Tuesday 31 December 2019

Monte Risaia – Exquisite Italian Japanese Omakase Dining [MEDIA INVITE]

Signature Uni Pudding @Monte Risaia

Monte Risaia is a new Omakase restaurant specialised in Japanese inspired Italian cuisine. The menu is prepared using premium and seasonal ingredients from Japan. Executive Chef Taizo Yamada and his culinary team, create a delicate and delicious meal.

Monte Risaia Entrance

With its Omakase concept, most of the seating at Monte Risaia is located at the Chef’s Table. Diners will be able to see Chef Yamada with his team at work, preparing the delicious dishes in front of you. It is a dream of a foodie to be able to dine and see the chef at work at the same time. There are two mini private dining area that can seat 4 people each if you want a more traditional seating arrangement.

Main Dining Area - Chef's Table

Private Dining Area

We tried 4-course dinner priced at $98 per person.

The Menu

Starter, Signature Uni Pudding. The Hokkaido Uni is served with clam dashi jelly base. The texture of the pudding is thick, smooth, velvety and creamy. The natural seafood flavour is refreshing and the uni just elevates this dish to a different level. Yummy, a great starter.

Signature Uni Pudding 

Signature Uni Pudding 

The appetiser is a complete palate teaser. It consists of:

The Appetiser

- Fresh Japanese Oysters from Sakoshi Bay that is plump, silky and refreshing

Fresh Japanese Oysters from Sakoshi Bay

- Mushroom (Australian) Salad with Parmesan and Truffle Oil. The mushroom tasted raw, however, together with the parmesan and truffle oil, it helps to smoothen the flavour of the mushrooms.

Mushroom (Australian) Salad with Parmesan and Truffle Oil.

- Sea bream with Asparagus. Combining the delicate flavour and texture of the sea bream with the crunchiness of the asparagus.

Sea bream with Asparagus

- Bruschetta with Arrabbiata on Brioche. Bold tomato flavour served on top of crispy sweet toasted brioche.

Bruschetta with Arrabbiata on Brioche

- San Daniele Ham with Burrata. Delicious ham pair with creamy burrata. A bit mini in size, it was so good that I was hoping for a bigger piece of the burrata.

San Daniele Ham with Burrata

Pasta, Signature Shiso & Omaru Dashi Pasta served with Crab, Shiso (Japanese perilla), Omaru Lobster Dashi and Tomato. The al-dente pasta infused with the robust lobster dashi. The flavour is naturally sweet, accentuate further with the refreshing flavour from Shiso leaves and tanginess from the chopped tomato.

Signature Shiso & Omaru Dashi Pasta

Signature Shiso & Omaru Dashi Pasta

Carne, Maple Leaf Duck from USA and Aging Akagi Wagyu Ichibo (Japan). Both of the meat is cooked perfectly to medium-rare. The duck breast is juicy, succulent with a bit of springiness in the texture. Meanwhile, the lean looking Akagi Wagyu beef is tasty and soft, similar to filet mignon cut. Both meats are lightly sprinkled with salt for taste. The greens on the side are topped with shaved pecorino cheese, olive oil and touch of balsamic vinegar.

Maple Leaf Duck from USA and Aging Akagi Wagyu Ichibo (Japan)

Maple Leaf Duck from USA and Aging Akagi Wagyu Ichibo (Japan)

Maple Leaf Duck from USA

To accompany your dining experience, Monte Risaia has a free flow drink menu list starting from $48 for 90 minutes; or you can order from ala-carte drink menu as well.

Overall, it was a unique gastronomic experience dining Monte Risaia. The dishes are well executed, focusing on Italian dishes with Japanese influence. There is no specific allocated seating time allocated, you just need to make reservation according to the availabilities. Saluti!! Kanpai!! Cheers!!

Thank you very much Jennifer Yeo Consultancy and Monte Risaia Team for hosting us.

Note: Monte Risaia is a concept by the Marusaya Co., Ltd, who also owns MAI by Dashi Master Marusaya at Bukit Pasoh, Dashi Master Marusaya at Robertson Quay and the new Japanese Italian Omakase restaurant, and TEN Sushi at The Quayside.

Food: 8/10
Value: 7/10
Service: N/A (Tasting Invitation)
Ambiance: 8/10
Budget per Person: $51 - $80; $81 and Above

Monte Risaia
59 Duxton Road
Singapore 089523

T: +65 6970 0067
IG: @Monte.risaia.sg
Mon – Sat: 18.00 – Midnight
Closed on Sundays

Wednesday 18 December 2019

Roots Mediterranean – Lavish Christmas Brunch [MEDIA INVITE]

Wellington Fillet @ Roots Mediterranean

Celebrate this joyous Christmas with lavish brunch at Roots Mediterranean. This Christmas, Roots Mediterranean has prepared a scrumptious brunch for you to satiate your festive appetite and spend a gratifying afternoon with your loved ones.

