucky that we tried most of the grills menu and all the 9 types of dressing. As a salad bar, the greens are as fresh as you can get. To make it easier, the Little Devil and I will just give you the run down of which grill pair with the dressing according to our taste buds.

For the grills, we like the Acento Balsamico Beef Cuts and Ben's Beef Rubs the most. The beef are tender and juicy, especially on the balsamico. Next come dory fish & prawns. Both type of the grill dory fish are generous in size, well marinated and not flaky. The garlic prawn here is suppose to be one of the most popular grilled ingredients. It is fresh, juicy with subtle garlic flavour thus we are not surprise on why it is the top seller. Our least favourite grill on the menu is the chicken. The Lawn uses chicken breast and they are cut to bite size, we find the meat is a bit dry and chewy. The marinate used on the chicken is quite good though. We can't comment on the duck and vegetarian grills we did not try them, those who had tried please give us your comments. :p

Pacific Dory with Salads - The Actual Salad Box

Acento Balsamico Beef Cuts

Mojo Chicken

Char-Grilled Garlic Prawns

For the dressings, Mi So Spicy is on top of the list. It started off with the subtle tom yum flavour, slowly the spiciness will come whack you from nowhere. Good with everything except for the beef. For the beef, we like the Honeyball dressing. The natural sweetness of the honey really compliment the seasoning of the beef. For fish, beachy peachy and manly mango are the best pairing as the fruity flavour in the dressing give a Mediterranean feel to the fish. For the prawn, wasahonie dressing will be a good choice. The combination of wasabi and honey bring out the familiar taste of wasabi prawn which you get in the most Chinese restaurant here.

The Nine Dressings
To complement the grill chicken, the maple peanut dressing goes well with maple chicken, while Red island goes well with the rest of other grill chicken. For those, who wants to try the maple peanut dressing, please be prepared for the sweetness that it brings, as some will find it overwhelming and for those with sweet-toothed, this might be a nice choice.

Maple Chicken
With the management always trying out new recipe for their grill, The Lawn will have a monthly special, and this month is a special grilled curry chicken set menu.

Curry Chicken

The olive rice is Teochew version of olive fried rice. It has comforting home flavour, just like what littledevil's mum cook at home. A good substitute for salad, however you don't get any dressing or toppings from this.

Olive Rice with Ben's Beef Rub

For those that need their caffeine fix, you can try their coffee here. They use the beans from the artisan coffee roaster Smittens.

The Coffee
Overall, The Lawn provide a refreshing and healthy dining options. It is definitely not your conventional salad bar. It is modern, trendy and bringing the funk into eating salads. We suggest that you go to their website, to check out their menu. We rate this place 7.5/10. Cheers and Eat Fresh!!.

The Lawn Grill & Salad Cafe
31 Biopolis Way,
Nanos #01-07
Singapore 138669

T: +65 6478 9739
Mon – Fri: 11.15 – 21.00 (LO 20.15)
Sun: 10.00 – 16.00 ( LO 15.15)
Closed on Saturday

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