Tuesday 5 January 2016

DoSiRak - #Shake It Up [MEDIA INVITE]


Alright, we have just past by the Christmas and New Year festive period. Which means, we are more likely to have stuffed ourself silly and need a bit of respite before the Chinese New Year knocking in front of us. So if you feel like something healthy, low in calories or detoxing, you can consider DoSiRak.

How to Build your DoSiRak!

DoSiRak means lunch box in Korean. Set up by half-Korean, half-Singaporean brothers Edward and Eugene Chia in October 2014, DoSiRak re-introduces the healthier and modern version of age-old method of enjoying a traditional Korean lunch bowl usually comprising rice, a type of meat and a medley of vegetables before mixing in gochujang (Korean chilli sauce). If you are watching your weight, there is even a calories count on each mix and all the DoSiRak menu is less than 500 calories. DoSiRak also recognised by Health Promotion Board Singapore as Healthier Dining Partner.

Healthier Dining Partner Recognition by HPB

In DoSiRak, the lunch box is served in a look-a-like large size pint of ice cream container. The design of the container inspired from tiles normally used in Korea. The container are then filled up to 75% full to allow enough space to shake the ingredients. How about it, you get to play with your food and eat healthy at the same time.

DoSiRak in preparation

The ingredients in DoSiRak are prepared in the minimalist way. Vegetables are served raw or lightly blanched with minimum seasoning. Meat are cooked sous-vide to lock in the flavour. Best part, No MSG are used here, period.

Avocado Sweet Potato Mix

We started our tasting with Avocado sweet potato mix ($9.90). Ingredients include spinach, red cabbage, beansprouts, shittake, white radish. A normal menu will come with rice, however if want to skip the carbo, you can choose cauliflower rice ($3) as your base. At first, we tasted it without add the gochujang.

After a bit of Shaking

The ingredients tasted very natural. You can taste the sweetness of the sweet potato, a hint of bitterness from the spinach and red cabbage, together with the creaminess of avocado. The cauliflower rice has a similar texture to couscous, however it is lighter and fluffier compare to couscous.

Adding Gochujang in the mix

We finally decided to #ShakeItUp (Check out the clip below). So you pour gochujang in to the mix. The gochujang works well to bind all the ingredients together. It is thick, sweet and spicy with a hint of vinegar at the same time, which works wonderfully to arouse your appetite.

Next up is the Pumpkin Tofu ($8.90). A white rice base combined with enoki mushrooms, spinach, white radish, black beans and purple cabbage. The vegetables are lightly seasoned and allows the ingredients to speak for itself. I like the pumpkin, tofu and black bean in this dish.

Pumpkin Tofu with Rice Mix

The finale was Smoked Duck with Cold Noodle as a base. Yup, now we finally tried some meat protein. The vegetables was corn, carrot, cabbage and mushrooms. As the thin and springy noodle already seasoned, you can actually skip the gochujang in this dish.

Smoked Duck with Cold Noodle

Smoked Duck with Cold Noodle (after #ShakeItUp)

Overall, DoSiRak really provide a good healthy meal with no fuss. As a foodie, we do need some holistic food once in awhile.

Fresh Food Truck Illustration - Photo Credit: DoSiRak

By the way, in the month of January to March 2016, DoSiRak is collaborating with The Food Bank Singapore launching a campaign at their China Square Outlet and EU Bizhub East outlets. It is to help raise funds for equipment that will help feed the underprivileged in Singapore. For every meal sold, DoSiRak will pledge $1 to directly fund this Fresh Food Truck. If customers would like to make additional donation to the fund, they may do so with any amount over DoSiRak Counters, and DoSiRak will reward large donors with a complimentary NuHoney beverage.

Nu-Honey Drinks

Food & Drink: 7/10
Value: 7/10
Service: N/A (Tasting Invitation)
Ambiance: 7/10
Budget per Person: $0 – $10; $11 - $25

18 Cross Street
#01-02, China Square Central
Singapore 048423

T: +65 6536 6034
Mon – Fri: 11.30 – 18.00
Closed on Sat, Sun & PH

Menu and other outlet location available online.

Further Information on The Food Bank Singapore can be found here http://www.foodbank.sg/

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