Tuesday 14 October 2014

[CLOSED] The King Louis Bar & Grill – Halloween King Louis Style

The King Louis
Thank you very much to OpenRice and The King Louis Team for the invitation to the tasting of Halloween Feast.

King Louis Bar and Grill ('King Louis') is the first medieval theme restaurant in Singapore. Located on the third floor of Vivocity at the Golden Village section. The third floor of Vivocity is a combination of indoor and outdoor area, therefore able to put up this prominent sign on the outdoor, together with ancient castle decorations complete with armoured guards.

The Front Dining Area

When you enter the restaurant, the first half of the restaurant is furnished with wooden tables and bench according to the medieval theme. Alas, closer to the 2nd half of the restaurant is decorated more like a corporate meeting room rather than medieval castle theme, a bit of loss of identity halfway through. To incorporate Halloween theme this month, the King Louis has added a touch of Halloween theme with pumpkins and black-orange décor to create the atmosphere.

The opposite sitting area

The Halloween feast started with Highlandar Pumpkin Soup. The soup is thick, smooth and creamy. It is slightly on the sweet side and garlic bread is there to offset the sweetness. Portion is quite generous for a starter and it feels a bit heavy for an appetiser.

Highlandar Pumpkin Soup

English style Bacon Caesar Salad & The King Louis Platter. The salad is quite ordinary, consist of lettuce, croutons, sliced hard boiled egg and bacon. The dressing is creamy with a twist of tanginess to it.

English style Bacon Caesar Salad

The King Louis platter is basically 3/4 fried stuff and 1/4 veggies served with sweet chilli sauce. It has two pieces of fried sausages, fried wedges and fried onion rings. The sausages are hard and salty, but the dish are saved by the crispy yet moist onion rings and the wedges. If fried stuff is not your thing, stick with the veggies.

The King Louis Platter
Next up is the Queen Isabelle Platter. The platter has stacks of Roast Beef with Black Pepper Sauce, Premium Baby Back Ribs, Roast English Style Queen Pullet and Lamb Steak with Rosemary Herbs. Covered by all the proteins are sautéed vegetables, roast potatoes, salads and fruits (Orange, apple and pineapple) on skewers.

Queen Isabelle Platter
We ordered our roast beef cooked to medium rare. The meat is not from best cut, but kudos to the chef to make sure that it is tender. According to the insider info, it was well marinated before it was seared, roasted, sliced and put on the grill for the final touch. It is cooked to between medium rare to medium, tender with pinkish colour in the middle.

The baby back ribs is sweet and fall of the bone. Kind of remind you of the Tony Romas or Cafe Cartel style. I preferred a little bit more bites to my ribs, but this is individual preference. A quick check with cptslowyeo (another openricer), who just came back from the Uncle Sam land, the one that I like is more to the Northern style while the one served here is more to the southern style.

Queen Isabelle Platter (the other side)
The lamb chop is gamey, hard and chewy. Maybe a little meat tenderiser will help though. The chicken, is dry and not succulent for the breast part, while it was slightly better on the thigh and drumstick. Very inconsistent in the cooking and personally I won't actually recommend these two items. The best part of the sides is the pineapple. You should have a few slices with the proteins, as it helps to cut through the fats and stop you from being overwhelm by meat.

For desserts, we had coconut ice cream with almond shavings. Surprisingly it is quite good, not very sweet and the shaved almond provide the crunchy texture. I only manage to have a few bites because I was in food comma after all the proteins intake.

Coconut Ice Cream
Overall, I find that dining in King Louis is more like dining in one of the restaurant in a theme park where a big group will come together and have a great time. You might have to lower down your gastronomic expectation. The Halloween feast that we had was priced at $149.90 and it is easy can feed a group of 6 and can be consider value for money. With a little tweak and more attention to the cooking time, the food has the potential to be better. Cheers and Happy Halloween !!!

Food & Drink: 6.5/10
Value: 8/10
Service: 6/10
Ambiance: 7/10
Budget Per person: $26 - $50

The King Louis Bar & Grill
1 Harbourfront Walk
#03-07A, Vivocity
(Escalator from GV Cinema Section)

T: +65 8363 5411
Sun – Thu: 12.00 – 22.00

Fri, Sat, Eve of PH: 12.00 – 23.00

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