The Menu

The Christmas Brunch is split into 5 sections – ‘Tapas, Mezze and Antipasti’, ‘From the Slicer’, ‘Craving Station’, ‘Served on the Table’, and ‘The Sweet End’.

Sample of Tapas, Mezze and Antipasti

Sample of Tapas, Mezze and Antipasti

We started our Christmas Brunch tasting with an assorted bread basket. You get different texture and flavours. Our favourite is the crisp layer pastry, I later found the name as Sfogliatella. It is light, crisp and touch of sweetness is just right for a starter instead of desserts. I also like the pineapple Danish pastry.

Assorted Bread Basket

Highlights from the Christmas Menu are:

Oysters Cava served on the table. These plump and brainy oysters can be eaten with a few drops of lemon juice or with cava dressing. They are a delicious companion with a glass of Prosecco or Chianti.



Wellington Fillet at Carving Station. The Wellington Fillet is an irresistible dish, as the beef fillet are initially seared, then baked in the blanked of mushrooms and pastry. The result is tender and delicious beef, topped with thick mushroom and red wine sauce.

Wellington Fillet

Wellington Fillet - The Perfectly Cook Beef

Wellington Fillet Sliced

Roasted Lamb at Carving Station. Roasted Lamb is a popular Christmas dish in the Mediterranean, it is also LD’s favourite roast. The charred looking exterior of the lamb helps to seal the natural juice inside the meat. Resulting in tender, succulent meat. For those worried about the gaminess of the lamb, this roast lamb leg is almost free of it. This dish is also served with potato wedges, onion, tomato and olives.

Roasted Lamb

Roasted Lamb

Roasted Wild Range French Yellow Chicken, Truffle Butter and Roasted Potatoes (served on the table). Delightful, truffle filled aromatic dish. The flesh is juicy and succulent, while the skin is paper-thin and crispy. The melted truffle butter is basked on top of the chicken and roast potatoes before serving. Yummy.

Roasted Wild Range French Yellow Chicken, Truffle Butter and Roasted Potatoes

Roasted Wild Range French Yellow Chicken, Truffle Butter and Roasted Potatoes

Roasted Wild Range French Yellow Chicken, Truffle Butter and Roasted Potatoes

Pizza Lobster and Prawns served on the table. The exquisite version of pizza here. The huge tiger prawns and lobster is seated on Roots Signature pizza base. While the prawns and lobster are delicious, we find the innocent-looking burrata is the ingredient that holds everything together.  

Pizza Lobster and Prawns

For the sweet ending, don’t miss out of the traditional Panettone with Tiramisu Cream and the Christmas Dessert Buffet.

Panettone with Tiramisu Cream

Part of Desserts Line Up

Lemon Meringue Pie

Italian and Spanish Cheese Buffet

Lavish Christmas Brunch at Roots Mediterranean
When: Christmas Day, 25 December 2019
Time: 11AM to 4PM
Adult $98+ with Prosecco and Chianti
Adult $78+ with Soft Drink
Kids from 8 to 12 $35+
Kids below 8 dine for free
For reservation, call 6463 4206

[GIVEAWAY] Mention CHUBBY BOTAK KOALA when booking the Christmas Brunch, you will receive a bottle of Prosecco to bring home after your meal.

Quote "Chubby Botak Koala" on reservation
and bring home a bottle of prosecco

Thank you very much to Jennifer Yeo Consultancy and Roots Mediterranean team for hosting us.

Food & Drink: 8.5/10
Value: 7.75/10
Service: N/A (Tasting Invitation)
Ambiance: 7.5/10
Budget per Person: $26 - $50,

Roots Mediterranean
2 Greenwood Avenue
Singapore 289189

T: +65 6463 4206
IG: @Rootsmediterranean
11.00 – 23.00 Daily
Sunday Brunch: 11.00 – 16.00

Sunday 15 December 2019

TEN Sushi – Premium Sushi Experience [MEDIA INVITE]

Japanese Fresh Oysters - Sakoshi Bay Oysters @ Ten Sushi

TEN Sushi by Marusaya (“TEN Sushi”) is a casual Japanese dining concept by Marusaya Co., Ltd. Founded in 1962, Marusaya is a wholesaler dedicated to Katsuobushi (dried bonito) for professional use.

Ten Sushi

TEN Sushi focus on premium sushi and contemporary Japanese cuisine prepared with fine ingredients air-flown from Japan. Located in vibrant Robertson Quay where the experience continues past midnight. Ten Sushi open from 5PM till 3 AM. Sushi for supper, No Problem.

The Table Setting

We started our tasting with Japanese Fresh Oysters (Sakoshi Bay Oysters; $28 for 6 pieces, $49 for 12 pieces). This oyster is served chilled topped alternately with tobiko, grated radish soaked with soy sauce and chopped spring onion; or ikura, grated radish soaked in soy sauce and edible chrysanthemums petals. Lemon is served together with the oysters but I don’t think it is needed.

