Wednesday 16 March 2016

Badoque – Humongous Beef Ribs

Badoque @ Bedok

A quick mention of the word Badoque in Singapore, beef ribs will be the first that come to mind. This Halal establishment open its door in 2008, and has been dishing out a superb dinosaur size beef ribs to foodies in Singapore.

In their original outlet in Bedok, the dining area are split into indoor and outdoor. However, considering the weather in Singapore, it will be best to stick with indoor during the day and try the outdoor in the evening.

Kepak Bing Bing

Starter was Kepak Bing Bing ($12.50). This rendition of spicy chicken wings by Badoque, who claims that it is the spiciest chicken wings in town. Unlike those buffalo wings challenge, the version here uses the spiciest homemade chilli padi sauce that ready to blow your head off. I took one bite of the wing, I end up finishing half of my drinks, nursing my numb lips and did not touch the rest of the wings.

Kepak Bing Bing - Check out the Chili 

For the main course, five of us share 3 mains. Badoque Ribs ($36). Two pieces of gigantic beef ribs about 30 cm in length and 8 cm of meat thickness, basked in homemade bbq sauce just like the version in the US. Sides are French beans, carrots and potatoes. The meat is tender, succulent and fall of the bone. There is enough fats in the ribs to make it feel like melting in your mouth. The sweet and tangy bbq sauce together with gherkins helps to counter the overwhelming taste in the meat.

Badoque Ribs

Iga Bakar ($36) – Indonesian style of beef ribs, glazed in sweet and spicy soy sauce. Served with fragrant basmati rice. The sweet soya sauce glaze allow the spices marinate to stick to the ribs. When grilled, it release the aromatic flavour that is so appetizing and you won't be able to resist. Similar to the Badoque Ribs, the meat is meaty and succulent. However, this version feels more resilient compared to the Badoque ribs. The lime and achar on the side helps to balance the dish.

Iga Bakar

Flounder Fish and Chips ($24). The fried battered flounder fillets are huge in size almost the same length as the ribs. The flavoured batter create a crispy coating that sealed the flakiness of the flounder, and also act as seasoning to the fish. The chips is crisp and moist made a perfect companion to the fish.

Flounder Fish and Chips

As it is a Halal restaurant, no alcohol is served here. Instead you can try their flavourful mocktails such as frangipani, mojito or salted caramel ($8.50 each).

Ice Lemon Tea, Frangipani, Virgin Mojito & Salted Caramel

The décor is very simple and casual. Black colour marble table filled the restaurant together with pink and green chairs. Service was friendly and efficient. The chef come out frequently to check on the customers.

The Outside Seating at Badoque Bedok

Overall, Badoque really provide a casual and hearty environment to dine in. To my surprise, I will find it difficult to finish a main dish on my own but most of the regular here, half of my size easily polish up the whole plate on their own. So if you are looking for a hearty beef ribs meal or mind blowing chicken wings, check out Badoque. Cheers!!

Food & Drink: 7.75/10
Value: 8/10
Service: 7/10
Ambiance: 7.5/10
Budget per Person: $26 - $50

Badoque @ Bedok
298 Bedok Road
Singapore 469454

T: +65 6446 6928
IG: @badoquecafe
OH: Daily 12.00 – 22.00

Other Location
Badoque @ Thomson
246 Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574370
T: +65 6552 1646

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