Monday 27 October 2014

2The Pot – Mookata and Chicken Pot [CLOSED]

Thank you very much to OpenRice and 2The Pot team for the food tasting invitation.

Ready for Mookata
2The Pot is the first restaurant in Singapore that serve Mookata and Chicken Pot under one roof. As both current dishes are very popular to diners in Singapore, 2The Pot is trying to capitalise on this and help diners avoid making the difficult choice so everyone can have the best taste of both world. FYI, this is the first time Chubby Botak Koala ever had Chicken Pot, as LD don't like her pot of food full black sauce. :)

Dining Area - 1st Floor

The two storey shop is located along Joo Chiat Road after the junction of Dunman food centre towards the direction of I12. There is a big public car park behind the establishment, so parking won't be a problem if you are driving there. Decor is very casual, with white painted wall, more like a cafe than a restaurant.

Dining Area - 2nd Floor

For appetizer we were served papadum. Yup, your eyes did not fool you. They server Indian crackers for appetizer. Nice idea but it is tasted a little stale. For drink, their Thai ice milk tea is a must try. Although the tea flavour is not as strong as the one in Thai, the overall taste is quite authentic and it helps to cool you down from the upcoming heat from the food.


We started with Spicy Chicken Pot – 1/2 chicken ($26.80). Serve on a black pot with dark gravy, the the ingredients is inconspicuous. From the top the chillies look prominent and quite scary. The chicken here is tender and succulent, with a hint of wine marinate. It absorbs the gravy nicely and the spiciness is quite subtle. I rate the spiciness about 3/5, as I did not run looking for my drinks. If we are not here for the tasting session, I will probably ask for white rice to go with the chicken pot.

 Spicy Chicken Pot – 1/2 chicken

Chicken from The Chicken Pot

While we start putting stuff on the Mookata and waiting for it to cooked, we were served the Laksa Chicken Pot – 1/2 chicken ($28.80), Thai Fish Cake ($8.90 - 5pcs) and Fried Mini Buns ($3 – 5pcs). The Thai Fish Cake slightly chewy, bouncy and surprisingly not spicy. It can be a good starter.

 Fried Mini Buns

Thai Fish Cake

For the Laksa pot, I say it is the best dish for the night. It is thick and rich of coconut milk (very lemak). The chicken meat are tender and succulent, and you can taste the hint of rice wine seasoning used on the meat. This is where the fried buns are important, where you basically break it and dunk it in the laksa gravy, and it will soak up all the goodness in it. Another options probably Tao Pok, Tau Kee, rice or noodle to absorb this delicious curry. Yum Yum.

 Laksa Chicken Pot – 1/2 chicken 

Just as we finished with the Laksa, the grilled meat from the mookata are ready. The Mookata Set Meal ($38.80) actually come with combination of different type of meats and seafood (chicken frank, meat balls, marinated chicken thigh, marinated pork and pork belly, squids, prawns, etc) eggs and a huge basket of vegetables.

The Mookata Set Meal

Because of the limited space on the grill, the meat are cut too small. The time it took to be ready, made the meat turn dry. For the steamboat part, we have chicken soup base and tom yum soup base. The broth is robust and flavourful. Although I did not manage to try the tom yum, from the feedback that I gathered it just have the twist of spiciness and tanginess into it.

Mookata Cooking

Grilled Meat and boiled Fishball Cooked

To add to the grill, we were introduce to 2the pot Marinated Beef ($10) & Korean Spice Pork Belly ($9.50). Hmmm, Korean marinate grilled on the Mookata grill, a fusion of Thai and Korean is pretty interesting. Both the beef and pork are tender, while the marinate are quite subtle and did not cover the flavour of the meat.

2the pot Marinated Beef
 Korean Spice Pork Belly

Marinated Beef and Korean Pork Belly on the Grill

Assam Chicken Pot – 1/2 Chicken ($28.80). The Assam Pot is actually looks identical to the Laksa Pot. Although it has a more sour and tanginess to it, I find they can do without this dish and stick with the laksa. The chicken are tender and succulent, but unlike the laksa, the flavour did not go into the chicken.

Assam Chicken Pot – 1/2 Chicken

While we have a splendid time enjoying the meal here, we kind of wonder if the owners / chefs are trying to do too much to please the customers. I personally feel that it is better for them to perfect the mookata and Chicken Pot. Since the Laksa pot is the best dish, they should keep serving this dish and forget about the assam. Value wise, I hope they can increase the meat serving size by 25% on the mookata, and for the chicken pot, just increase the price a little but give a whole chicken instead of half.

How We ate all the above :)

Thai Iced Milk Tea
Best to cool down the heat
Overall, it is a good place for folks who enjoy mookata and chicken pot. Be warned, as there is no exhaust system, expect coming out of the place smells like grilled pork. My camera bag is a living proof of this. For first timer like myself, its a must try. Cheers!!

Food & Drink: 7.5/10
Value: 6/10
Service: n/a
Budget per Person: $26 - $50

2The Pot
333 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427588

T: +65 63421007
Tue - Thu: 17.00 - Midnight
Fri, Eve of PH: 17.00 – 01.00
Sat :12.00 – 01.00
Sun, PH: 12.00 – 00.00
Closed on Mon 

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