Monday 14 October 2013

Tamoya – The Best Udon in Town

Tamoya is the home of Sanuki Udon, which is characterised with its extremely delicious and super chewy texture. Sanuki Udon is very popular in Japan because it had won TV Champion Best Udon maker in Kagawa Prefecture. The secret of Tamoya udon are: great chewy texture, the golden white broth, hand made side menus and the proud people who serve the udon. This review is based on Little Devil and I's first experience with Tamoya second outlet, in Chinatown Point, Singapore.

Tamoya ordering process is similar to a fast food chain.
At first you decide on the type of udon you want, hot or cold; Regular or Large

Then Proceed to this counter to order.

When you get your udon, choose what toppings you want. (Tempura, sushi, or even rice dish)

When its done, make the payment at the counter and proceed to add free condiments to your udon or toppings. They have wasabi, soya sauce, tonkatsu sauce, spring onions, crumbs, etc.


Condiments 2

Everything here is in self service mode, including returning your bowl at the end.

As this is our first visit and everything looks so yummy. We decided to order 3 regular type of udon. Kake (serve with Golden Broth), Bukkake (serve with thick soya sauce taste), and Zaru (cold). On my first slurp of the udon, I realise the texture of the udon is thick, very springy, resilient and tasty. The clear golden broth and soya broth taste quite robust, complement the udon perfectly. To experience the most springy texture of the udon, you should try the cold (zaru) version. The cooling process make the udon contracted, resulting in 'helping' the udon to be more springy and resilient compare to the hot version. Frankly speaking, I am a more ramen than udon person because it become soggy if it is served hot, however after trying Tamoya udon, it really change my opinions on udon totally. Yummyyyyy!!!

Kake (serve with Golden Broth)
Bukkake (serve with thick soya sauce taste)
Zaru (cold)
For the toppings, we ordered the Fried Chicken ($2), Chikuwa (fish cake) Tempura ($1.50), Kitsune ($1), Prawn Tempura ($2.50) and Shitake Mushroom ($1) to share. The Fried Chicken is huge and crispy. It is well marinated and tasty. The prawn tempura is slitted open and it is quite big. It is well battered and fried to a perfect tempura texture. The same can be said on the shitake and chikuwa. Tamoya ensure the toppings are always fresh and crispy, the chef only fried a little batch of food each time, depending on the demand.

Prawn Tempura & Shitake Mushroom

Fried Chicken , Chikuwa (fish cake) Tempura

We actually bought a riceball to try. However, we were to full after the udon and when we reach home, we left the rice ball in the car overnight. So can't tell how it taste.

Rice Ball
As a gentle reminder, we have to clean up our mess and return the tray to the designated shelves after we complete the meal. Don't you just love the Japanese efficiency. Our MOM must love them dearly for being supportive!!! There is not much of service needed, but the chef and staff is very warm and friendly.

Overall, we totally enjoyed our dining experience here. The udon is just superb. I think if you roll it into a ball, you can use it a squash ball replacement. The food is nice, the price is reasonable and the service is very fast. How I wish my office is nearby Chinatown and it will be my favourite lunch destination. Cheers!!!

Food & Drink: 8.5/10
Value: 8.5/10
Service: 7/10
Ambiance: 7/10
Budget Per Person: $11 - $25

68 Orchard Road
#06-11/12, Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839

T: +65 6261 6182
IG: @Tamoyasg
Op Hours: Daily 11.15 – 21.30

Previous Location:
133 New Bridge Road
#B1-48/49, Chinatown Point SC
Singapore 059413

177 River Valley Road
#01-32 Liang Court SC
Singapore 179030

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