Japanese Fresh Oysters - Sakoshi Bay Oysters

The oysters are plump, creamy and meaty, while the garnish on top added the salty and brainy spark to the oysters. Yum, a good start to the meal and it is suitable with some cold sake.

Japanese Fresh Oysters - Sakoshi Bay Oysters
Japanese Fresh Oysters - Sakoshi Bay Oysters

Ten Assorted Sashimi Deluxe ($58). Consist of tuna, salmon, scallop, squid, sweet prawn, ikura and seasonal fish. One word to describe the sashimi is HUGE!!. The cut of each sashimi is generous and the tuna belly is fatty and delicious. LD like the uni and sweet prawns very much.

Ten Assorted Sashimi Deluxe

Ten Assorted Sashimi Deluxe

Unagi Eel Roll ($18 for 4 pieces, $32for 8 pieces). Another jumbo version of the roll that is not commonly found in Singapore. The unagi is moist with soft bouncy feel to it. The unagi sauce packs of umami flavour with a good balance of sweetness. I like the unique sushi rice, where they added chopped Gari (pickled sushi ginger) to balance any overwhelming flavours from the unagi. Yummy!!

Unagi Eel Roll

Unagi Eel Roll

Tamagoyaki ($9). This homemade of Japanese rolled omelette is one of the better one that LD & I ever tried outside Japan. The shape is beautiful, while the egg flavour is solid, eggy plus a touch of sweetness. Worth to order on its own.



A4 Wagyu Aburi Sushi. ($18 for 2 pieces, $44 for 5 pieces). Due to the tasting, we have the front seat of looking at how this sushi is prepared. True to its name, the wagyu beef has a nice marbling in it, covering the small sushi rice ball. A touch of sweet sauce and chopped spring onions are added to enhance the flavour of the wagyu. Let’s just say, one-piece won’t be enough. Yummy!!

A4 Wagyu Aburi Sushi - pre torched

A4 Wagyu Aburi Sushi

Aburi Salmon Avocado Roll ($20 for 8 pieces). Our first impression is this roll is very messy. However, the creamy avocado and aburi salmon work nicely in tandem. Topped with chopped onion, spring onions, teriyaki sauce, mayonnaise and tobiko, making it a mouth-watering sushi roll.

Aburi Salmon Avocado Roll

Aburi Salmon Avocado Roll

Aburi Salmon Avocado Roll

Omakase Sushi (12-piece sushi, roll sushi, $49). Signature sushi combination at Ten Sushi. Provided a good spread of 12 different types of premium sushi, seafood including uni, unagi, tuna belly, salmon belly, scallops and more; plus, roll sushi. Each of the sushi is delicious on its own, providing a good insight into the top-notch quality ingredients used by Ten Sushi. Presented in a slim long plank, it just gave added a WOW factor to the sushi. Two thumbs up.

Omakase Sushi

Omakase Sushi

Omakase Sushi

Omakase Sushi

Sushi Box ($49 for 12 pieces, $98 for 24 pieces). Almost like Omakase sushi, but presented on a big square wooden plank. Good for sharing, but it does not have the same WOW factor as the Omakase Sushi.

Sushi Box - 24 pieces

Dashi Miso Soup ($4). To complete the sushi experience, miso soup is a must. The miso soup is made with the mixed of dashi sold by Marusaya group. The soup tastes more robust with an extra touch umami flavour in it. A perfect way to end the meal.

Dashi Miso Soup

The seating area in Ten Sushi is divided into Chef’s Table and alfresco. Most of the seating is alfresco as it has limited space on the Chef’s table. It utilises the big compound of The Quayside dining hall, making the dining experience more vibrant. The sake list is very compact; however, you can definitely find one that suits your preference.

The Quayside

Overall, Ten Sushi provided an exquisite contemporary Japanese sushi experience. The quality of the ingredients is top-notch and the portions are generous as well. The ambience is vibrant and casual plus you can have it until wee hours in the morning. For the next sushi experience, check out Ten Sushi. Kanpai!! Cheers!!

Thank you very much Jennifer Yeo Consultancy and Ten Sushi Team for hosting us.

Note: In addition to TEN Sushi, the Marusaya Co., Ltd also owns MAI by Dashi Master Marusaya at Bukit Pasoh, Dashi Master Marusaya at Robertson Quay and the new Japanese Italian Omakase restaurant, Monte Risaia.

Food: 8/10
Value: 7.25/10
Service: N/A (Tasting Invitation)
Ambiance: 6.5/10
Budget per Person: $51 - $80

TEN Sushi by Marusaya
60 Robertson Quay
#01-09 The Quayside
Singapore 238252

T: +65 6735 0383
IG: @Tensushibymarusaya
OH: 17.00 – 03.00 Daily

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