Saturday 4 February 2017

The Peranakan – High Tea set & Yee Sang Istimewa [MEDIA INVITE]

We are back at The Peranakan to experience The Peranakan High Tea Set ($28 / pax). This set combines the savoury and sweet dishes from the regular menu. In total there will be up to to 14 dishes in the high tea set with a choice of drink that include a pot of Malacca Tea, Coffee, Lemongrass Tea or Pandan Tea.

The Peranakan High Tea Set

The highlights of our high tea session are:

The signature Mee Siam is definitely a must try. Although I am not a mee siam fan, I can recognise the version here is very solid. It is filled with spices and has the right balance of spiciness and tanginess that will open up your appetite to go about the rest of the dishes. Best to consume it when it's hot.

High Tea Mee Siam

Nasi Ulam Istimewa was one of my favourite dish during our last visit and it remain the same. (Check out the full review from our last visit here). The Satay Babi Sum Chan got an upgrade here, where it is wrapped in buns. The portion of the meat and bun is perfect fit. The satay gravy is well-absorbed by the soft pillowy white bun, plus the pork belly just melts in your mouth.

Nasi Ulam Istimewa (Left), Satay Babi Sum Chan (Top)

Kueh Pie Ti was served earlier as snacks, but it is normally part of high tea. Crispy cup filled with well braised turnip and condiments. You have the option to add the chilli, but I give it a miss.

Kueh Pie Ti

For the sweet stuff, Pulot Inti Durian & Pulot Inti Kelapa remain my favourites. The combination of glutinous rice with the richness of coconut milk and fillings never fails to entice my appetite. The durian paste here is velvety and smooth, without being ridiculously pungent.

Pulot Inti Durian (Left), Satay Babi Sum Chan (Right)

The Toast and Durian paste also will give you another shot to fulfill your durian cravings.

Completing the offerings for high tea are Toast Hay Bee Hiam, Ngoh Hiang Pork, Pisang Goreng, Kuih Kosui (Kueh Ko Swee), Pineapple Tart and Love Letter. Please note that the menu on the high tea will be rotated daily.

In case you are wondering if the portion is definitely sufficient as we all struggle to finish all the food. Portion for 6 pax and there are six of us.

The Peranakan High Tea Set
Availability: Daily from 11.00 – 17.30
Price : $24++ Weekday; $28++ Weekend per pax (min of 2 pax required)

During this tasting we also sample the Salmon Yee Sang Istimewa ($68). The unique characteristic of this Yee Sang is the usage peranakan ingredients on top of the regular yusheng vegetables.

Salmon Yee Sang Istimewa - Large

These herbs are normally used in their Nasi Ulam Istimewa which include: Buah Kantan (ginger flower bud), daun kadok leaves (betel leaves), Lemon grass tumeric, kaffir lime leaves, cut chilli; definitely add to the bite and fragrances of this Yee Sang.

Salmon Yee Sang Istimewa - Ready to be tossed. Huat Ah!!

For the salmon version, The Peranakan uses Smoked Salmon instead of Salmon Sashimi.

Yee Sang Istimewa
Availability: 9th Jan – 11th Feb 2017.
Salmon $38 / $68
Abalone $88 / $128
Salmon & Abalone $118 / $168

Thank you very much to Chef Raymond Khoo and The Peranakan Team for the tasting invitation.

Food & Drink: 8/10
Value: 8/10
Service: N/A (Tasting Invitation)
Ambiance: 9/10
Budget per Person: $26 - $50

The Peranakan
57 Lengkok Bahru
Singapore 151057

T: +65 8023 4345 (+WhatsApp)
IG: @theperanakansg
OH: Daily 11.30 – 21.00

442 Orchard Road
#02-01 Claymore Connect @Orchard Hotel
Singapore 238879

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