Friday 27 March 2015

Oven & Fried Chicken – Okkudak or Ssal Dak [MEDIA INVITE]

Oven & Fried Chicken
Oven & Fried Chicken ('OFC') is a Korean joint that serve not only the famous KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) but also Roasted / Oven Baked Chicken. OFC brought in Okkudak and Ssal Dak from Korea. Okkudak are famous for its oven baked chicken, while Ssal Dak is popular for its fried chicken.

While this will be the first time, I try Korean Oven Baked Chicken, I can't say the same about the Korean Fried Chicken. The most popular companion for KFC are Beer. So we are not surprise the Hoegarden Beer Tower was part of the tasting session. Be warned, if you find the name of the dish are grammatically wrong, it is based on the name on the menu. This is to tell you it is Authentic Korean :)

Beer Tower with Fried Chicken

The first dish out from the kitchen is Sauced Rice Chicken – Original Mild ($35 whole, $20 half). Our portion is the half chicken, with mild level of spiciness of the sauce. The skin is crispy and the meat is tender. All the chicken are coated with the mild spicy sauce, but in my opinion, the sauce is pretty spicy.

Sauced Rice Chicken – Original Mild (Half)

The Fried Rice Chicken – Original ($33 whole, $18 half) really hit home with me. The batter is light and the chicken fried to perfect crispiness. There was no excess of flour and the meat for the thigh are tender and succulent. The owner of OFC told us the reason for crispiness is the use of rice flour instead of normal wheat flour. Yum Yum!!

The Fried Rice Chicken – Original (Half)

The Drumstick

Check out the sinful goodness of the skin

If chicken are not your thing, you can consider Assorted Fish Cake Soup ($30). This is actually LD's favourite dishes in one of the Korean BBQ place that we normally frequented. It come with different type and shape. The fishcakes have springy texture and the broth is quite robust. If you never try this before, it looks like odeon that you normally find in the convenience store in Taiwan.

Assorted Fish Cake Soup

Meanwhile, for Oven Baked Chicken we tried Roasted Chicken – Original ($33 whole $18 half) and Welsh Onion Chicken ($38 whole $22 half). The Roasted Chicken has a caramelised skin and it is well-seasoned. Although the meat is succulent, the outside part of the meat is a little dry and chewy due to the baking process.

 Roasted Chicken – Original (Half)

The Welsh Onion Chicken are served boneless. Surprisingly it is more tender and succulent compare to the original roasted chicken. The spring onion did well to defuse the oiliness of the chicken.

Welsh Onion Chicken (Half)

For some carbo option, you can consider Top Shell Salad ($30). A huge portion and more than enough for two. Lots of vegetables, drown in reddish sauce. The noodles are place on top of the salad so it does not become soggy. Only dip it in the sauce when you want to eat the noodle. Watch out of the heat in the sauce that sneak in after you slurp the noodle.

Top Shell Salad

For the finale, the Yoghurt Salad Chicken ($40 whole, $23 half) are just too tempting not to try. The chicken are boneless, topped with sweet chilli sauce. The salads are dressed in yoghurt dressing, however a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top looks awkward. The chicken are crispy and tender, while the salad with yoghurt dressing are a good companion. However the ice cream is just not suited for this dish. My suggestion is to order it this dish without the ice cream.

Yoghurt Salad Chicken

Unlike other Korean restaurant that serve half of dozen side dishes, OFC only serve pickled radish. It is refreshing and quite good to balance the overwhelming (jelakness) taste from the chicken. There are also some sauces you can choose to go with the chicken such honey mustard, soy sauce and spicy sauce. I feel no sauce is actually needed, as the chicken are will seasoned and tasty.

The refreshing pickled raddish

Some dipping sauce: Sweet Chilli, Honey Mustard & Soy Sauce

Just to summarise what we ate (not in the picture Yoghurt salad chicken & fishcakes)

OFC is quite big with two level for seating. The setting is very casual and the service staff are friendly. The TVs here are tuned to Korean Channel, so you get the full feel of Korean atmosphere.

Part of Seating in 2nd floor

Overall, from all the KFC that I have tried the Original Fried Rice Chicken here got my seal of approval. It is crispy, light and delicious. The price of the dishes are on the high side, however I let you be the judge. So for the next location for you fix of KFC and Beer, give Oven & Fried Chicken a try. Cheers!!

Thanks to HungryGoWhere and management of Oven & Fried Chicken for the invite.

Food & Drink: 7/10
Value: 6/10
Service: 7.5/10
Ambiance: 7/10
Budget per Person: $26 - $50

Oven & Fried Chicken Korean Restaurant
182 Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 068630

T: +65 6222 5959
Mon – Fri: 12.00 – Midnight
Sat & Sun: 18.00 – Midnight

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