Thursday 28 May 2015

[CLOSED] Kuvo – Ambrosia & Elixirs


Kuvo a lifestyle concept by The Connoisseur Concerto ('tcc') group. Tucked in the second floor or Orchard Shopping Centre, this previously unheard of establishment has been gaining positive reviews recently. It is so mysterious, you will hardly notice its existence unless someone told you about it. Which was the case for Little Devil and I.

Ambrosia II (Part of dining area)

Kuvo are separated into different sections. Ambrosia I & II are the main dining area. While Vine Lounge and Elixir Bar is the place for high tea and chill out, where you can check out what's happening down in Orchard Road. Kuvo cater for lunch, high tea, dinner, lounge and bar.

Vine Lounge

Elixir Bar

Monday 25 May 2015

The Market Grill – The Unpretentious Steakhouse

The Market Grill

A Steakhouse with No Reservation Please!! The first time I heard about this, this statement really sticks. Of course, Aston's has been practising this policy, but we are talking about different class of steakhouse altogether here. So intrigued by it, we decided to give it a try after a quick browse of their menu online.

The Menu

The Market Grill ('TMG') is the brainchild of Executive Chef Colin West, whose kitchen stints include Les Amis, Le Saint Julien, Braise and Swiss Grill. The collaboration with Loh Lik Peng's Unlisted Collection Group even proves further that we will be expecting a quality meal.

Saturday 23 May 2015

[CLOSED] Park Hotel Crab Buffet at Brizo – Crazier about Crabs

Brizo - Park Hotel Clarke Quay

The annual Crab Lovers Buffet is back. This annual event by Brizo Restaurant & Bar at Park Hotel Clarke Quay has been gathering a substantial fans in recent years. The star of the attraction are of course the Crabs. Featuring more than 22 types of crab dishes and 26 kind of seafood dishes, this is a place to try for crab lovers.

Crazier about Crabs - Crab in a Pan Menu
After hearing so many positive reviews from past few and some crab cravings influenced decision, LD made the booking at Brizo. At first, she was told there was no more seating available indoor, however when we arrived there, the service staff managed to squeeze a spot for 3 of us. LD, S and Me indoor. Extra points for the service :)

Thursday 21 May 2015

The Terrace – Hello Cruffin!! [Product Review]

Cruffin from The Terrace

Hello Cruffin!!! Yes, there is no misspelling in this. Cruffin (pronounced as 'kraf-fin'), the marriage between Croissant and Muffin, filled with gorgeous fillings. It is finally here in Singapore.

Monday 11 May 2015

[CLOSED] Violet Herbs – Beautiful Food and Beautiful Place [MEDIA INVITE]

Violet Herbs - a Modern European restaurant with exquisite dishes deriving from French and Italian Cuisine. Once I heard of Modern European, the first thing come to my mind is Heston Blumental, followed by Ferran Adrià. Although I've never been to the Fat Duck or El Bulli, watching them created multisensory and sophisticated dishes on Food Channels, tingle my taste buds.

Violet Herbs - The Enterance

Opened in December 2014, Violet Herbs are the brain child of Chef Edward Hoe and his wife Danni. Chef Edward Hoe has more than 19 years experience in Modern European Cuisine, and being made a head chef at the age of 25. His CV will include executive roles in Fish Market & Bistro, Restaurant Ember and The American Club Singapore.

Thursday 7 May 2015

Kinsa Sushi HillV2 – Oyster and Salmon Special Menu [MEDIA INVITE]

Kinsa Sushi Hill V2

Kinsa Sushi HillV2 is the second venture of Kinsa Sushi. This home grown Japanese restaurant was founded by 3 young men to share the passion of Japanese food dining. The concept of Kinsa Sushi is to provide a more family friendly environment with a lower price tag but not compromising the quality of food as they used the premium ingredients.

 Kinsa Sushi 'no track' conveyor belt

From 10 May to 30 June 2015, Kinsa Sushi Hill V2 will be having an Oyster and Salmon promotions. (Check out the picture below for the menu). Each item will be presented in the form of sashimi, sushi, hot pot, grilled and deep fried.

Menu from Kinsa Sushi

Tuesday 5 May 2015

Rong Cheng Bak Kut Teh – From 1976 & Still Going Strong

Rong Cheng Bak Kut Teh - Midview City Branch

A quick Google on the best Bak Kut Teh in Singapore, more than often you will see the name Rong Cheng Bak Kut Teh ('Rong Cheng BKT') listed as one of the top 10 in some restaurant review site. Rong Cheng BKT opened its door in 1976 and they are also known to be the first BKT shop to introduce the clear broth soup as well as the lion ribs. They currently have two branches in Sin Ming area: Midview City and Blk 22 Sin Ming Road. We visited the one at Midview City.

The Set Up

The must order is of course the Pork Ribs Soup ($7). Each bowl come with the following combo a long Lion rib, a shorter rib and a bulb of garlic. The longer one has a good fat contents that melts in your mouth when you bit into it. The broth is clear, peppery, robust and comforting. From 2 visits here we noticed that the shorter rib was not a good as the longer one. It is almost without fat content, making it dry and hard. As a pork ribs lover, this is the first time I did not finished my ribs. The BKT here is served in a big porcelain bowl, which content a good portion of broth. While I enjoy this as the broth cool down faster, LD prefer smaller bowl as the service staff need to top up the broth more often and the soup remain pipping hot.

Pork Rib Soup

Saturday 2 May 2015

[CLOSED] Ippin Cafe Bar – Japanese Home-cook Meal that's Better Than Mom [MEDIA INVITE]

IPPIN Cafe Bar

Ippin Cafe Bar ('Ippin') is a one stop shop, where people can enjoy classic Japanese home-style dishes with Japanese beverages and even purchase directly imported Japanese products. Ippin Cafe Bar was set up in October 2014 by Miss Ayumi Fujishiro, with the mission to help out her father in setting up the Singapore outpost. If you have a chat with this lady, you will not notice she is from Japan as she speaks perfect Singlish.

The Bar

Display Area 1

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