Tuesday 23 June 2020

[CLOSED] Kiyoshi – Bento & Yakitori Delivery [MEDIA DROP]

Unagi Bento

Kiyoshi means pure, clean and clean in Japanese. True to its name, Kiyoshi Japanese Restaurant (‘Kiyoshi’) focus to provide light and wholesome meal for customers. Kiyoshi pride itself on fresh ingredients prepared using an innovative, contemporary approach.

Kiyoshi specialised in Inaniwa udon, a type of udon made in the Inaniwa area of Inakawa Machi, Akita prefecture. This cream colour udon is hand-stretched and is slightly thinner than regular udon, yet thicker than sōmen, or hiyamugi noodles. Other highlights of Kiyoshi include sashimi, donburi, ramen, yakitori and affordably priced bento sets. Not forgetting, Kiyoshi is also known as an Izakaya, a casual place for ‘after-work drinking’

During Phase 1, Kiyoshi remains open for Takeaway and Delivery.

I ordered Unagi Bento ($18.80). A nicely packed bento with a generous portion of unagi. The unagi is moist, tender and well marinated. The portion of pearly rice is very substantial and generously topped with furikake, creating a complex and unique flavour that matches the unagi.

Unagi Bento

On the sides, there is a crunchy and refreshing tomato salad and ohitashi (blanched spinach with dashi broth). The homemade Japanese pickle together with the tamago completes this wholesome and fulfilling meal.

Meanwhile, LD has the Yakiniku Bento ($19.80). Consist of sliced yakiniku pork belly served on top of the rice. The pork is tender, juicy and well marinated with yakiniku sauce.

Yakiniku Bento

On the sides were tomato salad, grilled salmon yakitori, homemade pickle and sliced oranges. The salmon teriyaki has a slight caramelised texture externally, followed with moist and flaky flesh. The teriyaki sauce is very sweet, so you will need to eat it with the rice to balance it. The acidity from tomato salad and homemade pickle helps to offset the sweetness of the teriyaki and unagi sauce.

Yakiniku - Pork

Salmon Teriyaki 

From the yakitori section, we ordered -Gyu Karubi ($5.80), Ebi Mentaiyaki ($4.00), Yakitori (chicken $2.00) and Kawa (chicken skin - $2.00). I usually won’t takeaway for yakitori, however, this is not a “normal” period. The yakitori chicken and chicken skin are definitely a must-order. When I sink my teeth into both, I can taste the smoky charcoal aroma. The chicken meat is juicy and succulent, while the chicken skin is crisp with a healthy springiness to it.


The prawn is huge. It has been deshelled, grilled and topped with metaiko sauce. The best of the yakitori item is the beef, Gyu Karubi. Juicy, succulent and perfectly grilled. I think I can easily go through half of dozen stick of this Gyu Karubi in one seating. #Beefgasm  


Overall, it was a delicious and enjoyable meal from Kiyoshi. I look forward to visit them when they are open for Dine-In.

Kiyoshi Takeaway & Delivery
Order through:
- Online: https://inline.app/order/kiyoshi/amoystreet
- Call +65 6223 0995 or - Whatsapp: +65 9366 6419
- Email: info@kiyoshi.com.sg
* Islandwide delivery is available at $11. Minimum order is $30/-

Part of Takeaway Menu

Thank you very much Jennifer Yeo Consultancy and Kiyoshi Team for the delicious meal

Food & Drink: 7.5/10
Value: 7.75/10
Service: N/A (Media Drop)
Ambiance: N/A (Media Drop)
Budget per Person: $11 - $25

Kiyoshi Japanese Restaurant
75 Amoy Street
Singapore 069894

T: +65 6223 0995 / +65 9366 6419
W: https://inline.app/order/kiyoshi/amoystreet (Online Order)
F: https://www.facebook.com/75amoystreet/
IG: @Kiyoshi.75
OH: Daily 11.00 – 22.00

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