Wednesday 2 November 2022

Five Oars Siglap – Great Café Experience

Five Oars Coffee Roasters (‘FOCR’) is a homegrown café and roasters that first opened its door in Tanjong Pagar area. Following the success of the first café, FOCR expanded their operation to Siglap. A spacious and quaint space, allowing the customers to enjoy themselves in a relaxing café experience.

FICR Signboard
Our friend A&J recommended this place for our brunch gathering previously. We decided to return with a bigger group this time around.

Part of Indoor Dining Area
Part of Outdoor Dining Area
While waiting for the rest to come, I ordered Flight (1+1) 60oz White + Espresso ($7). This allows the customer to experience the coffee with and without milk. For me, I like that extra shot on the side for a “Wake Me Up” boost. The coffee is bold, yet well-balanced and with a touch of chocolate. Meanwhile, LD ordered her usual English Breakfast tea this morning.

English Breakfast Tea
There were eight of us and we decided to on communal dining. Breakfast started with Eggs Your Way ($12), LD picked brioche, scrambled eggs, served with butter and housemade jam. She then added a Hashbrown (+$3), Sautéed Mushrooms (+$4) and Thick-cut Bacon (+$5). It looks like a full-blown big breakfast when it was served.

Eggs Your Way - Brioche, Scrambled Eggs, served with Butter and Housemade Jam.
Plus a Hashbrown, Sautéed Mushrooms & Thick-cut Bacon.
The eggs are fluffy and nicely complemented the pillowy brioche. The combination of butter and housemade jam are good, though the portion were a bit small, so we asked for more. The hashbrown is crispy externally, yet moist internally. The sauteed mushrooms were done correctly, while the thick-cut bacon is a must-order here. Pan-fried till it has a crispy exterior, followed by melting fats when you bite it. It is lightly salted; therefore, you can enjoy it whole heartily.

Bacon & Hash ($21). Perfectly poached eggs topped with creamy and tangy hollandaise sauce accompanying the housemade rosti. Made of thinly shredded potatoes, it has a crispy exterior and moist interior. I would prefer the rosti interior to be less moist, so it will have a crunchy texture. The rosti is lightly salted; therefore, the mushroom cream just adds to the flavour to the rosti, together with the balance of the hollandaise sauce. Not forgetting the supper delicious thick-cut bacon to complete the plate. Yummy!!

Bacon & Hash
Five Oars Waffle ($18). Who says you can’t have dessert for breakfast. The housemade sourdough waffle offers a crisp exterior, followed by a slightly chewy interior. The strawberries, pecan, mascarpone, oats, coffee powder, ground almond, topped with solid vanilla ice-cream and thick espresso sauce making it a party on the plate. If you need something to make you smile in the morning, this is a breakfast that you will order.

Five Oars Waffle
Five Oars Waffle
Crab Scramble ($24). It is a fusion between East and West. Housemade sourdough, scrambled eggs, crab meat, avocado, ebiko, feta, togarashi. LD and I did not manage to try it, but our friend who ordered this gave her two thumbs up.

Crab Scramble
Crab Scramble
Mentaiko Fries ($14). Standard cut fries with skin on, topped with mentaiko sauce. The folks at FOCR sure know how to fry their fries. It was crispy externally, while the interior remains soft. The mentaiko sauce is solid and they are generous with the extra roe topping. Although the fries had been sitting there for 20 minutes, the fries did not become stale and soggy.

Mentaiko Fries
For desserts, we went with one sweet selection and one salty selection. Citrus Ricotta Pancakes ($16) is our pick for sweet. Two stacks of ricotta pancakes, topped with berries, nuts, vanilla ice cream, citrus compote, yuzu curd. Since LD and I just recently returned from Melbourne, I was able to compare the ricotta pancakes at FOCR with the famous version served in Top Paddock, one of the best café in Melbourne.

Top Paddock - Ricotta Pancake
Without a doubt the texture of the pancake in Top Paddock is better, the version at FOCR can do more time on the pan, as it was slightly undercooked. When it comes to the toppings, I like the version at FOCR. The berries, citrus compote, yuzu curd and vanilla ice-cream deliver a refreshing combination and made the dish more all-rounded and not too heavy. Hopefully, FOCR can improve on the pancakes.

FOCR Ricotta Pancake
Truffle Fries ($12) were our pick for a salty dessert. While the texture of the fries is the same as the mentaiko fries, I feel it was not as good as the mentaiko fries. The truffle oil is light and the finely shaved cheese did clump together on top and did not reach the fries in the middle and bottom.

Truffle Fries
The place is spacious with indoor and outdoor seating. The décor played with the combination of bricks and wood in the open dining room. The coffee bar and dessert display will be the first thing that catch your attention when you walk into the indoor dining area. The service is friendly, attentive and efficient. The best part is that although you have finished your meal and you still hanging around the service staff did not chase you out. For ordering, you scan the QR code for the menu and place your order with the service staff afterwards.

The Coffee Bar & Dessert Display
Overall, we like this place considerably. The food is good, the coffee is great and the ambience just makes you park your bum there comfortably. A great café experience. The thick-cut bacon is a must-order here. Check them out if you are in the East, we’ll definitely come back to try the rest of their menu. Cheers!!

Food & Drink: 8/10
Value: 7/10
Service: 7/10
Ambiance: 8.5/10
Budget per Person: $26 - $50

Five Oars Coffee Roasters
6 Upper East Coast Road
Singapore 455200

T: +65 8784 2686
OH: Daily 08.00 – 22.00 (Kitchen LO 21.00)
Menu available online & Other locations details

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