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Chaoniu HotPot – Teochew Beef Hotpot

Teochew Beef Hotpot

Teochew Beef Hotpot is one of the must-try dishes in Chaozhou and Shantou area. I tried it during my maiden trip to Shantou and I love it.

Chaoniu Beef Hotpot

The first thing that I notice when having Teochew Beef Hotpot is clear broth soup base. Next is the freshness of the beef. In Shantou, they only use fresh beef they get daily from the abattoir, unlike the frozen stuff that we normally get. The master cutter in each restaurant will only slice the beef upon order. The freshness of the beef together with the knife skills deliver a #beefgasm experience not to be missed when you are in Chaozhou and Shantou.

To our surprise, a few days after we return to Singapore, we saw Chaoniu Hot Pot. We posted in on FB and “jio” a few “makan kakis” to check out this place. In total there was 5 of us.

The Menu - Part 1
Image Credit: Chaoniu Hot Pot

The Menu - Part 2
Image Credit: Chaoniu Hot Pot

We ordered Beef Feast Set ($168). This includes the neck, sirloin, tongue, topside, flank, blade, leg, beef ball, burdock, beef organ, tripe, tendon, vegetable platter and beancurd platter. For the soup base, we choose the ChaoShan Beef Broth ($15).

ChaoShan Beef Broth

While we are waiting for the order to come, we went to choose our sauce. Once the soup is boiled, you need to have a plain bowl of soup first topped with spring onion and coriander to warm up the tummy.

The Sauces

The Sauces

Each portion of the meat served comes with a coin. This coin will tell you the cuts of the beef and how long it should be cook to get the optimum flavours. The beef parts, tripe, beef ball, vegetable platter and beancurd patters did not come with the timing so you cook base on your liking.

The Cheek

It is best to cook one type of cut at a time. The process is that you put the meat in the big strainer and dip it base on the suggested time. While the meat is swimming on the hot broth, stir it with your chopsticks so it is evenly cooked. Once cooked, lift it and portion it with your makan kakis. Repeat the same process for the other cuts of beef.

How to Cook The Beef

The Leg

The neck and sirloin are our favourites cut due to the nice marbling and fattiness in the meat. We ordered extra plates of these. Flank has a nice fattiness, but the meat texture is a bit chewy.
The Neck


The blade provides us with a crunchy texture of the soft bone when you bit into the meat, while topside is the lean part of the cuts.

The Blade

We notice the beef is not the same as those we tasted in Shantou. In Chaoniu, the source of the beef are mainly from the US and it came frozen, before it is thawed for cutting and serving. Due to the conditions in Singapore, it is not possible to get fresh beef like in Shantou.


The meatballs are bouncy, crunchy with a slight chewiness. Tasted like tendon meatballs you commonly found in “Bakso” in Indonesia. The offcuts like tendon and liver are surprisingly good, though I find the tripe is chewier to my liking.

Tripe, Burdock, Beef Organs, Beef Balls and Tendon

Beef Balls

Beef Organs


The beancurd platter and vegetable platter provided a great variety. We like seaweed and black fungus.

Beancurd Platter & Vegetables Platter

For the finale, you should order their glass noodle. It is served with their special homemade sauce and topped with pork lard. Yummy!!  I don’t recommend their knife sliced noodles as it is hard to cook and become lumpy.

Glass Noodle

Glass Noodle with Special Sauce and Pork Lard

At the end of the hotpot, the service staff will serve you desserts FOC. On that night it was white fungus with wolfberries.


The décor is simple and function orientated. The dining area is spacious, but the sauce area is congested. You have to take turns to take get the sauce. Our service staff was friendly and very helpful and show us how to cook the beef and even help us cooked the glass noodle. Don’t expect HDL standard of service, but they are good enough.

Overall, it was nice to found Teochew Beef Hotpot in Singapore. For those who never been to Shantou, this will be a good experience. Beef lovers, this is place is a must-visit but leave your non-beef eater friends at home as they will only able to see you eat. Cheers!!

Food & Drink: 7.5/10
Value: 7.25/10
Service: 7.75/10
Ambiance: 7.5/10
Budget per Person: $26 - $50; $51 - $80

Chaoniu Hot Pot
195 East Coast Road
Singapore 428900

T: +65 6909 8783
IG: @Chaoniu_hot_pot
OH: Daily 11.00 – Midnight

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