Thursday 1 May 2014

Chew Kee Eating House – Soya Sauce Chicken Noodle

Walking along Upper Cross Street in Chinatown, you will wonder if you are seeing double. Two shops selling Soya Sauce Chicken, with name close to each other, that you might think it was a spelling mistake during the naming of the shop. However, sibling rivalry are the theme here and we as the foodies in Singapore are to benefit for more option to have.

So far, I was only able to try the Soya Sauce Chicken from Chew Kee Eating House. A plate of Soya Sauce Chicken Noodle will just set you back $3.50. The egg noodle is thin, cooked to superb al dente with a crunchy and springy texture. The noodle does not have any alkaline water taste like those you find in ordinary wanton noodle. The chicken are just succulent and soya sauce penetrated in the meat. For those non chilli eater like myself, you can taste the delightful soya sauce hanging on each threat of the noodle. Delicious!!

Soya Sauce Chicken Noodle - Small

Prior to this visit, I ever tried their big version ($4.50). The size was so huge, I was having trouble finishing it.

To accompany the noodle, I ordered their prawn dumpling soup (Shui Jiao) $5. The broth is clear and robust, and the dumpling are filled with fresh prawns and crunchy chestnut. A very good quality.

Prawn Dumpling Soup (Shui Jiao)

Service is ordinary. Our “uncle” service staff, just take our order, deliver the food and collect money. Rumours say that their Lady boss is not very friendly and from my observations, let just say, she hardly smile. The first time that I ate here, she was very helpful. This time around I did get the famous stare when I took photo of the front of the shop :)

My verdict: definitely a place to go for Soya Sauce Chicken Noodle. Cheers!!!

Food & Drink: 8.5/10
Value: 8.5/10
Service: 6.5/10
Ambiance: 6.5/10
Budget per Person: $0 - $10

Chew Kee Eating House
8 Upper Cross Street
Singapore 058327

T: 6222 0507
Op Hours:
Sat – Thu: 09.00 – 19.00
Closed on Fri & PH

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