Monday 27 July 2020

Huay Kwang – Thai Wanton Mee and Fresh Prawn Dumpling

Wanton Mee - Large

I was introduced to Huay Kwang Wanton Mee (“Huay Kwang”) during the circuit breaker period by our friend C. At that time C was posting about the frozen wanton and prawn dumplings that he bought from Huay Kwang.

When Phase 2 started, LD and I decided to visit Huay Kwang and dabao the wanton noodles.

Huay Kwang Wanton Mee - The Stall

Huay Kwang served Thai style wanton mee with a signature twist on its own. There are two sizes of Thai Wanton Mee, $3.50 for small and $5 for large.

Wanton Mee - Large
Wanton Mee - Small

The egg noodle is thin, silky and al-dente. Each strand of the noodle is coated evenly with pork oil.  Patrick (the owner) cooked the noodle himself, then mixed the noodle with pork lard evenly using a scissor. Yes, instead of using chopsticks or tongs, he used a pair of scissors to mix the noodles and also to cut and distribute the noodles into individual bowl or container.

The Noodle

Toppings on each wanton mee include boiled wanton, char siew, pork lard, and boiled kai lan. The wanton is solid and well packed with minced pork. The char siew is sweet, with a crispy exterior and the meat is quite juicy, but it is definitely those fatty type of char siew. Through the pork oil enhance the flavour of the noodle, I find it is missing that extra umami flavour.

Boiled Wanton

For those who like it spicy, Huay Kwang offers their signature super spicy chilli flakes and pickled green chilli. According to LD, the spiciness rating is about 7.5/10.

The Char Siew

Not to be missed here is their Cantonese style Special Prawn Dumplings Soup ($5). Each of the prawn dumplings is filled with minced pork, a whole piece of fresh prawn and black fungus. It is crunchy, juicy and packs with flavours. The soup based is boiled with pork and radish, therefore the soup is naturally sweetened. If you ordered the dumpling soup, Huay Kwang will normally include a few slices of the radish as well.

Dumpling Soup

Fresh Prawn Dumpling

The Fillings

On my last visit, they run out of the prawn dumpling, so I ordered the fried wanton instead. It is very enjoyable, as the wanton skin is crispy and the fillings packs more punch compare to the boiled version. In the boiled wanton, the fillings are very dense. Meanwhile, the deep-frying process seems to loosen up the dense fillings and allowing the juiciness of the meat to shine. Yummy

The Menu
Image Credit: Huay Kwang Wanton Mee

One of the best things about Huay Kwang is their minimum usage of MSG. I tasted a few Thai Wanton Mee in Singapore usually I get MSG attack after the meal and need to neutralise it with coke zero. With Huay Kwang, LD and I did not encounter this. Kudos to them.

Overall, Huay Kwang served a delicious Thai wanton mee. On top of that, I highly recommend their dumpling soup and fried wanton, which is also available in the uncooked version. Cheers!!

The Wanton and Dumpling uncooked
Image Credit: Huay Kwang Wanton Mee

Food & Drinks: 7.5/10
Value: 7.5/10
Service: 7/10
Ambiance: N/A (Coffee shop)
Budget per Person: $0 -$10

Huay Kwang Wanton Mee
Blk 3021 Ubi Avenue 2
Singapore 408897

T: +65 9383 1597
OH: Mon – Sat, 07.30 – 15.00
Closed on Sunday


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