Tuesday 5 March 2019

132 Mee Pok Kway Teow – Good Traditional Mee Pok

Mee Pok $5 Version

Our fishball noodles exploration lead us to an old establishment. 132 Mee Pok Kway Teow, first started its business in 1969, where push carts are still allowed. Currently, the business is run by their second generation and making Marine Terrace its permanent, serving the familiar taste of this traditional fishball noodles.

The Stall

There are 3 type of portions here, $4 / $5 / $6. LD and I decided to go for $5 version, supposed to be medium. Please note that they only served Mee Pok and Kway Teow, just like its name.

True to its traditional heritage, the mee pok served with prawn, fishballs, fish dumplings, minced pork and lean meat. My non-spicy mee pok is generously coated with pork oil and tomato sauce. To be frank, it looks very close to the Jalan Tua Kong fishball noodles.

Mee Pok $5 Version - Non Spicy

The bouncy and springy mee pok bodes well with the tomato sauce and pork oil. Fishballs are bouncy but missing the fish flavour in it. The fish dumplings do not provide any WOW factors, while the deshelled prawn, minced pork and lean meat are cooked nicely.

For the spicy version, the chilli is aromatic with a manageable spiciness level. Although we order the $5 version, the noodle portion is very small. So, if you are a big eater, please ask for extra noodle when you order.

Mee Pok $5 Version - Spicy

The clear soup is surprisingly robust, with a hint of sweetness from the prawns. We ordered extra fishball soup ($5 version), the fishballs and beansprouts content are very generous.

Fishball Soup $5

The coffeeshop where 132 Mee Pok Kway Teow located has limited seating. At the same time, it is competing with a popular nasi lemak stall there. Be patient, as the cooking of the noodle can be very slow.

Overall, it is a good fishball noodle and I think the soup version will be better compared to the dry version. We will visit this place again if we are around the area. However, it is not good enough for us to travel from Serangoon all the way just to have this bowl of noodle. Cheers!

Food: 7.25/10
Value: 6.5/10
Service: 6/10
Ambiance: N/A (Coffeeshop)
Budget per Person: $0 - $10.

132 Mee Pok Kway Teow
Block 59 Marine Terrace
Singapore 440059

Tue – Sun: 07.00 – 16.00
Closed on Monday & 3rd Sunday of each Month

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