Monday 8 March 2021

[CLOSED] Wa-I Sushi – Luxurious Omakase Experience [MEDIA INVITE]

Aburi - Flame Torched A5 Wagyu Beef
Wa-I Sushi is a new Omakase restaurant located at The Scarlet Hotel. This 14-seater restaurant is helmed by chefs Simon and Steven, who have extensive experience in Japanese cuisine. Using the freshest and finest seasonal ingredients air-flown from Tokyo’s Toyosu Fish Market three times a week, both chefs have the freedom to curate and execute innovative specialities.

Wa-I Sushi - Shopfront 

Wa-I Sushi - Chef's Table
The main menu here is the Omakase Set, priced at $200++ per pax. Let us take you through the gastronomic experience at Wa-I.

Wa-I Sushi - Dining Area

Wa-I Sushi - Table Setting
Appetizer Two Kind, Lobster Salad and Seaweed in Vinaigrette. The lobster salad is thick, rich and creamy. Meanwhile, the seaweed in vinaigrette has a jellyfish like texture, immerse in tangy seasoning. Not only it opens up your appetite, it also balanced the richness of the lobster salad.

Appetizer Two Kind, Lobster Salad and Seaweed in Vinaigrette

Appetizer Two Kind, Lobster Salad and Seaweed in Vinaigrette
Four Kinds of Sashimi, from the left Akami Zuké (Marinated lean tuna from the upper part of the back), Suzuki (Japanese sea bass) with Caviar and Truffle Oil, Otoro (fatty tuna) and Shima-Aji (striped jack).

Four Kinds of Sashimi
A gastronomic journey of different type of sashimi. Shima-Aji has a clean taste with a slightly chewy texture. Akami Zuké has a silky texture marinated with soy sauce plus a touch of spiciness. Suzuki flavour is usually very mild, providing a perfect base for the pairing with caviar, truffle oil. Otoro is the pinnacle of sashimi, where the flesh just melts in your mouth. We can never get bored of this. This was just WOW!!

Four Kinds of Sashimi
Nimono (Cooked dish), Sea Bream with Burdock, Carrot and Radish. A Japanese style clear fish stew. The sea bream tasted fresh, firm and subtly infused with the flavour of burdock, carrot and radish. It tasted light, yet complex with multiple flavours at the same time.

Nimono (Cooked dish) -
Sea Bream with Burdock, Carrot and Radish

Nimono (Cooked dish) -
Sea Bream with Burdock, Carrot and Radish
Yaki Mono (Grill Dish) -Tiger Prawn Mentaiyaki. Perfectly grilled fresh tiger prawn, sweet, crunchy topped with rich and creamy mentai sauce. It should be eaten with the red pickled ginger sprout, which will tame the richness of the mentai sauce.

Yaki Mono (Grill Dish) -Tiger Prawn Mentaiyaki

Yaki Mono (Grill Dish) -Tiger Prawn Mentaiyaki
Aburi, Flame Torched A5 Wagyu Beef. A5 is the highest rating of wagyu beef that is full of marbling. It is so fatty; it is best to consume in moderation. Chef Simon slightly seasoned the beef with pink Himalayan salt before torching it with the utmost care. It is cooked to a rare point of doneness and served with salad and homemade dipping sauce.

Chef Simon torching the A5 Wagyu Beef
I recommend you ate the first slice without the sauce, this will allow you to enjoy the superb texture and flavour of the A5 Wagyu Beef. The pink and marble slice of A5 Wagyu Beef just fatty, smoothy, silky and melts in the mouth effortlessly. #Beefgasm.

Aburi - Flame Torched A5 Wagyu Beef
The homemade sauce is tangy and packed with a spicy kick, unlike the regular Japanese dipping sauce. Meanwhile, the bitter salad with tangy vinegar dressing complemented the Wagyu beef nicely.

Aburi - Flame Torched A5 Wagyu Beef

Homemade Dipping Sauce
Soup Meatball, Tofu Miso Soup. A soft and flavourful chicken meatball with delicate tofu complements the clean taste of miso soup.

Soup Meatball, Tofu Miso Soup

Soup Meatball, Tofu Miso Soup
Up next are the different types of Sushi. Shima-Aji (striped jack) Nigiri with Wasabi Tobiko. It is smooth, silky with the subtle pops from the tobiko.

Shima-Aji (striped jack) Nigiri with Wasabi Tobiko
Aka Ebi (red shrimp) Nigiri topped with Uni (sea urchin). Fresh, crunchy with creamy umami finish from the uni.

Aka Ebi Nigiri topped with Uni

Aka Ebi Nigiri topped with Uni
Hirame (flounder) with Mentaiko and Edible Flowers. Chewy and crunchy, with delicate edible flowers.

Hirame with Mentaiko and Edible Flowers

Hirame with Mentaiko and Edible Flowers
Chutoro (medium fatty tuna) with Mayo and Tobiko (flying fish roe). Solid maguro flavour, topped with mayonnaise infused with herbs flavour.

Chutoro with Mayo and Tobiko

Chutoro with Mayo and Tobiko
Uni (sea urchin) Roll. #Unigasm Experience!!!

Uni Roll

Uni Roll

Dessert Sea Salt Ice Cream. The ice cream taste was a bit bland in the beginning. We asked Chef Simon to sprinkle a touch of Himalayan salt on top of the ice cream, and the flavour just burst out. Yummy, a nice ending to a superb Omakase dining experience.

Dessert Sea Salt Ice Cream
The décor of the restaurant is cosy and decked in wooden furnishing. The best seating area of course is the Chef’s Table. However, due to the safe distancing measure, the seating there is limited.

Overall, it was a superb dining experience. The menu is carefully curated with the freshest and luxurious ingredients, suitable for that special occasion. The little touch of edible vegetables and herbs elevate each of the dishes. A place to consider for Japanese Omakase Experience. Kanpai! Cheers!

Thank you very much Jennifer Yeo Consultancy and Wa-I Sushi team for hosting us.

Food & Drinks: 8.5/10
Value: 6.5/10
Service: N/A (Tasting Invitation)
Ambiance: 7.5/10
Budget per Person: $81 and above

Wa-I Sushi
33 Erskine Road
#01-01, The Scarlet Hotel
Singapore 069333

T: +65 9724 0123
Tue – Sat: 12.00 – 14.30; 18.00 – 22.00
Closed on Sun & Mon.

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