Thursday 10 December 2020

[CLOSED] The Beast – Southern Comfort Food

Fried Catfish

The Beast, the name of the restaurant itself will catch your attention. In terms of the servings, you can expect huge servings. However, The Beast offers more than just a huge serving. It brought Southern (Southern United States) cuisine to our shore. Famous for its buttermilk chicken, sweet tea and bourbons, The Beast served all these delights and boasting one of the largest variety bourbons in Singapore. 

The Bar & Bourbon Collections
We brought our two teenage godsons and their mother to try out this place, hoping that the portion will be able to fill them up. We ordered D.I.Y Family Style Meal (4 pax - $150). For the mains, we choose Southern Fried Chicken, Pulled Pork and Fried Catfish. This meal also comes with 4 sides and we picked Truffle fries, Mashed potatoes, Cajun Fries and Cornbread. 

Southern Fried Chicken, the quintessential dish in the “Southern” is a must-try dish here. It has a crispy exterior from the seasoned flour. Come to the flesh, it is amazingly moist and succulent. I noted from the menu that the chicken is brined for 24 hours, however, the tenderness of the chicken is so unexpected, we can’t get enough of this. Till today, LD (not a big fan of fried chicken) still dreaming about this Southern fried chicken. Each portion of the fried chicken is one half of a chicken. Yum Yum. 

Southern Fried Chicken

The fried chicken is served with country gravy and southern slaw, which is very robust and filled with the goodness of the chicken. I even put the gravy on my mashed potatoes, cornbread and even the truffle fries. For the Southern Slaw, purple cabbage is used here. It is crunchy, evenly coated with mayonnaise and the purple cabbage have a touch of bitterness at the end. 

Southern Slaw
Pulled Pork, carnivore version. 10 hour slow cooked pulled pork served with bbq sauce. It is meaty, tender and succulent. Through it is meaty, the acidity in the bbq sauce helps to cut through the fats. The pulled pork also goes well with the baked cornbread. Served in a skillet with melted butter on top, deliver a crusty exterior and crumbly interior. 

Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork
Fried Catfish is indeed unique. Coated with crusted cornflake, it has a super crispy coating. Once you bit into it, you can taste the soft, moist and flaky flesh of the catfish. Surprisingly, there was no muddy taste that usually comes with the catfish. The original version, come as a fish and chips, this is definitely a unique version of fish and chips. 

Fried Catfish

Catfish flesh
The truffle fries are crisp externally and moist internally. It is then liberally sprinkled with parmesan cheese and truffle oil. I am certain truffle fries is not a Southern dish, however, since the fries are nice, I won’t complain about the origin. 

Truffle Fries
Mashed potatoes come in a guge portion, delivering a thick, smooth and buttery potato flavour. The cajun fries has a similar texture to the truffle fries, however, I find the paprika and garlic flavour is too strong, so I dip it in the country gravy instead. 

Mashed Potatoes

Cajun Fries
The boys are not full yet, so we added Farmboy Burger ($22) and Hot Buffalo Wings ($13). Since Godpa is full, I did not try the burger, but the boys say it was good and each one has half of the burger each. 

Farmboy Burger
For the wings, it is crispy, juicy and well coated with hot and sour sauce. Spiciness rating is about 8.5 of 10. 

Hot Buffalo Wings
The D.I.Y Family Style Meal comes with 4 slices Chocolate Cheese Pie. As we are full to the brim, we decided to only have 1 and take away the rest. The thick and solid chocolate sits nicely on the dense crumbs. Meanwhile, the soft pavlova on top helps to balance the thick chocolate flavour. 

Chocolate Cheese Pie
The atmosphere of The Beast is simply casual and rustic. The outdoor furniture is made from wood in traditional Southern style and good for communal dining. The indoor seating is less spacious, as it focuses more on the bar and showcasing its bourbon collections. Service is friendly and efficient. 

Indoor Seating Area
Overall, The Beast Southern Fried Chicken and Fried Cat Fish are their must-try. The menu is limited, however, most of the dishes are well executed and deliver in huge portions. Those who appreciate their drinks, this place has a lot to offer. A must visit place for Southern Comfort Food in Singapore. Cheers!! 

Food & Drinks: 8/10 
Value: 8.5/10 
Service: 7/10 
Ambiance: 7.25/10 
Budget per Person: $26 - $50 

The Beast Southern Kitchen + Bourbon Bar 
17 Jalan Klapa 
Singapore 199329 

T: +65 6295 0017 
IG: @Thebeast_sg 
Tue – Sun, 11.30 – 22.00 
Closed on Monday

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