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Pixy – Autumn Degustation Menu [MEDIA INVITE]

Amuse - Foie Gras Flan

Pixy Restaurant & Bar has launched an Autumn Degustation Menu, showcasing the finest flavours of the seasons. Curated by Chef Tomine Nobuaki (Nobu), who masterfully combines French culinary techniques with Japanese ingredients, this creation will be a treat to your senses. Pixy’s objective is to bring fine dining culinary creation to a family-friendly setting.

Pixy Restaurant & Bar

The Autumn Degustation Menu consist of amuse, appetizer, specialite, main and dessert.

Amuse - Foie Gras Flan
Steamed foie gras mousse in Japanese chawanmushi style. It is basked in braised burdock with chef’s housemade consommé and topped with uni from Japan. It has a smooth velvety texture, with a delicate foie gras aftertaste. The burdock adds a crunchy texture to the dish, while the sweet braising sauce accentuates the flavour of the foie gras.

Amuse - Foie Gras Flan

The uni on top was slightly grilled, giving it a slightly crisp exterior with melts in your mouth interior. The uni topping just added creaminess and the taste of the sea in this dish gives this dish an extra OMPH flavour. Yummy.

Bar & Open Kitchen Area

Appetizer – Wara Smoked Bonito
The fresh bonito is imported from Japan is flash smoked with wara (rice straws). It is then topped with miso sauce (miso, sherry vinegar and chestnut oil) and sliced cucumber and watercress.

Flash Smoked Bonito with Wara

The first thing that comes to mind when you see this dish is how amazing is the plating. The fresh bonito has a delicate smoky flavour with a touch of softness in the flesh. It is covered by the beautiful greens and cone-shaped shaved cucumbers and watercress.

Plating in Progress - Fresh Bonito

The homemade miso sauce is bold and tangy, nicely complemented by the refreshing yoghurt drops. This dish not only visually engaging, it also delivers on taste.

Appetizer – Wara Smoked Bonito

Specialite - Dragon & Buri
Lightly-fried Buri (yellow tail Amber Jack) using tempura technique, with dragon fruit sauce (dragon fruit and cream cheese). Chef Nobu’s signature creation inspired by Singapore’s food culture.

Chef Tomine Nobuaki (Nobu) - Right
with Owner Suzuki-san 
The Buri is coated with light and crispy batter. The flesh is firm and has a good bite to it. It is accompanied with the cream cheese flavoured dragon fruit sauce and minced garlic that light up this dish. To balance this dish, Chef Nobu introduced a lightly sautéed emperor vegetables for that little bitterness in this dish. I think the garlic is too overpowering for this dish, it might be better to reduce it to half or go without the garlic.

Specialite - Dragon & Buri

Main - Roasted Irish Duck Rouennaise
Roasted Irish duck breast with Rouennaise sauce (rich classic red wine sauce with pureed duck liver) and Chef’s refreshing orange marmalade.

Main - Roasted Irish Duck Rouennaise

The middle part of the duck is juicy and fatty. The Rouennaise sauce is thick, rich and robust, paired nicely with the duck. To balance the richness of this dish is the cauliflower puree in the middle, and the housemade marmalade has a slightly sweet citrusy flavour to cut through the fats in this dish.

Main - Roasted Irish Duck Rouennaise

I only wish there is something spongy, like a bread to polish up the superbly delicious rouennaise sauce.

Dessert - Magical Banana
Caramelised banana, flourless chocolate brownie, vanilla ice cream and mysterious coffee sauce.

Dessert - Magical Banana

Affogato inspired dessert. The mini banana is lightly caramelised, mixed with light and crunchy flourless chocolate brownie. The vanilla ice cream binds the ingredients together, while the mysterious coffee sauce packs strong coffee flavour. A nice combination of sweet and bitter flavour.

Dessert - Magical Banana

Alternate Dessert - Chocolat
Since LD can't take coffee, Chef Nobu prepared Chef’s Gateau Au Chocolat and fruits. Chef’s flourless chocolate cake is thick, solid, like a dark chocolate bar. The berries cut through the richness from the chocolate cake, while the creaminess from the vanilla ice cream works wonder with the chocolate cake.

Alternate Dessert - Chocolat (non-coffee)

The atmosphere of Pixy is modern and sophisticated. It is best if you get a seat near the kitchen counter, where you can see Chef Nobu at work creating the amazing dishes. During the tasting, Chef Nobu was assisted by the owner Suzuki san.

Part of the Seating Area

Overall, it was a treat looking and tasting the creations of Chef Nobu. The way he prepares our meal is almost effortless, however, from the plating you can see the in-depth preparations that goes into the dishes before the cooking time. For a fine-dining culinary experience with family-friendly pricing, Pixy is a must-try. Cheers!!

Part of the Seating Area

Autumn Degustation Menu
When: 1st September to 30th November 2019
Price: $100++ per person
For enquiries and reservations, please call 9171 7682 or email

Thank you very much Jennifer, Chef Nobu and Suzuki-san for hosting the media tasting.

The Bar

Food: 8.75/10
Value: 8/10
Service: N/A (Tasting Invitation)
Ambiance: 7.75/10
Budget per Person: $51 - $80; $81 & Above

Pixy Restaurant & Bar
16 Mohamed Sultan Road
Singapore 238965

T: +65 9171 7682
IG: @Pixysingapore
Mon – Sat: 18.00 – Midnight
LO: 23.00 for Food, 23.30 for Bar
Menu is available online

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