Friday 28 February 2020

[CLOSED] Prima Tower – Singapore Landmark Revolving Restaurant

Shredded Scallops with Fish and Egg White 

Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant is a landmark dining destination restaurant in Singapore. Build on top of a grain silo in 1977, it still endeared diners with its culinary creation and panoramic view of the sea, Sentosa, Resort World Sentosa and around Singapore island.

The View of Sentosa and RWS

Prima Tower is led by Hong Kong Master Chef Chan, who has 30 years of culinary experience. Prima Tower served authentic Beijing cuisine and Cantonese Dim Sim as well.

Peking Duck ($70, whole) is one of the signature dishes of this restaurant. The Peking Duck is served with egg crepe, Peking duck sauce, cucumber and spring onion. Unlike the modern Peking duck restaurant, the serving here is more rustic. The skin is crispy and sliced without the meat attached. However, I found the carving is very barbaric, not elegant at all.

Peking Duck

The egg crepe is thin and moist, wrapped the fillings nicely. One thing for sure, the Peking duck standard here is not as good as other Peking Duck centric restaurant that has open in Singapore for the last 10 years.

The Duck Skin

2nd dish, duck meat with ginger and spring onion ($10). For the second serving, we choose the duck meat to be cooked with ginger and spring onion. Though the dish is fragrant and appetizing, the meat of the duck is very hard. Not recommend.

2nd dish, duck meat with ginger and spring onion

Shredded Scallops with Fish and Egg White ($42 for Large, Anniversary Promo). A must-order dish here. The dish has a subtle natural sweetness, filled with generous fillings of dried and fresh scallops. I suggest you try the original taste of this dish first. Afterwards, add a bit of black vinegar as it will remove any fishiness from the scallops, while the tanginess will accentuate the sweetness in this dish.

Shredded Scallops with Fish and Egg White

For the Cantonese Dim Sum section, there were some outstanding dishes:
Steam Dumpling with Prawn / Siew Mai ($5.80). Juicy, crunchy and complete with a whole prawn as the topping. Yummy.

Steam Dumpling with Prawn / Siew Mai 

Pan Fried Radish Cake ($5.80)
. It has a crispy exterior and moist interior. The radish cube is generous, spread evenly and you can taste it in each bite. Not a fan of fried carrot cake, but I did enjoy this one.

Pan Fried Radish Cake

Steam Pau BBQ Pork ($5.80). A traditional version of char siew pau, fluffy with juicy and fatty char siew fillings. The marination is just right and there is a nice smoky aroma in the char siew.

Steam Pau BBQ Pork

Steam Pau BBQ Pork

Steam Rice Roll with Squid Paste & You Tiao ($6.80). A smooth and silky rice roll filled with crispy you tiao. The soy sauce is served separately, to ensure the you tiao remain crispy till the end.

Steam Rice Roll with Squid Paste & You Tiao 

Steam Rice Roll with Squid Paste & You Tiao 

Mango Century Egg Glass Roll ($6.80). A creative and unique combination. You can taste the sweetness of the mango, creamy and pungent century egg plus a bit of spark in flavour from the pink pickled ginger wrapped in delicate glass roll. The pickled ginger also helps to reduce the overwhelming flavour from the century egg.

Mango Century Egg Glass Roll

Mango Century Egg Glass Roll
Deep-Fried Yam Ball ($6.80). The taro exterior is light and fluffy, protecting the juicy pork fillings. There is also a Swan Taro Ball with Black Pepper Fillings ($6.80). The exterior is the same as yam ball, but the juicy fillings are pack with black pepper flavour.

Deep-Fried Yam Ball 

Deep-Fried Yam Ball 

Stewed Tripe ($6.80). Tender, bouncy and the tripe easily. The braising sauce is well infused into the trip, making it very addictive.

Stewed Tripe

Taro Lava Bao ($5.80). Nice oozing custard, combining taro with custard that reduce the sweetness of the custard. Tasted like orh nee bao.

Taro Lava Bao

Taro Lava Bao

Some of the dishes that are average:
Steam Shrimp Dumpling / Har Gow ($5.80). The har gow has a thick crystal skin and bouncy, followed with crunchy shrimp fillings. I prefer a thinner and delicate skin compare to the version here.

Steam Shrimp Dumpling / Har Gow 

Steam Dumpling Shanghai ($5). More like a Beijing Xiao Long Bao instead of Shanghai XLB. The skin here is thicker and there is no bursting of the soup when you bit into the dumpling.

Steam Dumpling Shanghai / Xiao Long Bao

Steam Chicken Feet ($5.80). A super spicy fung chao. The chilli is so powerful, I quickly reach for the drink. The chicken feet have a good crunchy texture though.

Steam Chicken Feet

Steam Pork Rib ($5.80). Thick pork ribs mixed with cubed yams. I feel a bit short-changed as there was too much yam.

Steam Pork Rib 

Service is inconsistent. Some of the service staff are friendly and the other can be brusque. If you dine there for lunch, you better finish your meal by 2.30pm as the A/C is turned off on time and the service staff is rushing out as well.

Swan Taro Ball with Black Pepper Fillings

The view from the restaurant still amazing as you get revolving panoramic view of the sea, Sentosa, Resort World Sentosa and around Singapore island. However, ages seem to catch up with the machine as revolving is not smooth anymore, expect some bump during the ride.

The View of Vivocity

Overall, this grand old dame should not be dismissed easily. I recommend their Shredded Scallops with Fish and Egg White, Siew Mai, Char Siew Pao, Stewed Tripe and Mango Century Egg Glass Roll. Not forgetting the revolving panoramic view is still one of the best in town. Cheers!!

Food & Drinks: 7.5/10
Value: 7/10
Service: 5.75/10
Ambiance: 8.5/10
Budget per Person: $26 - $50.

Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant
201 Keppel Road
Singapore 099419

T: +65 6272 8822 / 6272 8988
IG: @Primatower_
Mon – Sat Lunch 11.00 – 14.30
Sun & PH Lunch 10.30 – 14.30
Mon – Sun & PH Dinner 18.30 – 22.30

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  1. This place had shut down. It's a waste, such a quaint old restaurant.


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