Saturday 22 August 2020

Pizza Delivery – Handcrafted Wildfire Pizza [MEDIA DROP]

Margherita Pizza
Pizza Delivery Singapore is an upscale fast-casual pizza delivery service serving authentic Italian pizza and pasta. The secrets behind their Authentic Italian tastes are Signature secret sauce simmered for 8 hours; Stone oven-fired pizzas; Air-flown ingredients from Italy and 72-hours fermented dough. 

Pizza Delivery Singapore Website
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With 6 kitchens Island-wide: Ang Mo Kio, Bukit Merah, Jurong, Serangoon, Ubi and Woodlands, Pizza Delivery Singapore promise to deliver straight from the oven and reach your table within 1 hour. 

For this Media Drop, I choose from their Hearty Fiesta Bundle Promotion Page. I strongly recommend you have a look at their promotion page before placing your order, so you can get the best deal. Hearty Fiesta Bundle is recommended for 4 to 5 pax ($63.20), consist of: 
- 2 x 12” Large Pizza of Choice (U.P. $35 for 12” Large Pizza) 
- 1 x Mozzarella Cheese Stick (6 pcs, U.P. $14.30) 
- 1 x Crispy Chicken Wings (6 pcs, U.P.$13.90) Replace with Crispy Chicken Nuggets (6 pcs, U.P.$5.90) 
With this bundle, you can get total savings up to $27 compared to individual order. 

Hearty Fiesta Bundle Order
During the ordering process, you can order well in advance and the designated delivery time. I choose my order for the next day and between 18.15 to 19.15. My order arrived at 19.00, the next day, within my designated delivery time. 

Margherita Pizza
Margherita Pizza. One of the simplest versions of pizza, yet it is one of the pizzas that showcases the quality of the ingredients. The pizza here has a thin crust, crispy and almost without any chewy texture from the dough. The tomato sauce is sweet and tangy at the same time, while the half-cut cherry tomatoes deliver the burst in the tomato juice. The mozzarella cheese tastes good, but it won’t give you those pulled cheese effect in your photograph. The only thing lacking here is the taste to the basil. I think they should revert to using a whole basil leaves in each slice of margherita instead of the chopped version. 

Margherita Pizza Slice
La Amatriciana Pizza is made for bacon lovers and like their pizza spicy. A combination of savoury, sweet and spicy at the same time. For those who like their pizza very spicy, you might need to add more chilli flakes to it. 

La Amatriciana Pizza
Mozzarella cheese stick is very appetising. Crispy externally and filled with chewy mozzarella cheese, combine with tangy marinara sauce that will open up your appetite. Meanwhile, the crispy chicken nuggets are tender, succulent though the exterior is not as crispy as we would like. 

Mozzarella Stick and Chicken Nuggets

Mozzarella Stick with Marinara Sauce
We also try out their pasta Carbonara Spaghetti ($15.90) & Spaghetti Bolognese (Beef, $13.90). There are two types of pasta you can choose from spaghetti and linguine. For the carbonara, we choose the linguine as it can hold the cream sauce better. The linguine is al-dente, while the combination of bacon-infused cream sauce with parmesan cheese is just irresistible. 

Linguine Carbonara

Linguine Carbonara
For the Bolognese sauce, I went for the classic spaghetti. The sauce is thick and filled minced beef, however, it was over seasoned this time around as the saltiness level is just off the chart. 

Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti Bolognese
Overall, Pizza Delivery Singapore provided another good pizza and pasta delivery option, for those who like their thin crust pizza. Do give them a try and keep a lookout for their promotions before you order. Ciao!! Cheers!! 

Thank you Best in Singapore and Pizza Delivery Singapore for the Media Drop. 

Food & Drinks: 6.75/10 
Value: 6.75/10 
Service: N/A (Media Drop) 
Ambiance: N/A (Media Drop) 
Budget per Person: $11 - $25; $26 - $50 

Pizza Delivery Singapore 
Handcrafted Wildfire Pizza 

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