Tuesday 18 November 2014

Georges By The Bay – A Beach Bar not a GastroPub

Georges By The Bay

Georges is a Balinese theme inspired beach bar which started as a beverage kiosk at a small sea sport centre in Pasir Ris Park. Over time it evolves and started serving western grill. The first official gastropub opened its door in Siglap in 2004 and recently, it just opened its outlet in The Punggol Settlement.

The View

In the 80's and early 90's, this Punggol area was one of the hottest spot for dining destination, especially for seafood lovers. However, all of the restaurants has to relocate or close down in 1994 due to land acquisition by the government. It seems that government project did not work out as planned, and with the rapid development of public and private housing in Punggol area, a public tender was called in 2012. Fragrance Group developed a new two story building to bring back the life in the area.

Keen to see what the buzz is all about, we decided to stop by for dinner. Georges got our pick because we were looking for something different other than Chinese. The Punggol Settlement has ample parking space to cater for the crowds. Georges are located at most corner right side of the building from the car park. You can get there by climbing the staircase for pre-dinner exercise or use the lift in the middle.

 Fresh Garden Salad

We started our order with Fresh Garden Salad ($11.90), Golden Buffalo Wings ($12.90 – 6pcs) and Jumbo Fries in Basket ($5.90). For the price, the portion of garden salad is more of a side serving. Personally I don't think they use the freshest ingredients as we can see some rotten vegetables in the bowl, and for the pedantic serving size, they should only charge about $5 and they have made a healthy profit out of it. Jumbo fries were fried to the right texture. Crispy on the outside and moist internally.

Jumbo Fries in Basket

Golden Buffalo Wings were seasoned similar to our prawn paste wings. It was crispy and succulent. The size of the wings is more towards regular size, not really buffalo.

Golden Buffalo Wings

For mains we had Hog Combo ($22.90) and Lamb Shank with Mash Potatoes. The Hog Combo consist of Pork Chop and Cheese Bratwurst. Pork Chop size was generous, a little overcooked so the meat was dry. Bratwurst was quite huge, about 8” cheesy and succulent. While the mash potatoes are solid, and the balsamic dressing on the salad nicely balanced the dish.

Hog Combo

The lamb shank was nicely presented. On the base was mash potatoes, topped with lamb shank gravy and the shank standing on top. It was tender due to the long cooking process, tasty and flavourful. They manage to reduce the gamey smell from the shank. Good job on this and the gravy with mash, a good comfort food.

Lamb Shank with Mash Potatoes

Service were friendly but slow. At first we asked for the indoor seating, but due to limited space, we were given outdoor seating. As the establishment are more of an open concept, it was not of much difference except that you can see what you are eating if you are indoor.

Overall, we find the food here need a lot of improvements. Based on the price point, the quality of the food are not there. If you are here, manage your expectations to drinks and bar snacks. It is still more of a beach bar, and has not reach the level of Gastropub yet. I don't think we'll be back for the second time though. Cheers!!

Food & Drink: 6/10
Value: 5.5/10
Service: 6/10
Budget per Person: $26 - $50

Georges By The Bay
3 Punggol Point Road
#02-12, The Punggol Settlement
Singapore 828694

T: +65 6702 6186
Sun – Fri: 16.00 – 01.00
Sat: 16.00 – 02.00

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