Monday 20 December 2021

Modori Goodle Collection – Spectacular Korean Kitchenware [MEDIA DROP]

Modori Goodle Collection

A few weeks back, LD and I received an invitation to try out Modori New Goodle Collection. Going through the email, the 1st thing that catches our attention is the design of the cookware. The combination of black metal (like a cast iron look) with the wood handle just bewitched us, we immediately say YES.

Modori Goodle Collection
The Modori New Goodle Collection arrived at our house the following week. The first thing that I notice, the box containing the complete sets of the Goodle collections is lighter than I expected. It consists of Goodle Saucepan, Goodle Frying Pan 24cm, 24cm Pan Lid of Frying Pan, Goodle Egg Pan and Goodle 28cm Wok. Each of the cookware is individually wrapped and packed securely in an outer box, to ensure that you receive the goods in a prestigious condition.

The Outer Box
Internal Packaging & Wrapping
Internal Packaging & Wrapping
So, what is Modori Goodle Collection? It is a cookware that combines all the advantages of coated cookware, stainless steel cookware and cast-iron cookware. It adopts a special Inoble coating, a patented oil road method, and is made of fine coating particles, which enhances the non-stick effect and makes it easier to clean after use.

Goodle 28cm Wok
If you cook regularly at home, you will know that each different type of cookware has its plus and minus points. Modori Goodle Collection, just makes this simple, removing the headache and perfect for everyone, starting from Novice to Expert cook in the Kitchen.

Goodle Frying Pan 24cm
I use the Goodle Frying Pan 24 cm for my pan-fried chicken. I like the way the pan delivers solid heat retention like a cast iron pan. On the third batch of pan-frying the chicken, I only use only a few drops of oil and the chicken thigh seared nicely, sealing the juice inside the flesh and cooked evenly. It delivers the same result as the cast iron and it is easy to clean.

Pan-Fried Chicken using Goodle Frying Pan 24cm

This is where the Inoble Coating shows its strength. Inoble coating uses low-pressure spraying with countless tiny dot-like particles. Repeat the same process 6 times to enhance the durability of the coating. Generally, the thicker the coating, the more cracks will appear, but the Inoble coating will not crack and is 7 times thicker than the ordinary coating.

In addition to PFOA FREE, Modori only uses high-purity aluminum, so there is no need to worry about harmful substances.

Goodle Saucepan
One of my pet peeves when reheating canned soup like mushroom soup or chicken soup is you need to keep stirring so the soup does not split. If the stainless-steel pot becomes too hot, the residue of the soup will stick to the edges of the pot. With Modori Goodle, the soup seems to glide seamlessly around the pot and it does not stick. Another plus point for Goodle.

Chicken Soup with Goodle Saucepan
Finally, I decided to challenge myself to create Tamagoyaki (Japanese Omelette) using the Goodle Egg Pan. The eggs are cooked evenly, it does not stick and I manage to do a full roll. If you are not an egg roll person, you can fry your egg the way you like, do a grill cheese sandwich or fry some bacon or sausages.

Tamagoyaki using Goodle Egg Pan

Grill Cheese Sandwich
The attention to detail in creating Modori Goodle Collections is obvious in the final products. The zen looking wood handle, made from Korean Somei Yoshino cherry tree. It is comfortable to handle, easy to grasp and has no harmful substance. Plus, Modori handle has no rivets, is more hygienic, and is easy to clean!

Goodle Egg Pan
Do that note that all Modori Goodle Collection are suitable for cooking with various stoves (Gas Stove / Induction Cooker / Ceramic Cooker / Heating Plate). It CANNOT be used in the microwave.

CBK Verdict: Impressive. Light, sturdy and deliver all the advantages of coated cookware, stainless steel cookware and cast-iron cookware. It is safe, does not stick and easy to clean. It is suitable for every level of cook, from novice to expert. It is a good investment and makes cooking fun and a breeze. MUST BUY!

Modori Goodle Collection
Consist of:
1. Goodle Saucepan
2. Goodle Frying Pan 24cm
3. 24cm Pan Lid of Frying Pan
4. Goodle Egg Pan
5. Goodle 28cm Wok

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Thank you very much Modori for the Media Drop.


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