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Bites & Brews – A Laid Back Resort Like Café with Yummy Food [MEDIA INVITE]

Bites and Brews Singapore (“B&B”) is the first official outpost of the Shanghai-based Bibimi F&B Group. The Singapore outpost is located in our Peranakan heritage neighbourhood, Joo Chiat. This new 60-seater casual dining restaurant embodies the brand’s commitment to sustainability and embracing the heritage of its surroundings.

Bites & Brews
B&B Facade (Image Credit: Bites & Brew)
In line with its sustainability theme, B&B is decorated with warm textured wood furnishing, recycled doors, windows and open brick walls which also creates a laid-back resort-like ambiance. The furniture used is sourced from second-hand, while the Perankanan-inspired fabric ceiling drapes, lamps and tiles add an extra touch of charm and pay homage to the rich heritage of Joo Chiat.

Al-Fresco Dining Area
Part of Indoor Dining Area
Peranakan Inspired Light & Vase
To set the mood, the music is controlled by a team member from the DJ station. During brunch, the music is tuned to something hipper to lift the spirit of the diners, while in the evening it will induce more calming music to set intimate dining scene and to chill.

Part of Indoor Dining Area, DJ area under the B&B logo
We started our dining experience at B&B with some mocktails. Passion Fruit – Raspberry Lemonade [$9] made with Fresh passion fruit, homemade raspberry juice, Lemon juice, soda water. A refreshing combination of citrus and berries.

Passion Fruit – Raspberry Lemonade
Kaffir Limes – Lemongrass Sencha Tea [$9] made with Resh kaffir lime, fresh calamansi, cold sencha tea, cold brew butterfly pea flowers. A complex drink with Peranakan influence.

Kaffir Limes – Lemongrass Sencha Tea 
Following the drinks is Shawarma Lamb Pide Pizza [$28]. This boat-shaped pizza is inspired by Turkish tradition. The sourdough base pizza crust is crisp and fluffy with a nice chewiness. The lamb shawarma uses premium lamb shoulder, marinated for 12-hours in a blend of Middle Eastern spices and sous-vide for 24 hours. Completing the generous toppings are creamy feta cheese, spicy red pepper sauce infused with Middle Eastern-style yoghurt, roasted peppers and fresh mint. What a “Flavour Bomb”

Shawarma Lamb Pide Pizza 
B&B Cheeseburger Burger [$28] - Kimchi Jam, Spicy Mayo and Arugula. Soft and fluffy charcoal buns with perfectly cooked burger patty and melted cheese. The kimchi jam and spicy mayo work wonders on the background, infusing sweet, fermented and creamy flavour.

B&B Cheeseburger 
Perfectly Cooked Patty
Grilled Iberico Pork Jowl [$35] – Coffee-roasted parsnip, pea sprouts, grilled pineapple, fig-sesame mostarda. At a glance, it looks like a simple stir-fried dish. It turns out to be the opposite. The pork jowl is tasty and juicy, the parsnip is crunchy with a lovely smoky aroma, while grilled pineapple and fig-sesame mostarda added a different type of sweetness to this dish. A lovely dish with plenty of flavours.

Grilled Iberico Pork Jowl 
Spicy “Pina Colada” Red Snapper [$45]. A signature dish at BB inspired by Puerto Rico's Pina Colada cocktails. The red snapper is firm yet tender, stuffed with Chinese cabbage, kaffir lime & ginger, topped with house-made basil-lime leaves oil and luscious pina colada sauce.

Spicy “Pina Colada” Red Snapper 
The result is a culinary delight, sophisticated and filled with the charm of the tropical ocean. Love the combination of the creamy pina colada and the perfectly cooked fish.

Mapo Tofu Lasagna [$21] Sichuan meat & tofu ragu, mozzarella, tomato sauce, parmesan. A fusion of Chinese and Italian cuisine. Instead of the usual creamy tomato, the fillings are replaced with Signature mapo tofu meat sauce and the sauce sips nicely into the pasta sheets. The signature mala spicy Sichuan flavour helps to balance the usually rich lasagna dish.

Mapo Tofu Lasagna
Dessert was Berries & Cream Waffle [$18] – Fresh berries, raspberry gel, strawberry chamomile gelato, whipped cream. The crispy and chewy waffle provided a nice comfort and a sweet ending to the meal.

Berries & Cream Waffle 
Don’t forget to check out their Signature Cocktails such as RUMORbanana (finest Bumbu Rum, homemade apricot-honey cordial, Assam Tea); DRUNKMatchaka (Gin, homemade raspberry jam, Matcha tea); and TomRUMYum (coconut water, lime juice, Rum, kaffir lime and ginger juice).

Overall, LD and I had a great time during our tasting session. The culinary creations are well executed and each have a unique twist. Our pick for the food are Lamb Shawarma Pide Pizza, Grilled Iberico Pork Jowl and Spicy “Pina Colada” Red Snapper. The Signature cocktails and mocktails are a must-try as well. Cheers!!

B&B SG Menu 1
B&B SG Menu 2
I brought my overseas guests for brunch the following week and I ordered Lamb Shawarma Benedict [$28] – Poached eggs, harissa hollandaise, spinach, house-made brioche. I must say, anything with Lamb Shawarma on B&B’s menu is a must order!!

Lamb Shawarma Benedict 

Flat White
Thank you, Christine (CQ Works) and Team Bites & Brews, for the invitation and for hosting us.

B&B SG Menu 3
B&B SG Menu 4
Food & Drink: 8.5/10
Value: 7.5/10
Service: N/A (Media Invite)
Ambiance: 8.75/10
Budget per Person: $26-$50; $51 – 80

Bites & Brews
15 Crane Road
Singapore 429360

T: +65 8815 9615
Tue to Thu and Sun, 11.00 – 22.00
Fri, 11.00 - Midnight
Sat, 10.00 - Midnight
Closed on Mon

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