Sunday 3 January 2021

[CLOSED] Ubi Chomp Chomp – Delicious Braised Duck

Braised Duck - Half

I was introduced to this place by A for a lunch meet up. The owner of the shop is someone who has been in F&B business in Singapore and China for more than 20 years. Since A is familiar with the food here, he takes charge of the ordering. 

Ubi Chomp Chomp

Ubi Chomp Chomp
Braised Duck ($14 half / $28 whole). The flesh is juicy, succulent and well infused with the braising stock. The skin of the duck is smooth and bouncy while the thick gooey sauce poured on top of the dish delivering the umami flavour that rounds up the dish. Yummy. 

Braised Duck - Half
Soy Chicken ($9 half / $18 whole). The thigh and drumstick meat are juicy and succulent, while the skin is just irresistible. However, I feel the breast meat is on the firm side and a bit dry. If they can improve the breast meat texture, it is something to keep a lookout for. Not as good as the duck. 

Soy Chicken - Half

Soy Chicken - Half
Mix plater of Tofu ($0.70), Egg ($0.50), Fish cake ($0.80), Tau pok ($0.50). A delicious combination of sides. I like the tofu best as it is smooth and infused with the braising stock. For those who like pigskin, you can give it a try as well. 

Side Dishes
For the chilli, my makan kakis say “Got Power”. 

Side Dishes
Instead of regular white rice, I decided on Braised Pork Rice ($2.50). It is slightly different from the Taiwanese version. The version here uses long grain rice and loaded with chopped onions compare to the Taiwanese version. 

Braised Pork Rice
This bowl of rice and chopped pork belly are packed with flavours. The fats from the pork belly melt in your mouth and the chopped onions added a delicate sweetness to this dish. Don’t let the pale looking braised egg fooled you, it is well infused with the braising sauce. 

Picture Menu
Other than the dishes that I tried above, Ubi Chomp Chomp also offer mala duck (their own recipe). For breakfast, they have duck porridge and duck mee sua. Not a fan of mala stuff, but I will definitely return to try their breakfast menu in the future. 

Price List
It is an eating house setting, so it is all about the food. Place your order at the counter, make payment and they will deliver your order afterwards. 

CBK Verdict: The Braised pork a must-order dish here together with the braised duck. The soy sauce chicken is not as good as the braised duck but it is not too bad. If you are around Ubi area, give Ubi Chomp Chomp Braised Duck & Soy Chicken a try. Cheers! 

Thank you, A, for introducing this makan place. 

Food & Drinks: 7.25/10 
Value: 7.5/10 
Service: N/A 
Ambiance: 6/10 
Budget per Person: $0-$10 

Ubi Chomp Chomp Braised Duck & Soy Chicken 
Blk 301 Ubi Ave 1 
#01-273 S400301 

IG: @Ubichompbraisedduck 
Sat – Thu: 07.30 – 15.30 
Closed on Friday

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