Sunday 30 October 2022

Durian SG Prime – Durians From The Mountains [MEDIA INVITE]

Durian SG Prime is the latest durian shop and durian delivery that enter the Singapore market. Its operations started in June 2022, located in Lor 24A Geylang, just opposite the popular Yong He Dou Jiang. Durian SG Prime offer Pahang durians from exclusive mountain plantations that have never been seen before in Singapore. Durian SG Prime slogan is Cheapest – Quality – Guaranteed.

Durian SG Prime shop
Durian lovers in SG will know that the best Malaysian durians sold in Singapore comes from Pahang. Pahang itself is a very big state, with its mountainous terrain, it is a perfect place to grow and produce the best durian. Durian SG Prime durians come from three locations in Pahang. The Famous Tiger Mountain, Indigo Hill Mountain and Cold White Leaf Mountain.

The Famous Tiger Mountain, Sungai Klau, Pahang. Famous for its Ah Gong tree, dated over 103 years, while the rest of the 250 natural trees in the region are more than 40 years old. This area is known to produce Mao Shan Wang / Musang King Grade A durians and D24. With the MSW Grade A, you can expect a condensed and throat-sticking meat texture, with a bitter and sweet taste. The ultimate durian experience for durian lovers.

Black Gold from The Famous Tiger Mountain Old Tree
Indigo Hill Mountain is a short drive away from Indigo Hill Resort, East of Raub, Tras Pahang. This area is known for its red colour soil that is very fertile. Most of the durian trees are above 45 years old. This region is home to newly discovered durian plantations and it houses over 200 mature durians. This area is known to produce MSW Grade A & B. The MSW will have a thick flesh that will stick to your mouth and a small seed. The flavour is strong, with a bitter-sweet flavour.

Cold White Leaf Mountain, Klau River Pahang. The age of durian trees here are between 20 to 60 years old. This plantation near Klau River is also a fertile grown to grow durians, as the soil contains a lot of minerals. This area produces D24, Tekka, Classic MSW and award-winning MSW. For the MSW Grade A, you can expect a creamy texture of durian, with the signature MSW bitter-sweet taste.

When we visited their shop, they have 3 types of durians available. The first one is a regular MSW. On that day, it was priced at $18/kg. The shape of the durian is not whole round, but with an odd shape look. It is creamy and bitter with a sweet aftertaste. The flesh is thick, while the seeds are mostly thin and flat.

Regular MSW 
Mini Seeds from Regular MSW
The second one that we tasted is the Black Gold MSW from the Famous Tiger Mountain Old Tree ($38/kg). The shape of the durian is round, plump and without blemish. The colour of the pulp is an inviting dark yellow colour, almost like gold. When we bit into the flesh, it was dense and easily stick to our throat. It tasted bitter, with an alcohol tinge and ended with a sweet flavour. This is the taste that durian lovers search for in a durian. In other words, the taste is just awesome. Yummy, die die must try!! It was so good that LD insisted on buying one for her BFF, in which she also give her thumbs up.

Black Gold MSW from The Famous Tiger Mountain Old Tree
The seed, regular size
The Price
The third durian available that day is Old Tree MSW ($28/kg). We did not try it as we are too full, however, from the shape, it looks like a high-grade MSW.

Old Tree MSW
Durian SG Prime gets its supply directly from the plantations and bypasses the agent / middleman. With these cost savings, they can offer the price lowest price in the market when comparing the same grade of durians. Their grand vision is to Bring Durian’s Price in Singapore Back to 1980.

Durian SG Prime is committed to delivering the best durian to you. They deliver island-wide base on a two-hour time slot and also offer express island-wide delivery. If the durians are not up to standard or damaged, you are eligible for a free replacement within 24 hours of receiving your order. Free Delivery for orders above $99.

Durian SG Prime Delivery Packaging
Check out their Youtube clips on their website on the source of their durians and some tips to identify Durian SG Prime Grade A MSW or different grades of MSW.

CBK Verdict: One of the best durians that I tried this year. The Black Gold MSW from the Famous Tiger Mountain Old Tree is an experience to behold and you will have durian lovers salivating for it. Die Die Must Try!! Cheers!!

Thank you very much Durian SG Prime for hosting us and the yummy durians.

24A 456 Geylang Road
Singapore 389415

OH: Daily 10.00 – 01.00

Information on the origin of the durians extracted from Durian SG Prime website

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