Monday 21 October 2013

I am … - Cakes & Mocktails

Chendol Cake & Rainbow Cake

I am … is a café / bistro that just recently open near the popular Arab Street. Located off Haji Lane, facing the Golden Landmark Hotel. The founders' idea of I am are based on their love of Europe, especially Amsterdam. Thus they decided to import the atmosphere to Singapore with the concept of Halal European Influence Cafe.

We actually found this place by accident while we were looking for a place to catch up with our group of friends on a Friday night. Apparently most of the café around the area either close by 11pm or the one that open late normally serve Nargile (Turkish water pipe) which we find a turn off especially as we don't smoke.

So what attracted us to I am is that they open late, they served cakes and we also realised that they serve a extensive list of mocktails other than the regular coffee and tea based drinks. The mocktails are good for us as Little Devil and I are both on alcohol free diet temporary.

For cakes, we had Rainbow cake and Chendol Cake ($8.90 each). Rainbow cake is one of the latest trend where the cake has seven different colour / layer with cream in between. Each slice of the cake looks attractive due to the bright colour in it. The Chendol cake is an interesting concept because it incorporated the local flavour into a cake. Both cakes scored in terms of the attractiveness and color, however we find both of the cake were slightly dry. The chendol on the chendol cake has also hardened, however the taste and flavour are still good. In fairness we had the cake around 11pm and the cakes must been there from opening this morning.

Rainbow Cake

Chendol Cake

Virgin Mojito

For the mocktails we had, Virgin Mojito, Twisted Sister and Ignite Sunset ($6.90 each). The virgin mojito has a clear and refreshing look to it. The combo of mint, tangy lime and syrup on ice really deliver the freshness. The twisted sister and ignite sunset has pomegranate in the mocktails giving the effect of sunset in the glass. Both mocktails deliver a more fruity freshness in the drinks.

Twisted Sister

Ignite Sunset

Service staff is very friendly and efficient. The décor of this place is actually quite simple with a lay back and relaxing atmosphere. The square tables can be easily group together when you are in a big group of separated when you are in the smaller one.

Overall, we find “I am …” is a good place for you to catch up with your friends any time during the day. The mocktails are excellent while the cakes can be improve. Although this place is still young, it has the ingredients to be a successful café. Cheers !!!

Food: 6.5/10 ; Drinks: 8.5/10
Value: 7/10
Service: 6/10
Ambiance: 7/10

I am …
674 North Bridge Road
(off Haji Lane)
Singapore 188804

Tel: 6295 5509
Op Hours:
Mon – Thu: 11am - 11pm
Fri – Sat: 11am - 1am
Sun: 11am - 11pm*


  1. I read about this cafe before and thought it has such a strange name. Does it sell food?

    1. Hi Nat, it does sell food but comment further as I did not have a chance to try it before. They are going to launch all day Breakfast on Sunday soon.

  2. Yes it does, I've visited this cafe before and the food is awesome, especially the fries! I think their facebook page is

  3. Hi did you make any reservation? Or you just walk in? :)

  4. HI,

    You can just walk in. They also have extensive brunch menu now.


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