Wednesday 6 April 2022

Golden Ocean – Korean Sashimi in the East

Golden Ocean Korean Restaurant is the first Korean restaurant in Singapore where we ever had a Korean signature sashimi set. Since we were at Katong Shopping Centre, we decided on a return visit.

Golden Ocean
We wanted to order the flat fish sashimi, however, they don’t have enough. So, this time around we ordered Assorted Sashimi ($150 for 2 pax) from the Signature Sashimi Set. The set includes assorted seafood, side dishes and spicy stew

Almost immediately, a seaweed soup is served. The flavour is very subtle and the soup is seasoned with the natural flavour of the seaweed.

Seaweed Soup
Following the soup, an assorted seafood plate consisting of mussels and clams was served. They are nice and juicy. It is cooked simply, to allow you to taste the natural sweetness of the mussels and clams. There is a touch of spiciness from the cut chilli to perk up the seafood.

Mussels and Clams
Assorted seafood sashimi, abalone, sea cucumber, sea squirt, octopus and prawns. Most of them tasted very bland and you enjoy them more for the texture. You need the soy sauce and doenjang banga (Korean sashimi dipping sauce) to enhance the flavour of the seafood. The abalone and the prawns are fresh and crunchy, while the sea squirt is chewy and the sea cucumber is soft and bouncy.

Prawns. Octopus, Sea Squirts, Sea Cucumber and Abalone
The side dishes serve include grilled corn with cream and cheese, grilled ginkgo and garlic and grilled saba fish. I like their corn with cream and cheese so much that I have to stop myself, so that I can enjoy the other dishes.

Grilled Corn, Cream & Cheese; Gingko and Garlic
Since I am not a fan of gingko and garlic, I leave that to LD. The saba is nicely grilled, crisp externally followed by juicy flaky flesh.

Saba Fish
Now to the star of the dinner. The assorted fish sashimi plate consists of salmon sashimi, rock fish and flat fish sashimi. The flat fish sashimi has a meaty and resilient texture. It is a bit chewy and it has a subtle sweetness that goes well with the lemon and soy sauce.

Flat Fish (Cream edge), Rock Fish (Black Edge) & Salmon
The rock fish has a smoother and softer texture compared to the flat fish plus the flavour is also sweeter. Both the flat fish and rock fish is served at room temperature, as it is likely just taken from the fish tank in the dining room earlier.

Flat Fish (Cream edge), Rock Fish (Black Edge) & Salmon
The salmon sashimi in a Korean restaurant is different from the Japanese restaurant. The cuts that reach our table are still frozen. If you eat it immediately, it is almost like eating a salmon popsicle. It is best if you let it thaw, you can enjoy the chilled version. However, I still prefer the salmon sashimi served in a Japanese restaurant. LD says to scrap the salmon next time, LOL!

Acorn jelly with seaweed served cold. The soup is tangy and spicy. Since acorn jelly is almost tasteless, the seaweed and the soup supplement the flavours.

Acorn Jelly with Seaweed
Cooked food, chicken and leek skewers, prawn tempura and fish tempura. The cooked food gives a nice break from the raw fish dishes. Though I enjoy the prawn and fish tempura, the chicken skewers are a bit tough to my liking. Somehow, the skewers were thrown in to add the numbers and does not fit the seafood theme.

Chicken & Leek Skewers, Prawn Tempura
Fish Tempura (bottom)
Fish stew is the final dish. The parts of the fish that can’t be used for sashimi are used here cooked with radish, bean sprouts, watercress and a dollop of red pepper powder. The soup is light, a bit peppery yet it helps to chase out the jelakness (‘overwhelming’) from all the food we consumed. We feel ramen will go well with the dish, so we ordered one to be cooked in the stew. We enjoy the combination of fresh fish, radish and bean sprouts. It gave a healthy ending to the meal.

Fish Stew
Fish Stew with Ramen
For the sweet ending, each one of us gets a popsicle. LD choose the lime flavour, while I choose the plum.

Plume & Lime Popsicles
The décor of the restaurant is very simple, reminds me of a family restaurant. There are a few fish tanks in the restaurant to keep live fish and other seafood. Service is friendly, but when it is crowded you need to be prepared to wait a while as they are always under staff.

Menu 1
Overall, we have returned to the Golden Ocean a few times since our initial visit in 2021. We feel the food is good and the overall experience are enjoyable. Cheers!

Menu 2
Food & Drink: 7.5/10
Value: 6.5/10
Service: 6.25/10
Ambiance: 6/10
Budget per Person: $51 - $80; $81 and above

Golden Ocean Korean Restaurant
865 Mountbatten Road
#01-41/43 Katong Shopping Centre
Singapore 437844

T: +65 9008 2049
Tue – Sun: 12.00 – 22.30
Closed on Monday

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