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Bar-Roque Grill – European Dining Experience

Bone Marrow

Bar-Roque Grill is a dining concept by Stefan and Nico, opened in 2013. Stefan, stands for Executive Chef Stephane Istel, a chef with extensive culinary CV. His last posting before he opens Bar-Roque Grill is Executive Chef of DB Bistro Moderne at Marina Bay Sands when it first opens in 2010. Though Bar-Roque Grill has opened for 9 years, this is our first visit here.

The Painting in Dining Area

The meal started with complimentary sourdough bread. It has a crispy crust with a soft, pillowy crumb. The contrasting texture of the internal and external part of the bread is so nice, we leathered it extensively with the butter in each bite.  

Sourdough Bread with Butter

Entrée was Octopus Carpaccio ($24) and Bone Marrow ($22). It comes with very interesting plating, looks messy and yet attractive. The octopus has a nice smoky aroma, while the flesh is crunchy with a slight springiness in it. At the base of this dish is chickpea cream, together with virgin olive oil bind the rest of vegetables and crunchy almond nicely.

 Octopus Carpaccio

 Octopus Carpaccio

The Bone Marrow is just too attractive not to order. The whole bone is grilled then the extracted marrow placed on top toasted bread. The combination of crispy bread, creamy and gooey marrow dripped with garlic and parsley butter is just awesome. Although it is served with rock salt on the side, it is sufficiently seasoned by the chef.

Bone Marrow

Bone Marrow

We can’t decide on which steak to have, so we ordered this trio House Dry Aged Beef Platter ($125) – Hanger, Striploin and Ribeye.  The Hanger / Hanging Tender Wagyu has a nice charred. The meat is lean, yet tender, succulent and you can taste the extra MOO MOO-ness in it.

House Dry Aged Beef Platter ($125) –  Ribeye (with Foie Gras), Hanger & Striploin.
Hanger / Hanging Tender Wagyu

The Striploin USDA Primes has slight chewy texture due to the tendon run through the meat. Meanwhile, the Ribeye Black Angus is juicy, succulent with a good marbling in it. It will be nice if the ribeye has a bit of char on it. All of the steaks are well seasoned and almost did not allowed me the opportunity to pair it with creamy and rich bearnaise sauce. Meanwhile, the baby romaine salad served with the steak is dressed with tangy dressing to offset the richness of the steak.

Striploin USDA Primes
Baby Romaine Salad

We decided to add Foie Gras ($14) with our steak order. It is perfectly done, crisp externally, soft and velvety internally. Unlike most foie gras dishes where it is served with the sweet berries or apple compote, the savoury version here provided something unique.

Ribeye Black Angus with Foie Gras

To accompany the steak, we ordered Sautéed Mushroom & Spinach ($16) as a side dish. A nice selection of mushrooms sautéed with spinach and chopped onion. Simple yet delicious.

 Sautéed Mushroom & Spinach 

For Desserts, we ordered the seasonal Rhubarb Pie. The crust is crisp and crumbly, while the rhubarb fillings exude natural sweetness to the pie. The pie is served with apple granny smith sorbet, balancing the sweet pie with the tanginess of the sorbet.

 Rhubarb Pie

 Rhubarb Pie

The restaurant décor is a combination of red, black and natural wood colour. I like the combination of classy feel with a touch of cuteness in it, especially the cute painting of a person drinking the wine. Service is friendly, professional with attention to details.

Part of Dining Area

Overall, Bar-Roque Grill gave us a wonderful dining experience. Octopus Carpaccio and Bone Marrow are not to be missed. Check out Bar-Roque Grill for European dining experience by Chef Stephane Istel. Cheers!!

Food & Drinks: 8/10
Value: 7.5/10
Service: 8/10
Ambiance: 8.5/10
Budget per Person: $51 - $80, $81 and Above

Bar-Roque Grill
165 Tanjong Pagar Road
#01-00. Amara Hotel Singapore
Singapore 088539

T: +65 6444 9672
IG: @Barroquegrill
Mon – Fri: 12.00 – 14.30; 18.00 – 22.30
Sat: 18.00 – 22.30
Sun: 11.00 – 15.00; 17.30 – 21.00

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