Wednesday 15 April 2015

Singapore Food Culture – Contest Entry.

What is actually Singapore Food Culture? Diversity of cultures and Melting Pot of flavours.

This photo represent only a small fraction of the food available in Singapore. However, it represent the diversity of Singapore Food Culture.

In most Food Centre / Hawker Centre in Singapore more than 20 years ago, you can probably find the food representing the Chinese (from different dialects), Malay, Indian, Peranakan and Eurasian. Fast forward to today, you can even find Foie Gras, Artisan Beer, Duck Confit, Lechon, Salad, Muffins, Thai food, Korean, Japanese and lots more.

So for me, Singapore Food Culture represents the melting pot of food culture from people that call Singapore their home. This is what make us Uniquely Singapore. The best part of it, it is still continuing to evolve.

Thanks to home delivery services like Foodpanda, we are able to enjoy the varieties of unique Singapore food without leaving our doorsteps.

Kudos to Sethlui & Foodpanda for this contest. 

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