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Akanoya Robatayaki – Hakken Omakase [MEDIA INVITE]

Akanoya Robatayaki is a Japanese bincho grill restaurant by the Akashi Group showcasing the revered robatayaki tradition. The robatayaki counter takes centre stage once you enter Akanoya, displaying the latest seasonal ingredients sourced by Akashi Group Japan-based team. The freshest ingredients are to be flown in to Singapore two into three times weekly.

The Marketplace / Fresh Ingredients
Customers can decide if they want an ala carte option by choosing the freshest ingredients on display or allowing the chef to curate their menu for Lunch set or Seasonal Omakase dinner menu. We are here to try Akanoya’s latest Omakase and Tea Pairing Menu Hakken [$168++; *Tea Pairing $38++].

Hakken Menu
The tasting started with Otoshi (Compulsory Appetizer) – Roasted Pumpkin and salad. The pumpkin is soft, sweet, smoky and complimented by creamy crab egg. The crispy Sakura ebi and crunchy pickles add a nice contrasting texture to the dish.

Otoshi - Roasted Pumpkin & Salad
Agemono (Deep-Fried) - Crab Croquette, Liver Sauce, Ikura. I like the crispy exterior of the crab croquette, followed by smooth and creamy fillings. The crab egg and liver sauce add a different taste and level of creaminess, while the bursting ikura introduces umami to this dish.

Agemono (Deep-Fried) -
Crab Croquette, Liver Sauce, Ikura
The 1st drink of this tea pairing is Ginger & Passion fruit. Lemon ginger tea, passion fruit and soda. The strong ginger taste helps to balance the strong flavour of the liver sauce.

Ginger & Passion Fruit
Bread – Milk Toast with Seafood Butter. Soft, pillowy and milky flavour bread provides a nice canvas to dip the strong and bold flavours of the seafood butter. This combination is so heavenly matched, and I wish I could have more.

Bread – Milk Toast with Seafood Butter
Nimono (Simmered Dish) - Meat and Potatoes. Consists of Chicken, truffle, mashed potato and braised potato. A comforting dish, as the succulent chicken paired well with two different textures of potatoes and truffle. 

Nimono (Simmered Dish) - Meat and Potatoes
Osuimono (Clear Soup) – Shell Fish Soup. This clear-looking broth is not as simple as it looks. Made with dry-aged fish bone, it infused complex and smoky flavour from the first slurp. The Fish Milt, prawn and mushroom, infused natural seafood sweetness to the broth.

Osuimono (Clear Soup) – Shell Fish Soup. 
Kushi (skewer) – Grilled Chicken, Grilled Wagyu, Grilled Pork Belly. For this dish, the robatayaki chef passed us the plate using the paddle, just like the old days when fishermen passed the food. There are three dipping sauces on the plate, yuzu mayo, black miso garlic and yuzu kosho.

Chef with the Paddle
Kushi (Skewers)
The Omi Wagyu brisket is amazing. The marbling and meat ratio is spot on, with a touch of caramelisation, the brisket just slowly melts in my mouth.

Omi Wagyu Brisket
The chicken is crisp and succulent. The meat is very tender covered with a lovely charred externally. Any of the dipping sauces will go well with the chicken.

Chicken Skewer
The pork belly is a bit dry, however, this also intensifies the flavour. I had mine with yuzu kosho and black miso garlic dip, as the pork belly is better with stronger dips.

Pork Belly
The 2nd drink of this tea pairing is Sudachi Lime, Bergamot. The tea base is Lady Grey which is a black tea with a touch of orange flavour tea. Once you add a dash of the Sudachi lime, the sweet and zesty flavour increases and helps to balance the “jelakness” from the kushi.

Sudachi Lime, Bergamot
Yasai (Stir-Fried Vegetables) – Asparagus, Green Pepper, Onion. Fresh and crunchy while allowing the original flavours of the vegetables to shine. The miso onion sauce adds a subtle earthy and sweet taste to the vegetables.

Yasai (Stir-Fried Vegetables) – Asparagus, Green Pepper, Onion
Sakana (Fish) – Braised Sea Bream. Firm, sweet and flavourful. I like the crunchy texture of the burdock, but the creamy fish liver is an absolute delight.

Sakana (Fish) – Braised Sea Bream
The 3rd drink of this tea pairing is Black Pepper, Darjeeling. Served hot, the warmth from Sarawak black pepper infused nicely with the Darjeeling tea. Warm and comforting, suitable for the next solid dishes.

Black Pepper, Darjeeling
Nikku (Meat) – Omi Gyu Beef Cheek, Leek, Mido. A lovely braised dish. The melt-in-your-mouth beef cheek is served on the bed of mashed potato. The braising sauce is sweet and robust, topped with the mini greens and fried garlic providing a crisp and crunchy texture.

Nikku (Meat) – Omi Gyu Beef Cheek, Leek, Mido
Donabe (Claypot) – Sakura Ebi, Butter, Rice. Lovely flavoured rice mixed with Sakura ebi, ikura and sliced abalone. As the rice is cooked in the claypot, some parts are crispy with a bit of charred flavour. Yummy!!

Donabe (Claypot) – Sakura Ebi, Butter, Rice
At this point, I am very full and ready to be rolled out of the door. However, for those who might need additional serving to reach the satisfaction point, you can order the Somen. Dashi base broth, somen and spring onion. The clear broth is umami-laden and the somen is smooth, silky and with a touch of al-dente. A comforting end to the meal.

The final drink of this tea pairing is Mujicha (Mugicha) Soda. Roasted barley tea with soda.

Mujicha (Mugicha) Soda
Dessert is Warabi Mochi – Chestnut Mochi, Brown Sugar, Sesame Ice Cream. Foamy, slightly chewy with a nice brown sugar. A nice ending to the meal.

Warabi Mochi
Located at Orchard Rendezvous Hotel, Akanoya is a bit far from the heart of the shopping area of Orchard Road. Even drivers, will not notice as it is near the bent of the road where we have to concentrate on our driving, instead of admiring the view. Once you pass St Regis, look to your right, and you can see the grand Japanese structure of Akanoya.

When you enter the restaurant, you will be welcomed by the robatayaki counter with seats. This is probably the best seat in the house for foodies like us as we can see the chefs in action and engage with them. On the right, there is a holding room / bar, catering for drinks while you wait for your seat or nightcap. On the left, there are seating area for a more private and intimate setting.

Robatayaki Counter
The Bar
Overall, it was an exquisite robatayaki experience. The serving of the Hakken Omakase Menu is very generous, filled with great ingredients and the tea pairing flows with the meal nicely. For someone looking or enjoy a robatayaki experience, you must consider Akanoya Robatayaki. Kanpai!! Cheers!!

Thank you very much Kristine, Chef Brandon, William and Akanoya Team for hosting us.

Food & Drink: 9.25/10
Value: 8.5/10
Service: N/A (Media Invite)
Ambiance: 8.5/10
Budget per Person: $81 & Above

Akanoya Robatayaki
1 Tanglin Road
#01-01 Orchard Rendezvous Hotel
Singapore 247905

T: +65 6732 1866
IG: @Akanoyarobatayaki
Daily 12.00 – 14.30; 17.30 – 01.30

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