Tuesday 4 October 2022

TheFoodPan3 – Delicious Pies [MEDIA DROP]

My first taste of a meat pie was during high school in Melbourne, Australia. That beef minced meat and gravy fillings in between the shortcrust pastry and puff pastry on top was an eye-opener and it just hits my sweet spot. Meat pie is sold everywhere in Australia, they just put it in the brown bag, and you can eat it on the go. So, it was very easy to meet my cravings.

In Singapore, beef meat pie is not easy to find previously, however, it is getting more common nowadays. The most common meat pie you encounter here is chicken pie. The fillings consist of pieces of chicken, carrot, peas, cream and lots of pepper. For the crust, they usually use one type of pasty, which is filo pastry. Since filo pastry is soft and fluffy, it usually sits on aluminium foil tin pie pans and you can’t eat it with your hands.

Meat Pies from TheFoodPan3 - The Box
Recently, I received Pies Media Drop from TheFoodPan3. There were 2 Chicken Pies ($6.50 each) and 2 Red Wine Chunky Beef Pie ($8.50 each). Since I just returned from Australia, it was just perfect timing to try it. The pies were freshly baked in the morning and I received the delivery in the afternoon.

Meat Pies from TheFoodPan3
My first impression of the pies, WOW, they are huge. One of the pies will be enough to fill me for a meal.

The red wine chunky beef pies are the ones with dry chopped herbs on top. When I cut through the pies, the fillings did not flow out easily. It shows that they packed the fillings to the brim. The chunky beef cuts are lean, yet it is tender and well cooked. The gravy cooked with carrot and red wine, penetrated well into the inner part of the meat and at the same time extract the beef essence into the delicious gravy.

Red Wine Chunky Beef Pies
Red Wine Chunky Beef Pies - The Fillings
The pastry is crisp and fully on the top. However, the bottom part is soft as the gravy soaks into the pastry. However, it is one of the nicest meat pies that I ever tried in Singapore.

Red Wine Chunky Beef Pies - Top View

Chicken Pies - Top View
The chicken pie uses the same pastry as the beef pie. The fillings consist of chicken, potatoes, carrots, peas, cooked in cream and one-half of a hard-boiled egg added during the pie-making process. The cream binds all the ingredients together, yet it was not heavy and allows the natural flavour of the ingredient to stands out. When I cut through the pies, the fillings did not flow out, instead, it just sits on each half nicely. Definitely, one of the better chicken pies I ever tried in Singapore.

Chicken Pies
Chicken Pies - The Fillings
LaLa with Chicken Pies
Storage conditions: If you order the pies fresh, you can keep them refrigerated for 3 days. Or you can order the pies frozen, then you can keep them longer. Reheat instructions will be provided on the box as well.

Storage & Reheating Instructions
CBK Verdict: The Red Wine Chucky Beef Pies and The Chicken Pies from TheFoodPan3 are delicious and they are one of the nicest pies that I ever tried in Singapore. The size is big and one pie can easily fill my tummy for one meal. A Must Try!! Cheers!!

Meat Pies + Coke Zero = Awesome

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Thank you very much, Kris and TheFoodPan3 for arranging the delivery.

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