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[CLOSED] Kiyoshi – Inaniwa Udon and Wholesome Japanese Restaurant [MEDIA INVITE]

Inaniwa Udon @ Kiyoshi Japanese Restaurant

Kiyoshi means pure, clean and clean in Japanese. True to its name, Kiyoshi Japanese Restaurant (‘Kiyoshi’) focus to provide light and wholesome meal for customers. Kiyoshi pride itself on fresh ingredients prepared using an innovative, contemporary approach.

Kiyoshi Japanese Restaurant

Kiyoshi specialised in Inaniwa udon, a type of udon made in the Inaniwa area of Inakawa Machi, Akita prefecture. This cream colour udon is hand-stretched and is slightly thinner than regular udon, yet thicker than sōmen, or hiyamugi noodles. Other highlights of Kiyoshi include sashimi, donburi, ramen, yakitori and affordably priced bento sets. Not forgetting, Kiyoshi is also known as an Izakaya, a casual place for ‘after-work drinking’

After trying their bento set from the delivery menu (review is available here), we attended the Media Tasting for their Dine-In Menu.

Nice Tea Cup at Kiyoshi

We started with Tofu & Avocado Salada with Sesame Dressing ($11.80). There are a lot of texture happening in this dish, from the leafy vegetables, crunchy cucumber and capsicum, juicy cherry tomatoes, creamy avocado and silky tofu. Bind all the ingredients together is the aromatic sesame dressing. A refreshing start to the meal.

Tofu & Avocado Salada with Sesame Dressing

Currently this salad is complimentary for diners who spend $10 and above.

Next up is the Temaki (hand-rolled sushi). We have Soft Shell Crab Temaki ($7.80), Unagi Temaki ($7.80), Salmon Ikura Temaki ($9.80) and Tuna Mayo Ebiko Temaki ($4.80). There were four of us, so each one chooses one type of temaki.


I went for the Unagi. This luxurious hand roll is fillings include unagi (eel), cucumber, unagi sauce. The fillings are very generous as I can taste the juicy unagi till the last bite of the maki. LD tried salmon ikura as the salmon roe is just too attractive for her, based on her description, every bite burst out the freshness of the roe and salmon.

Unagi and Soft Shell Crab Temaki

Tuna Mayo Ebiko Temaki & Salmon Ikura Temaki

Following the temaki are Nigiri Sushi consists of Salmon Sushi ($3.80 for 2 pcs), Kanpachi Sushi ($4.80 for 2 pcs) and Maguro Sushi ($6.80 for 2 pcs); and Salmon Mentai Roll ($12.80).

Salmon Sushi

Maguro Sushi, Kanpachi Sushi & Salmon Sushi

The sushi’s are fresh, well made, however, it is not those that will give you the WOW sensation. Instead, it was the special maki that made me go WOW. The prawns are firm and crunchy, rolled with the right portion of rice and topped with super delicious aburi salmon and homemade mentai sauce. I think if you order anything with mentai sauce here, it won’t go wrong.

Salmon Mentai Roll

For the Yakitori Range, we were served Chicken Yakitori ($2), Buta Bara ($2.50), Enoki Maki ($3), Gyu Cheese Maki ($4.50), Cheese Maki (pork - $3.50) and Aspara Maki ($3). We had a great impression from the beef yakitori for the delivery menu. This time around, the Gyu Cheese Maki sure get out two thumbs up. It was succulent and the cheese fillings just enhance the flavour of the beef.


For the pork, the Aspara Maki got our nod of approval, combing the fatty pork belly with crunchy asparagus. We find the buta bara is a bit lean, we were hoping for pork belly to be fattier. To spice up the yakitori, there are three dips served: yakitori sauce, curry and ume (plum) salt.

[From Left to Right] Chicken Yakitori, Buta Bara, Enoki Maki, Gyu Cheese Maki,
Cheese Maki (pork) and Aspara Maki.

Aspara Maki

We finally get to try Kiyoshi speciality, Inaniwa Udon. We tried their cold udon, Tem Chirashi Udon ($16.80) and Vegetarian Inaniwa Udon (Hot Soup, $14.80).

Tem Chirashi Udon

The Tem Chirashi Udon is cold Inaniwa udon with assorted tempura: scallop, cherry tomato, mushroom, avocado and capsicum. The udon is lightly seasoned and in each bite, you can taste smooth and bouncy udon. The crispy assorted tempura compliments the udon perfectly.

Tem Chirashi Udon

Meanwhile, the vegetarian Inaniwa udon is a simple version of soup udon. The udon is softer, yet the vegetarian broth is warm and comforting. The toppings include beancurd skin, fried beancurd, seaweed, shiitake and shimeji mushrooms introduce contrasting flavour and texture to the dish.

Vegetarian Inaniwa Udon

Other main dishes that we tried are Pork Katsu Curry Rice ($11.80) and Tempura with Cha Soba ($19.80). The portion of the pork katsu curry is about medium in size. The pork katsu is on the lean side, I think it can be better if the meat has more fats. However, the curry sauce sure hits the spot.

Pork Katsu Curry RIce

The green tea soba is al-dente and comforting. The tempuras are well executed and the star of this dish. The batter is light, crispy coating provided the perfect vessel for the prawns and vegetables. Though the soba is good, I will probably order the tempura with cold Inaniwa udon for that extra chewiness.

Tempura with Cha Soba

Kiyoshi is designed and decorated for family comfort in mind. The design is clean, with light walnut wood colour elements. There are booth seating area, normal dining tables and of course the coveted chef’s table, where you can see the chef at work. The seating area is spacious and you won’t feel squeezy. As it is in Amoy street, you can also have your lunch meeting or after-work gathering here.

Part of Dining Area

Part of Dining Area

Overall, it was a delightful dining experience. The Inaniwa Udon dishes are a definite must-try here. The sushi, yakitori, curry and soba are good as well. A wholesome Japanese family restaurant. Kanpai!! Cheers!!

Chef's Table


Thank you very much Jennifer Yeo Consultancy and Kiyoshi Team for the delicious meal

Food & Drink: 7.5/10
Value: 7.75/10
Service: N/A (Media Drop)
Ambiance: N/A (Media Drop)
Budget per Person: $11 - $25

Kiyoshi Japanese Restaurant
75 Amoy Street
Singapore 069894

T: +65 6223 0995 / +65 9366 6419
W: (Online Order)
IG: @Kiyoshi.75
OH: Daily 11.00 – 22.00

*** Kiyoshi Takeaway
Order through:
- Online:
- Call +65 6223 0995 or - Whatsapp: +65 9366 6419
- Email:
* Islandwide delivery is available at $11. Minimum order is $30/-

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