Sunday 23 June 2024

TheFoodPan3 – New Local Pies Flavour [MEDIA DROP]

The team from TheFoodPan3 just dropped off their latest creations of savoury meat pies. They have created 2 new locally inspired flavours pies, Ayam Kari Kapitan [$8] and Chunky Beef Rendang [$9].

Delivery from TheFoodPan3
TheFoodPan3 is a home-based business that make its artisanal pies from scratch. The base of the pie is thick, buttery, yet you can taste the puffiness in the pastry. The pies are freshly baked and they try to time it as close as possible to the delivery or picked up time. Another thing that impresses me, is the size of their pies. They are HUGE!

The Pies
When I opened the top pastry of the Ayam Kari Kapitan pie, the ingredients filled the pie to the brim. The fillings consist of one-half of a hard-boiled egg, chunky carrots, potatoes and chicken pieces. All of the coated in curry and deliver spicy and rich flavour. I can taste the rich and robust flavour of the curry chicken, encased in the puffy, buttery pastry in every bite. The spiciness level is around 8/10. Yummy.

Ayam Kari Kapitan Pies
Moving to the Chunky Beef Rendang. Shape-wise, it is probably one of the closest-looking pies to the one I like to consume in Australia, but double in size. When I slice the pie, I can smell the aromatic rempah, herbs and spices coming out from the fillings. The beef is soft, fork tender, soaks up all the rempah, herbs and spices inside. Since it is a rendang, the fillings are a bit on the sweet side.

Chunky Beef Rendang
TheFoodPan3 team also send us the classic pies, Classic Chicken Pie [$7] and Red Wine Chunky Beef Pie [$9]. I reviewed them previously; however, it seems the taste of the classic pies have improved.

For the Classic Chicken Pie, the fillings consist of chicken, potatoes, carrots, peas, cooked in cream and one-half of a hard-boiled egg added during the pie-making process. The cream binds all the ingredients together, yet it is not heavy and allows the natural flavour of the ingredients to stand out. Definitely, one of the best chicken pies I ever tried in Singapore.

Classic Chicken Pie
The red wine chunky beef pies are the ones with dry chopped herbs on top. When I cut through the pies, the fillings did not flow out easily. It shows that they packed the fillings to the brim. The chunky beef cuts are lean, yet it is tender and well cooked. The gravy cooked with carrot and red wine, penetrated well into the inner part of the meat and at the same time extracted the beef essence into the delicious gravy.

Red Wine Chunky Beef Pie
CBK Verdict: I am impressed with the latest creation from TheFoodPan3. They have gone local with Ayam Kari Kapitan and Chunky Beef Rendang Pies, and they are pretty nice. If you like meat pies like I do, TheFoodPan3 artisanal meat pies are definitely a must-try. Cheers!!

Storage conditions: If you order the pies fresh, you can keep them refrigerated for 3 days. Or you can order the pies frozen, then you can keep them longer. Reheat instructions will be provided on the box as well.

Storage & Reheating instructions
Thank you very much TheFoodPan3 for arranging the delivery.

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