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Joie by Dozo – Elegant Meatless Dining Experience [MEDIA INVITE]

Joie by Dozo is a multi-sensory meatless dining experience created by the same group behind the defunct Dozo. Located at tallest floor of Orchard Central, it provided a awesome setting to the restaurant. The place is bright, classy yet elegant definitely a place you bring someone to impress.

Dining Area

Restaurants operated by Dozo previously are known for their set menu. This time around it is of no different. 6 course set for lunch is priced at $38.80++, while 7 course set is priced at $68.80++. Menu offered by Joie will tingle your taste buds with 5 basic taste: sweet, sour, bitter, salty and savory on each plate. Starter will be chosen by the Chef, while Side dish, Cold dish, Soup, Main, Dessert and Drink you can choose one from the menu.

Fried Pasta

While we are waiting for everyone to arrive, we started with a nibble of fried pasta where we mistaken it as diffusers for essential oil. A citrusy palate cleanser was served before the starter, cold, tangy and refreshing.

Citrusy palate cleanser

We started the tasting with Chef's Selection of Assorted Platter. Raspberry sphere on crackers, “salmon sashimi” and seaweed crackers. A delightful plate to start the dinner. Seaweed cracker is plain but crispy provide a good start to the dish. Followed with the wholesome flavour of pickled carrot that tasted almost like salmon sashimi. The finale is the raspberry sphere that explodes in your mouth. Make sure your mouth is fully covered before biting into the sphere or you will turn into a Merlion.

Chef's Selection of Assorted Platter

[Side Dish] Gratinated Champignon with Mozzarella. Joie answer to baked escargot. Thick cheese layered on top, covered the button mushroom and seal the natural juice of the mushroom in it. There is a focaccia to accompany it, but it is good on its own.

Gratinated Champignon with Mozzarell

[Side Dish] Tempura Platter on Mash. A interesting dark looking tempura. Charcoal dark in colour of coating filled with yam, eggplant, apple and banana. I tasted the banana filling, so it tasted like a very atas pisang goreng. Not oily and crisp. The orange sesame dressing provide a good dip for the tempura.

Tempura Platter on Mash

[Side Dish] Transparency of Manchego Cheese. Combination of vegetables on top of layer of cheese. Manchego cheese has a strong flavour, which I find competing against the strong flavour of olive. I personally not a fan of capsicums, but LD enjoyed the dish. Presentation was gorgeous.

Transparency of Manchego Cheese

[Side Dish] Matsutake Cake. Steamed Japanese mushroom cake was moist and soft. The golden enoki provided a crispy texture together with the pistachio crumbs.

Matsutake Cake

My pick for the side dish will be Gratinated Champignon with Mozzarella. Just a nice comfort side dish to start.

[Cold Dish] Zucchini Tower. True to its name, this dish created a wow effect when it was brought in. Alternate slices between yellow and green zucchini are used stuffed with cream cheese. For sauce, you can pop the beetroot sphere.

Zucchini Tower

[Cold Dish] Vegetable Sashimi on Ice with Quail Egg Shooter Glass. A combination of fruits and vegetables such as coconut, konjac (as salmon), aloe vera, pear sashimi. Quail egg sake used as a replacement for oyster. Definitely something interesting.

Vegetable Sashimi on Ice with Quail Egg Shooter Glass

[Cold Dish] Tartare Platter au Naturel. A glass where you can fold the ingredients like pine nut, Japanese seaweed, avocado, corn, tomato salsa, pomegranate, seagrapes and rice puff together. Imagine different texture and flavour when you bit into the mix. It has sweet, sour, bitter, salty and savoury. Definitely a good mix. LD thinks that it tasted like fruit rojak.

Tartare Platter au Naturel

[Cold Dish] Dragon Fruit Lotus with Truffle Vegetable Garden. The dressing is subtle though I personally don't like the truffle component in this dish.

Dragon Fruit Lotus with Truffle Vegetable Garden

[Cold Dish] Tomato. The tomatoes are prepared different way, where it really intensified the flavour of the tomatoes.


My pick for the Cold Dish is the Vegetables Sashimi. I find it just give you the wow factor in each of the ingredients.

[Soup] Infusion of Cepes and Truffle. In simple term, mushroom soup with a hint of truffle. It is thick and robust. You can taste the sliced of black truffle in the soup, but I find the winter truffle oil is unnecessary.

