Wednesday 30 October 2013

[CLOSED] Daikokuya Ramen Dining – Tonkatsu or Shoyu Ramen ??

Cha Shu Shoyu Ramen

In the last few years, it seems that a lot of Ramen House sprouting around in Singapore. The positive side of this, we are getting more quality ramen sold in Singapore, and is satisfying LD's cravings for good quality ramen that she had tasted in Hawaii. Daikokuya Ramen is one of the new ramen shop that open in recent years and offers a variety of regional ramen specialities such as Sapporo, Tokyo & Kyushu-style ramen in a contemporary and relaxing atmosphere.

Located at the entrance of myVillage in Serangoon Garden, the store can be consider small as it only can accommodate less then 30 customers. The surrounding glass wall allowed passerbys to check out the delicious food served in the shop. However, this glass wall also works to the disadvantage of the shop. The shop location seems to bear the brunt of direct afternoon sunlight and turn the temperature inside the shop up. The central aircon is insufficient to cool down the dining area which we experience during our visit.

For ramen, I normally like my soup base to be solid and robust, therefore Tonkatsu Cha Shu Ramen ($15.90) was my pick. The ramen is springy (QQ) and the Cha Shu, although it is quite lean, it turns to be very tender and flavourful. It shows that the Cha Shu has gone through a long cooking process and well marinated. The broth has a white milky colour, thick with a sticky collagen feeling coming out from the bones.

Tonkatsu Cha Shu Ramen 

On the other hand, Little Devil ('LD') prefer a more clear type of soup. So she decided on Cha Shu Shoyu Ramen ($15.80). The broth is much lighter compare to mine, more like a clear soup, however the shoyu (soy sauce) give the broth a distinct flavour. The ramen texture are consistent, al dente and springy (qq), while the Cha Shu is tender and flavourful

Cha Shu Shoyu Ramen

For side dish, we ordered Mentaimayo Gyoza and Leek Mayo Gyoza ($6.80 each). Both the gyoza nicely pan fried until crispy on the outside. I find that Japanese Gyoza normally has a stronger taste from the leek. The good thing about Mentaimayo Gyoza, it has salted cod roe toppings and mayonnaise that helps to cover the smell and give a nice salty creamy flavour.

Leek Mayo Gyoza

Mentaimayo Gyoza

The service here is quite minimum. Although there are not many customer, it seems that the service staff is having problem clearing the table quick enough for the next round of customers and always slow in handling the customer order. Improvement is definitely needed in this area.

Overall, we find the ramen here is good and consistent. However, it seems to be missing something to elevate the ramen to the next level. Avoid visiting this place during a hot afternoon, unless you like to enjoy your bowl of ramen while you're sweating. However on any other time, Daikokuya will be sufficient to satisfy your ramen cravings. Cheers!!

Food & Drink: 7/10
Value: 7/10
Service: 5/10
Ambiance: 6/10

Daikokuya Ramen Dining
1 Maju Ave
#01-01. my Village @ Serangoon Garden
Singapore 556679

Tel: 6509 1690
Website: (not working)
Op Hours: Daily 11.30 – 22.00

For Other Branches, check out their Facebook Page.
Note: Photos are taken using LD's Samsung Note 1. 

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