Tuesday 5 July 2016

Wing Zone – Flavor American Buffalo Wings [MEDIA INVITE]

Buffalo Wings is one of the most popular bar food in America. The sports crazy nation just can't get enough of them, it is considered a must-have food during game day or when drinking in the bar. The traditional way of doing Buffalo Wings by deep frying the wings, then tossed with the sauce made from melted butter and hot sauce.

Order Counter with Wheel of Flavor

Wing Zone is one the company that capitalise on the popularity of the Buffalo Wings in US. Although the idea of Wing Zone is to satisfy the hungry students at night, it turn out to be a brilliant franchise. With more than 15 type of sauce / dry rubs to choose from, it is definitely deliver on Flavor (no miss-spelling here, just decided to use the US English). The flavor can be segmented to Traditional Buffalo, Savory Flavors, Dry Rubs, Sweet with No Heat and Sweet & Spicy. The range of spiciness start from zero to level 4, where 4 being nuclear. When the wings or tenders are ready, they are then FuZe with the sauce.

The Flavors

Wings – Original ($7.95 for 6pc) come next. Original mean bone-in wings. Unlike the version in the US, Wing Zone SG serve the wing tip as well. According to one of the director, it is due to special request of Flavorholics (to describe Wing Zone most loyal customers) as Singaporean like to chew on the crispy texture of the tips.

Wings - Original FuZe HoneyQ (Tasting portion)

The fresh wings are fried to crispy without being breaded, resulting crispy texture of the skin and outer part of the meat, followed with the succulent meat.

The flavors that we sampled are HoneyO (Sweet with no heat); SmokinQ (Sweet & Spicy); and Tokyo Dragon (Sweet & Spicy). HoneyO gave the wings the sweet honey glaze flavor mixed with smoky bbq, representing the Southern flavor. SmokinQ has a strong aromatic smoke flavour with a strong cayenne kick that made me reaching for my drinks. Tokyo Dragon reminds me of the garlic sauce of Korean Fried Chicken rather than its distance cousin, the teriyaki sauce.

Wings - Original FuZe SmokinQ (Top)
Tokyo Dragon (Below) - Tasting portion

Though fork and knife are provided, the best way to eat Wings are definitely by using your hands and fingers. Warning, it will be messy but it will be “Finger Licking Good”.

Hand-Breaded Tenders Fuze Liquid Gold
(Tasting Portion)

Hand-Breaded Tenders ($6.95 for 4 pc). The Tenders uses breast meat, lightly breaded and deep fried. For flavor, we sample Mango Fire (Sweet & Spicy); Liquid Gold (Sweet with no heat); Garlic Parm (Savory Flavor). Each of the tender is crisp on the outside, and moist internally.

Hand-Breaded Tenders Fuze Garlic Parm
(Tasting Portion)

The Mango Fire provide delicate sweet flavour followed with the spicy kick at the end. Liquid Gold was rich, creamy, similar to honey mustard flavour. Meanwhile, Garlic Parm gave you a doze of twang with a little hint of peppery.

Hand-Breaded Tenders Fuze Mango Fire (Tasting Portion)

Sides - Onion Rings ($4.95 for regular). This is actually one of the best dish of the night. Crisp on the exterior, while retain the sweetness and texture of the onion internally. You can actually have this with Signature Flavor Dips ($0.50 each). Sweet Samurai (Sweet with no heat); Cinnamon Maple (Sweet with no heat); Nuclear Harbanero (Traditional Buffalo)

Onion Rings

Signature Flavor Dips

Signature Flavor Dips - Nuclear Harbanero

Potato heads will definitely like the wedges here. There are two version, normal Wedges Fries ($2.95 for regular) and Flavor Rub Wedges ($3.95 for regular). The Blackened Voodoo rub really enhance the flavor of the potato wedges.

Flavor Rub Wedges - The Blackened Voodoo Rub

There is only one dessert available, which is Brownie Bites ($2.95 for 6 pc). This brownie are deep-fried, produce a crispy exterior with soft and moist texture internally.

Brownie Bites

For those who are curious, Wing Zone used fresh chicken instead of frozen. During peak period, it will be delivered twice daily. The food are prepared upon order, not before hand. If you are unable to decide on which flavor to choose, just spin the 'Wheel of Flavor' and cross your finger. While this tiny red dot being covered by Korean Fried Chicken, I am glad there is another option in the market for Fried Chicken. So if you are looking for something different, give Wing Zone a try. Cheers!!

Thank you very much to Wing Zone team and The Umami Collective for the tasting invitation.

Food & Drink: 7/10
Value: 7.5/10
Service: n/a (Tasting Invitation)
Ambiance: 7.25/10
Budget per Person: $11 - $25

Wing Zone
9 Sentul Cres
#02-02, SAFRA Punggol
Singapore 828654

T: +65 6246 4319
OH: Daily 11.00 – 22.00
Menu Available Online. Delivery Option is available as well.

Previous location:
201 Victoria Street
#04-02 Bugis+
Singapore 188067

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