Infusion of Cepes and Truffle

[Soup] Pumpkin velouté with tomato ciabatta and edible petals. Smooth, creamy and pack with the goodness of the pumpkin. The tomato ciabatta provide different texture and taste to the dish.

 Pumpkin velouté with tomato ciabatta and edible petals

[Soup] Snow Pear and Napa Cabbage Consomme. Nice presentation, just like drinking Chinese Tea. The soup is clear, delicate, infused with sweetness of snow pear and Napa cabbage.

Snow Pear and Napa Cabbage Consomme

Snow Pear and Napa Cabbage Consomme
(The final product)

[Soup] Clear Tomato Broth with Garbanzo. More like a tomato gazpacho. Sweet and tangy.

Clear Tomato Broth with Garbanzo

My pick for the soup is the delicate and beautifully presented Snow Pear and Napa Cabbage Consommé.

Trio Platter

[Main] Trio Platter. Trio platter of quinoa, white asparagus and pumpkin risotto sphere. Interesting texture combination. I like the fried pumpkin risotto, however the quinoa is pretty bland. Need a touch of pumpkin sauce to bring out the taste.

Quinoa from Trio Platter

[Main] Duo Ravioli Platter. Duo of pumpkin and spinach ravioli, flower emulsion, basil cream sauce. Nicely executed, each ravioli is just bursting with flavour. The cream is light well infused with basil flavour.

Duo Ravioli Platter

[Main] Hedgehog Summer Mushroom. Mushroom tempura on a stick, with celeriac purée as the sauce.

Hedgehog Summer Mushroom

[Main] Wild Rice with Eggplant Terrine. The wild rice has al-dente texture and the baby carrot in the rice gave it a sweet flavour. The sliced eggplant was baked to intensified the flavour.

Wild Rice with Eggplant Terrine

[Main] Grilled Bai-Ling Steak on “Pu-Ye” Hot Stone. Imagine steak on hot stone, only it is in mushroom version. Using bai-ling mushroom, it has good thick cut, with good springiness in the mushroom.

Grilled Bai-Ling Steak on “Pu-Ye” Hot Stone

[Main] Truffle Risotto. Nicely executed black truffle risotto. It can be a bit intense in flavour, however the edamamme and mascapone cream lighten up the dish. The parmesan crisp provide a alternate crispy texture in the dish.

Truffle Risotto

My pick for the main is Dual Ravioli Platter. It is of standard comparing to any good Italian restaurants.

7 types of tea 

Together with the desserts, we can choose the 7 types of tea to accompany our desserts. Check out the beautiful teas. The mocktail of love is good for couple, the sweetness relate so much of a couple in love, sweet until you are high in love.

Mocktail of Love

[Dessert] Warm Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream. The chocolate just oozed out from the lava cake when you cut into it. The vanilla ice cream provide a good balance to the thick chocolate.

Warm Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream

[Dessert] Yogurt Pudding. A good version of healthy desserts. Different type of fruits used as toppings for the yoghurt pudding. I will prefer this for breakfast and snack rather than dessert.

Yogurt Pudding

[Dessert] Truffle Crème Brulee. The truffle is just to overpowering and cover the taste of crème brulee. I will give this a miss.

Truffle Crème Brulee

[Dessert] Cheese Cake. Dense, cheesy and creamy. Full Stop.

Cheese Cake

[Dessert] Red Wine Poach Pear with Vanilla Ice Cream. The pear is soft and well infused by the red wine. The vanilla ice cream provided the creaminess to the dish.

Red Wine Poach Pear with Vanilla Ice Cream

My pick for the dessert is Warm Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice cream followed by Red Wine Poach Pear.

Overall, what a memorable meal it is. We manage to try the whole menu in Joie and we do not feel overwhelmed. Definitely a memorable evening and I recommend this place for you to bring someone special here. Cheers!!

Thanks to HungryGoWhere and Joie for the tasting invitation.

Food & Drink: 8.5/10
Value: 8.8/10
Service: N/A (Tasting Invitation)
Ambiance: 9/10
Budget per Person: $26 - $50; $51 - $80.

Joie by Dozo
181 Orchard Road
#12-01 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896

T: +65 6838 6966
IG: @Joiebydozo
OH: Daily 10.00 – 22.00

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