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The place for Authentic Indonesian Martabak in Singapore

Indonesian Martabak is a well known street food that comes in two kinds which are the Martabak telur and the Martabak manis. The martabak manis which is also called (Terang Bulan) is initially a thick sweet pancake that is usually covered with various toppings ranging from chocolate, peanuts,cheese, condensed milk, margarine and sesame seed.

Choco Cheese Martabak
Image Credit: Smile Martabak FB Page

The dish which is referred as murtabak is a multi-layered pancake originated in the state of Kerala where it was known among the people as "mamaks' ' ("mama `` means''uncle `` in Tamil). Meanwhile, "mutabar"is referred to as the main name for a particular dish in other languages and dialects as "murtabak”.

Today martabak are made in a way that consist of several international flavours such as skippy peanut butter spread, toblerone, ovomaltine, durian spread and lotus biscoff. In addition, Manis comes in a thin and crispy variety that is regarded as Martabak.

Ingredients that is use for the preparation of martabak are:
250 g all purpose flour
½ tsp bicarbonate soda
2 hand full ground peanut
150 g cheddar cheese
75 g sugar
350 ml water
1 egg
¼ tsp salt
4 tbsp unsalted butter
condense milk
1 tsp water
3 hand full chocolate chunk

The following are listed places you can get authentic indonesian martabak:

This is one of the best shops that are capable of offering you good perishable food. This shop uses home-grown ingredients made from Indonesia to make the most authentic martabak in Singapore. They are mostly occupied by Muslim chefs who are always careful while making martabak in the private kitchen. I can recommend this shop to be the best because they are capable of delivering the martabak to you anywhere in Singapore.

2. Jtown
This place deserves a good mention because of it's grit ,they have stood tall even when other retailers are closing down ,it is well known for serving simple, honest, and most importantly, affordable food. They sell other dishes such as Bakmi Ayam Cabe Ijo and Mie Goreng but one of the most attractive is the Smile Martabak manis which is often sold out at dinner time.

Martabak Manis Choco Peanuty
Image Credit: Jtown Cafe FB Page
3. My Home Cafe
My home cafe sets itself differently by offering the most affordable martabak manis you can find in the part of the town its located, you can get Smile Martabak Budi Plain at S$3 and small at S$5 with additional toppings including Chocolate of about S$0.50, Cheese of S$1, Peanut of S$0.50, or have the best of all worlds with the Mix of S$2. In addition, they offer other Indonesian fares.

4. Pancake Boss
Pancake Boss is also known as a moniker well-earned and it is an OG Singapore store meant for all things in Martabak Manis. Meanwhile, they take that badge of honour very seriously, and this is seen by waiting for at least 30 minutes. Culinary Martabak Manis creativity is at an all-time high with options like the Toblerone of about S$9.50 or the Boss combo of S$10 that comes with chocolate rice, crushed peanuts, and cheese. Other worthy mentions include the Red Robin of about S$14.80 with its red velvet base, cream cheese, oreo, and the Pink Panther of S$14.30, starting with a strawberry base and filled with white chocolate, strawberry, and cheese. Like it's menu, the possibilities here are extensive—even the most discerning Martabak Manis connoisseur would find something they like.

Red Robin
Image Credit: Pancake Boss FB Page
5. Markozar
Markozars nickname is derived from the portmanteau of Martabakand Oza, which implies throne in Japanese. One of their biggest dream is being the queen of desert and it reflected on their sample box Martabak Manis Minis (S$5.80) which comes with smaller portions of their Good Ol Peanut, Choco rush, Nutella Falls, and Original

6. Terang buran
Teran buran is known as the brainchild of Dita who hails from surabaya, indonesia By that virtue you can be assured that they make a very good martabak manis which they range from Party Box (S$9 for four standard flavours; S$12 for four premium flavours; S$10 for two standard and two premium flavours) that promises a quartet of flavours in one round to enable you get the best of all worlds. Furthermore, the standard flavours come with chocolate rice, peanut corn, chocolate banana, and cheese oreo, while the premium flavours include Nutella cheese banana, chocolate cheese, and milo.

7. Walaku
This is a very good place to get a good martabak, they also sell other dish such as ukus/Bakar Platter Set (S$45)—a behemoth of a dish that comes with Nasi Lemak, spiced chicken, Signature Chicken Wing, smoked duck, Otah, grilled salmon, sambal egg, sambal kangkong, and Ikan Bilis, as well as nuts. They have a good remark regarding their martabak manis though not as competitive with other colleagues but very good flavour.

Martabak Super Ondeh Ondeh
Image Credit: Walaku FB Page
8. Victory restaurant
This restaurant is one of the most famous for their signature martabak, which they have produced and sold millions of martabak over the years.

9. Burgis Cube
Burgis cube is one the small cafes where you can get an authentic martabak.

10. Gading street food
This is one of the most favourite Indonesian eateries that also serves martabak, a kid-friendly Indonesian restaurant that also offers take out.

Martabak is a very sweet Indonesian street food with great history and it is rich in several vitamins that enrich the body.

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