Sunday 18 June 2023

Jia Li Seafood Soup – Yummy Seafood Soup [MEDIA INVITE]

Jia Li Seafood Soup, formally known as Sin Kee Seafood Soup started off in Singapore’s North area. Armed with an established secret recipe that is passed down to the founder, Jia Li Seafood Soup (“Jia Li”) is known for its addictive and umami-rich seafood broth.

The secret of the signature seafood broth is the premium Japanese dried scallop. It is slow-cooked over several hours together with other ingredients such as chicken and pork ribs. To deliver that irresistible flavour in the MSG-free broth, the secret sauce is added to every order.

For this tasting, we went to their Upper Serangoon Road outlet.

Jia Li served three types of fish for their seafood soup: Dory Fish, Batang Fish and Red Grouper. They also served three types of seafood soup: regular Seafood Soup, Seafood Soup with Crayfish, and Seafood Soup with Crayfish and Prawns.

Seafood Soup with Crayfish and Prawns with Red Grouper
We started with their Seafood Soup with Crayfish and Prawns with Red Grouper ($23). The bowl of soup is packed to the brim, while the mountainous ingredients just whet your appetite. The broth is cloudy and a bit reddish from the prawns and crayfish. Once we sip the broth, it feels like we are inhaling the essence of the seafood, packed with umami, a touch of brininess and sweetness from the bone essence.

The Crayfish
The prawns are big and crunchy, while the crayfish are juicy and easily peeled off from the exoskeleton. The red grouper is fresh, but it seems that it was a bit overcooked as the flesh easily fall apart. The surprise flavour bomb here comes from the meatballs. Made fresh daily, it is packed with minced pork, mushroom and secret ingredients.

The Prawn
The Awesome Meatball
Red Grouper
The second soup that we choose is the Seafood Soup with Batang Fish ($11.50 for big). Our first impression, it looks almost the same as the crayfish version. However, once we sip it, we realise this version is sweeter and less briny compared to the one with the crayfish. Unlike the red grouper, the batang fish flesh is firmer, sweet, moist and silky. It was just delicious. Not forgetting the super yummy rustic-looking meatballs.

Seafood Soup with Batang Fish 
Seafood Soup with Batang Fish 
Overall, LD and I feel both of Seafood Soup are equally good, however, if we have to choose, we will go for the Batang Fish Seafood Soup. The broth is less briny, robust and loaded with umami flavour. If you like crayfish, the Seafood Soup with Crayfish and Prawns will be the perfect choice for you. Cheers!!

Thank you very much Protegie and Jia Li Seafood Soup for the media invite.

Food & Drink: 7.5/10
Value: 7/10
Service: N/A (Media Invite)
Ambiance: Coffee Shop
Budget per Person: $0 - $10; $11 - $25

Jia Li Seafood Soup @Upper Serangoon Road
941 Upper Serangoon Road
Singapore 534709

Fri – Wed: 11.00 – 23.00
Thu: 11.00 – 22.00

Other Location:
21 Woodlands Close, #01-23/24 Prim Bizhub, Singapore 737854
3 Gateway Drive, #B1-28/29 Food Republic @ Westgate, Singapore 608532
33 Lor Liput, Singapore 277744
26 Upper Changi Road, New Gem Coffeehouse, Singapore 462026
(Operating hours differ for each branch).

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